My Life Has Been Transformed


This application for the  Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by Jerry Lee. If you would like to offer your support for Jerry Lee please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

Hi, Everyone,

For last year’s contest entry I shared a few visions. One was a mandate to become more involved in the Parallel Perception blog. I did this, spending the better part of a year engaged in conversations on the site. It was a remarkable experience with a couple of points I’d like to share.

I posted many notes over the year. My impression is that somewhere around 90% of them received no response. Of the ones that did, virtually all were critical. I mention this to be clear that my very positive experience was not about personal gratification. Even in moments when I wished it might have been. Rather what I encountered was a number of individuals precisely dedicated to celebrating and expanding lessons learned from personal interactions with Lujan. A primary number of the blog participants have taken workshops with Lujan. A few of us, including myself, had and (in my case) still have not.

Focusing almost exclusively on the specific lessons learned from Lujan took time for me to appreciate. Focusing on the material was why I was there, of course; the challenge was to recognize my intended contributions for what they were. I found that the line between relevance and distraction was not always where I thought it was.

It was a learning process. Sometimes painful. Always resonant.

In the end, my perseverance with the forum and its focus allowed me to appreciate some of the profound revelations directly provided by Lujan and others. We covered material that I would characterize was equivalent to an entirely new book by Lujan. And of most profound implication, I became instilled with an improved ability to maintain my raised awareness as an ongoing capacity in my daily work. My life has been transformed in this sense ever since.

I highly recommend a visit to the site, and a bit of fortitude to find your place there.

In honor of the blog participants who, like me, have yet to take a workshop from Lujan, I’d like to salute you for your commitment to the community by dedicating my contest entry this year to recommending that Lujan pick one of you as one of his winners.

Best of luck to you and everyone else.

Jerry Lee

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  1. Jerry Lee, send you a big energetic love hug and smile. You have the ability to change a negative situation into a positive one which blesses all those you come in contact with. Being new, understand and relate while, like you, learning to appreciate and watch for all that the members may offer, and like a sponge soak up every word of Lujan with great joy.

    Hope that all members will read this, your honesty, open heart, love and intentions shine like the sun.

    Back to you in great abundance.

    • Thanks for your reply, Nicole. I really appreciate it.

      • Hi Jerry Lee: Expressing my opinion and please only take what resonates, and throw out the rest., pointing for you to see through my heart., as we do learn through the experiences of others. After the posts, went and searched the site for your posts. When posting my first reply that you ” have the ability to change”, should have posted “that you have gained the ability to change”., just a slip of the finger :). In the book “The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception”, page 301, Lujan writes about “The Alchemist” ….. could transform any situation into a beneficial circumstance”. This is a very special ability or gift and many do not understand its true value and miss the opportunities of vertical growth when the choice arises. Saw this special ability that you have gained and its power in your own life, opening the heart reaching out to help others. While did see the critical posts, more importantly saw the love and wisdom so clear from Lujan and the other members and applaud their efforts to give to you support and knowledge, they did a great job. Yet at the same time honour your experiences and congratulate you in your endurance to expand your awareness. You may not realize it, Lujan, all sharing members, and even those that appeared critical, all played an important role in your life’s journey. Through experiences in my own awareness, when perceiving a situation outside of self and it does not feel right, chances are it is programming of beliefs/perceptions within that has to be examined and transformed. Posted with sincere wishes that somehow it has uplifted and it is never to judge, it is just another view that you can choose to consider.

  2. Good job persevering, Jerry! It sounds like you broke through some internal barriers by staying engaged with the forum in spite of not getting the exact results you wished for, a lesson I myself struggle with, but only every day.

  3. I’m honored by your reflections, Nicole and Adult Child. Thank you.

  4. Jerry, there is a subtle but very positive quality in your comments which I would call “love of kind”, which makes them always worth reading. Sometimes I have also had the feeling that your words had pierced some hidden truth. So from my point of view your contributions to the blog have been valuable, for which I thank you.

    Best of lucks

    • I agree Jerry’s words are always something that touches base (heart)and are something I enjoy hearing.
      Good Luck Jerry.

  5. Hi, Daniel. This is an interesting journey for sure. A genuine combination of personal responsibility and community support. The forum is a magic place to find those hidden truths you’ve noted. I feel like I’ve barely stepped through the door. Your words are a great encouragement. Thank you. And again, Nicole, Adult Child, thank you as well. I’m moved.

    • Now that you have felt/seen the door, through my experience unconditional love is the key to open all doors, the light on your path and unlocks the potential of the beholder to serve all life.

      Look out! – here comes another energetic love hug and wishing you all that gives you joy. :)

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