Our True Vibrational Essence is Sustained Through Love and Kindness


As we morph to other dimensions/vibrational existence, it seems that our bodies are like a thermometer as a guidance system used to indicate what to eat, sleep, pain, truth, perceptions, etc. Experiencing deep feelings of being very drawn to light/higher vibrations (all love) especially the sun and moon.

Could it be that eating maybe just another program that needs to be eliminated?

This program of dependence of survival on 3rd dimension food stuff seems is very deep within our cellular level.

Feel that the intelligence of the body and the heart intelligence must be merged to complete this phase of awareness, but also feel a belief system blockage that I cannot seem to find within to change or eliminate.

Is this the physical brain getting in the way?

Know that my body is giving messages, but not always sure of the direction to take. Sometimes it is best to ask a trusted teacher than to just keep going in circles and getting dizzy (smile). There is so much mixing of truth/deceit in our information available and ask for your guidance knowing that what shall be returned will be the truth in love and wisdom.


It is true that we are vibrational beings and that in a lot of cases the conditioned response to consumption of food has deep roots within our base feelings of security. This is a very long, arduous journey to embark upon when almost all apparently credible sources of information are nothing but disinformation.

Fruit and vegetables in abundance in terms of 90 percent fruit and 10 percent vegetables are the key to our evolutionary process in relation to discovering the vibrational essence of our higher selves coming to the surface via upheaval, which can be seen as a healing crisis or internal awakening towards one’s individual physical disposition. This will always be the primary focus of each individual’s journey when it comes to cleansing and purifying the physical system. This process now is more difficult than ever because of all the modern influences and the gross and subtle variables of chemical pollutants within our world.

To answer your question, an incredible journey can be taken through going into deep reservoirs of vibrational frequencies deep within one’s feeling centers. These pathways can be opened up merely by just eating fruit and the right herbal botanicals to eliminate toxins and also assist in strengthening the connective elements of all of our organ energies.

This is not an easy journey if one is prepared to fully take a leap of faith via the fact that our body is in control of the process by virtue of us eating more purely. Then there is the “you” that watches while the whole transformation takes place. That beingness that realizes its own limitations and vulnerabilities via this process is simultaneously then strengthened by experiencing the discipline necessary for change to occur.

Be brave and strong enough to forge your way forward. The practices of Lo Ban Pai support this, for the essential nature of one’s biosphere depends upon the power of food for the true power of one’s body to manifest. Also the site Raw Food Solution is there for those of you who wish to go deeper into this journey.

Eating foods which bury oneself in comfort is something that must be looked at as a program. So eating the wrong foods – yes – is just that; a very deep element that needs to be observed through breaking those routines. Not in a state of fanaticism, but to know that truly what holds something stationary may feel safe when in the refuge of everything that surrounds the sustaining force that is the programmed edifice of family and society. Remember this is contingent upon the awareness of the country that one is born in.

All things must be touched upon with enough substantial fortitude to know that one’s essential beliefs must be suspended to discover the truths of oneself in comparison to the all-engulfing factors that surround the truth of the lies that bind us all to the three-dimensional matrices that we all need to forge beyond into our true inherent nature, which is trans-dimensional in terms of the future implications of us being simply aware of the fact that we need to progress as human beings.

So be strong and know that you are maybe just experiencing upheaval because of just a cleaner diet and be strengthened by the fact that your vulnerability is really where your power is sustained. Sometimes this can be difficult because our societies all around the world are still predatorial by nature. Kindness and love must rise to affect those who are in control of our destinies so that their vulnerability and love can flow down so we all may find ourselves sustained within a place we all must be to evolve beyond the current dilemma we find ourselves in as human beings on this planet and beyond.

Love and kindness is the key.

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  1. Thank you so much for your love and kindness in your reply filled with wisdom, needed to take some time and read your reply a couple of times to make sure the self registered all this truth. Your reply has triggered a release of an energy of an unknown fear tucked away within, a fear only there as a protection mechanism within due to the nature of this experienced upheaval of physical – ha another program just transformed. Now feel more trusting of my guidance system, my body, which previously believed as separate now know it is also a very important part of the ability to obtain this life’s potential. With this new acceptance, this is the start of a ride that will not be so forceful and the body can lead more gently, as self gives it love and kindness that will outflow to all of creation. Feel this is the connection of body and heart that I was looking for. Will continue the diet of mostly fruits and a salad a day continuing to listen to the body’s guidance, and walk through any difficulties like a light warrior and the Alchemist. For you, a beaming, ear to ear smile and a heart overflowing with gratitude.

  2. Truly insight-full. :)
    Thanks for the blog and the link to The Orion Project.

  3. Dear Nicole,

    Your question has brought up a response from me as I have been working on this area of development especially related to change of diet during the past couple of years. So this response is to you, Nicole, as well as to anyone who is interested in this topic.

    Last spring I began exploring Mizpah’s website and contacted her concerning the detox diet. I have always been interested in the connection between mind and body but what really piqued my interest was a comment made to me by the woman who participated with me during my last session with Lujan. She told me rather offhandedly that by sticking to Mizpah’s suggestions for the raw food diet she had eliminated a tumor which doctors had told her would require surgery.

    After communicating with Mizpah through emails, I eventually decided to go on a 12-week detox with the herbs she suggested. I did change my food habits though not radically as I was already consuming largely a plant-based diet. The biggest change for me was eliminating most grains, all dairy, and of course meat. I had previously been eating a little of each though on a limited basis.

    During the detox last summer, I spent a few days on a watermelon fast and some days on a grape fast. Now I eat about a 80/20 raw food diet with probably a few more vegetables than Lujan recommended in his comments. I don’t find sticking to this diet to be that difficult, perhaps because as I said, I was already eating very simply.

    I can’t say I have experienced any huge changes in my health, (but I didn’t have any serious health issues) but definitely saw incremental improvements with which I have been very happy. I have seen improvements in my energy level and my immune system, and just got a wonderful report from my doctor who said she had never seen such good numbers in a cholesterol ratio. : ) This was especially encouraging since I inherited a cholesterol issue from my father’s side of the family. This gradual, un-dramatic but improved change in my overall health is perfectly aligned to my life’s path and seems to be the way things unfold for me.

    On a practical level, eating this way is not that difficult as I live alone and don’t have to cook for others unless I have family or guests visiting. I find that when I’m home or out socializing with others, the best route is to say as little as possible about my food choices. There are usually things I can choose or cook that allow me to minimally change my diet when I’m socializing. Occasionally I have foods that are not ideal, but I am usually able to get back on track very quickly and easily. I really appreciated Lujan’s comment that there is no need to progress “in a state of fanaticism.”

    To everyone reading this, I would highly recommend working with Mizpah if you desire to make positive, deep, and lasting changes to your food habits. She is very knowledgeable. She is also very kind and understands the difficulties we sometimes face when making changes in our habits that have been ingrained in us since childhood. It’s also valuable to be able to communicate and ask questions of a professional such as Mizpah, since, as Lujan mentioned, there is a lot of disinformation out there, even among the so-called “health food” advocates.

    “…the essential nature of one’s biosphere depends upon the power of food for the true power of one’s body to manifest.” I wholeheartedly agree with this. Our food choices not only affect our personal body but the “body” of our planet. I feel that in order to align ourselves to our true path, we must be in agreement with the earth, join forces with others with similar intent, and proceed with discipline and courage.

    And speaking of those with similar intent, I wish to thank all who contribute and comment on this blog and especially extend my support to all who have submitted an essay for the contest. It’s a joy to read your entries and I wish everyone the best of luck.

    In love and peace.

    • Hi Elizabeth, thank you so much for your post, sharing your experiences and recommendations. It has been a long hard path with these changes of the body during this time. Do have health issues that are mostly caused from trauma of several car accidents/accidents in my life. Think I was out to get me. Crisis has happened several times in changing my diet over three years, from vegetation to vegan, back to vegetarian now raw vegan. The reason did it this way was to help the body cleanse without any more trauma but it seems it did not work. :) It was at the point that my heart was wrestling with the body and mind.

      There has been an opening to new awareness since Lujan’s post and a release of much of the pain that had gripped my body again with all kinds of healing crises. Not saying it is over, but now understand so much more of what is going on, released fear, have a new determination and have let go of many beliefs that where more confusing than helpful.

      As far as working with Lujan and/or Mizpah, that is the intention in my heart and have asked for this blessing in many ways and all will happen as it is meant to happen. Like you, hope by answering my question, Lujan will be able to help many.

      Love heals, sending it back to you.

      • Please note, Just in case your caring heart was wondering – no I am not crippled or handicapped, only limited in spine movements and pain (FM, IBS, etc). Have faith this will all disappear with rejuvenate through diet.

  4. There is a lot of research on plant based diet. After eating organic for several years then learning about raw foods led me to harvesting wild foods, was a 30 year process. This also included daily meditation, intense study and a reclusive and a
    semi reclusive life style. Taking in nourishment from the sun, air and the earth along with wearing organic cotton, Wool and silk led to s life experience of existing light and alter perceptions.
    Now, I am not so stringent. It took a year, 6’months in two spiritual communities to acculatmate back into society. Today, I still have green drinks daily, seeds and nuts, fruit, legumes, raw and steamed vegetables.
    There is so much information supporting the healing effects of raw organic foods. The taste buds change to the pcint , one cannot eat out any longer. Eating this way is helpful with guidance and a sincere desire for spiritual awakening. To be on a vibrational level of a breatharian is transforming.

    • Hi PatH, Thank you for sharing your incredible path of transformation through personal experiences. This story in itself is very uplifting and fills my heart with even more determination.

  5. My heart went out to you after your first response to my post, Nicole. There is so little I can say so I am sending silent communication your way, a heart to heart communique from one seeker to another. Much love to you.

  6. every time i practice fasting, or fruit fasting i have this burning desire to eat a cheeseburger, or something really heavy like fast food. i grew up on this junk…..and i can feel its hooks are still within me. i guess my biggest concern is that ive lost so much weight since becoming vegetarian and i feel as if my metabolism is not happy with the amount of energy i get from vegan or raw food diets.

    ive talked with quite a few friends about this, and ive been left with the feeling that this is something i definitely need to look more closely at and learn to balance on an individual level, by connecting deeper to my body. thank you for this article.

  7. Lujan, usually do not have any difficulty understanding your teachings of love and wisdom. Have read your words many times since your post, each time giving more insight, further filling my body with healing love. There is one sentence hoping that you can expand on as it it is very important to have complete understanding of your teachings.

    You stated: Kindness and love must rise to affect those who are in control of our destinies so that their vulnerability and love can flow down ….

    • When enough realize all will be encompassed by that and this will only occur if we stop being a reflection of the whole control system, or the social engineering that has bound us all to wanting what is not necessary.

      • Lujan, heart filled appreciation for your consideration and reply. This completes the understanding of your words of kindness, love and wisdom.

  8. Hello, thank you for the postings. I currently feel that living holistically with well designed systems within ones environment is key to our evolvement, as apposed to importing fruit from other countries. Is this viewpoint part of my social engineering?

    • Hi Mave, Reading your post again think you are welcoming replies from all posters and would like to offer you my opinion.

      If one chooses from the heart what is right than it is what is best for you. Know myself, whenever possible and given the choice, will always buy local or from this country, always seeking organic.

  9. Dear Master Shaman Teacher nagual Lujan Matus, deeply love your heart. You and Mizpah are true examples of the power of the heart infused with love. Thankful to be guided here to share heart to heart communications with all the wondrous and beautiful members of this forum, making this a safe place to express love and openly share. I love you all.

    Lujan, after you clarified the sentence in question, in the early evening felt so tired, went to bed and slept very deeply. Waking up in the middle of the night, your words came to mind, healing energy circled my being and my solar plexus opened with visions of outward flowing words, labels, thoughts, ideas of no value leaving every cell. As this was happening, revelations of how deep rooted, multi-leved and engrained in every aspect of beingness contains the “reflection of the whole control system”. This morning the solar plexus area is tender, but have the new awareness of connection to a much higher aspect of self, and a knowingness that healing will now take place, new deep peace and inner silence.

    I am truly humbled.

  10. Love and gratitude is a reflection of your own state of being. I appreciate your writings. Within your words I see myself, through your reflections.

  11. Oh, hell, yes!

    I’ve been working the program of fruits and botanicals for a few years and have found over and over again the pull from the firmly-programmed to come back down. At times when passing this information is critical, you run the risk of being bitten the most severe. The more clean my body gets, the more I can discern the connection between what my body craves and what society craves. Almost none of it is healthy for the psyche nor the physical body. The modern-day examples are truly devastating and frightening. So on a personal level, seeing these things at work in your own body and life can create upheavals, but it’s only to show us how lost we’ve become.

    I have gone from chronic debilitation to being able to push the body to exhaustion. The ups are life-confirming. The downs are there only to show you where more work needs to be done. The beauty of Lo Ban Pai and a diet on the fruits teaches one on and individual level. It shows right before your eyes where humanity EVERYwhere has gone wrong, but can come back to the possibilities of humankind’s magical, happy disposition. Internal and external environments mirror one another.

    Thank you for the real information.

    • Gwendolyn, you are beautiful.

  12. Elizabeth, you are so lovely. I can echo everything you’ve written.

    I’m the excitable type and I became especially excited when first learning of the power of fruits and plants. It didn’t take long before I realized that I was using it as yet another vehicle of self-importance. It’s the program of the consumer still operating within.

    It is, however, super exciting when one discovers what is truly going on within the body and sees the transformations happening that we have been taught by society and “medicine” are not possible. It’s hard to contain this kind of energy when you see what a beautiful world this could be.

    Slow and steady defines sustainability, with just a few yelps and hollers thrown in.

  13. Lujan, I have a question about what may be going on when I encounter a “reflection of the whole control system” begin displayed from someone within my circle of friends and acquaintances.

    When someone with whom I interact regularly mocks fruits and getting clear, for instance a public post about this kind of information being untrue, my adrenal glands set off a surge of energy that is difficult to control. It causes my body to shake with fear as I try to find the strength to speak the truth.

    I feel, at these moments, that I’m in a fight with the shadow, itself. This doesn’t happen when it is the public at large, only when it is someone nearby.

    Is there some way to avoid this adrenal surge? Am I still filtering this kind of situation through social programming?

    • Gently observe everything without being in a state of self defense. Be who you are without fortifying the fact that you need to defend who you are.

      To be aware of any agenda is a difficult affair. In turn to be fully cognizant of the reflections that surround you is to be in a state of union.

  14. Thank you, thank you. I may have been defending who I am for a very long time.

  15. I had a couple of revelations occur during the first detox I did with Mizpah. Once, when I expressed a feeling of discouragement with the slow changes I was seeing during the fast, Mizpah reminded me to think about how long it has taken my body to be in the state it’s in. That put things into perspective. This kind of detox is not a quick fix. It is, rather, a way of life. Our culture teaches us to expect quick changes, but it doesn’t always happen that way.

    Secondly, I had been hearing and reading the phrase “healing at the cellular level” for some time and it was one of those phrases I accepted but didn’t really think about. But one day, it just kind of hit me. For me, it was a radical way of looking at the health of the body. Now the phrase “at the cellular level” has become almost a meditation. This is not superficial change we’re after but deep and far-reaching. And within the cell, the energies exchanged become more energetic than physical so we are changing our bodies on many levels. And yes, as Gwendolyn so aptly put it, “Internal and external environments mirror one another.”

    Nicole, healing thoughts being sent your way. Gwendolyn, thank you for your comments and posts, especially the last one concerning your physical and emotional reactions to, for lack of a better term, “negativity,” (I could so relate) which elicited a beautiful response from Lujan. Those are words to be lived on a cellular level. Not easy, but well worth every ounce of effort. The teachings are palpable.

    Do you feel it too?


  16. Dear Lujan, when you have a few minutes, asking for more love and guidance. Busy reading “Whisperings of The Dragon”. You state keep your eyes inward, love this, magic and feel so at peace there. When I open my eyes and look at our beautiful world and life around me through the heart, also see the darkness of spraying in our skies. The concern is not for self but for all life from the lady bug to all humans. Feel as a world, there is not enough of us yet and we still cannot change the outside mass illusion created by our fall to the bottom. Just writing this springs tears and aches deep sorrow within. This is become an issue within for over year.

    Love you

    • Hi Lujan, your book is shaking things up so feel that I just need to read more, look deeper as respect the wisdom and love shared in your books, finding the way to deal with this. Thought that I had dealt with this issue about three times now but has appeared again into my awareness.

      Love to you

      • Watch this. It may change the way you feel.

        Where to Invade Next

        • Hi Lujan, Thank you made me smile and uplifting as I watched the Trailer. Blooming within is a vision of the flower of knowing all will be alright, all has its purpose and is as it is as it meant to be. Now see, even all the applications for the scholarship reflecting love and peace and great inner change. With just watching the Trailer, knew that all around this beautiful planet, all life are involved in a deep cleansing within as we all are in ourselves. Became curious and wanted to know more so now watching “Michael Moore on Where to Invade Next: Reel Pieces with Annette Insdorf” on youtube.

          Still feel need to continue to search and examine deeply with your guidance and wisdom in “Whispering of The Dragon” to make sure this time this is dealt with more love and kindness removing doubts and any fears for the life around me. Need to tame the empath within.

          • Dear Lujan: New awareness in realizating that I was dealing with the emotions reacting to the outside appearance and not the inner feelings (empath) and this was knowledge needed to be experienced, as pointed out in your book. Tried to cover it up, holding it back, change it, or tried to control and tame it leading to distortion of the empath self which became a fragmentation of who the “I am” truly is. Have tenderly faced, accepted and embraced the empath part of self. This is now replaced with the fullness of one, the one in all and all in one. Cannot find the words to express the love that is felt at these moments in existence for all of you here and all creation. This wondrous book, The Whisperings of The Dragon is more than one could have expected.

            I am “graciously humbled” Lujan.

  17. Hi, can anybody here give me some insight as to this experience as I have looked online and somewhat through the forum but found no answers…

    For the last couple of evenings I spent several hours practising the Lo Ban Pai videos from Lujan’s youtube channel, and I did the 8 gates meditation as outlined in his book. This afternoon at home whiles working on my laptop a gush of wind swept through the window blowing the curtain and suddenly there was flash of light in the corner of the room. It left me with a strange feeling and I do not know quite what to make of it.
    If anyone can shed some light on this, or direct me somewhere it has already been explained it would be much appreciated. :)

    Much Love and thanks to Lujan and everyone on this forum. :)

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