Expectations Are Like An Empty Gift Box


This application for the  Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by Lujeanne Brand. If you would like to offer your support for Lujeanne please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

My partner and I spent two weeks with Lujan to learn “Dragon’s Tears” on our honeymoon last year.  It was one of the single most amazing experiences I have ever breathed in.

It came to me that Lujan is like a full spectrum organic botanical perfume.  Like the organic fragrant isolates of plants formed by pure alchemy of sunlight, minerals and water, his fragrance has the golden ratio encoded within itself.  So organic that when his scent hits the capillaries in the soft membranes of your nose, the code is directly delivered to the bloodstream, carried to the hypothalamus and unlike a cognitive response it is recognized by the innate intelligence of the body.  Aromatherapy with an intuitive adaptogenic nature to exactly what your energy body needs in perfect timing and balance.

Lujan’s teaching has beautiful top notes of rose, embodying his love, grace and kindness with which his ancient intuition is shared.  Strong bass notes of sandalwood, expresses his grounded strength, androgenic maintenance of muscles and endurance.  Mid notes of Lavender that lifted my deep seeded pain and resentments and beautiful bushy notes of Rosemary that helped me remember everything within every sell within my own beautiful organic body. Frankincense with it’s scent of this world and beyond, dissolving the barrier between me and the eternal, a perfume on it’s own.

Lujan’s fragrance is filled with integrity, protected by a lineage of thousands of years of artisan distillers, my body and my being learned things from Lujan that cannot be put into words.  His essence is so pure and whole that the word “organic” or “no animal testing” doesn’t even have to be on the bottle, unquestionably apparent after being in contact with him, whether it was in reading the books or learning the movements of “Dragon’s tears”.

All this time I had a heart full of expression with what I’ve learned from Lujan, but for the longest time have been compelled to be quiet inwardly and outwardly, which has kept me from putting lovely ribbons round my packaged ideas.

Time and patience has healed a lot of things within myself by not interfering with my issues too much.  Life has given me what I need at exactly the right time.  It has brought me to magical moments where all my lovely ideas, wolves dressed up in sheep’s clothing, were lifted from my being in total bliss, lighthearted laughter from the stomach and tears of relief.

A pertinent issue that I became aware of in Lujan’s presence was the pain that I was causing myself by social expectation and “expectation’s” best friend, “disappointment”.

Thank you so much Lujan and Mizpah, I am so grateful that you were the wise beings that was destined to be apart of a moment that has changed my life and helped me understand a lot of the concepts in Whisperings of the Dragon.  You were my Vetiver essential oil: “The utter strength and fortitude in the laying down of arms.  Inhalations of this root manifest light clouds of fearlessness.  Calls clarity to see what is false.  Naturally, this root flames passion, a precision, a burning of all that is unessential.” Nadine Artemis (Imbibe)

Lujan helped me to see that with my flamboyant personality I had learned the skill of trapping people with my friendliness and seemingly good and caring intentions, only to find that with this sympathetic magic, of acting out the social scripts in my mind to gain power and control over a situation, my entitlement and expectation of other people to “play along” had made for one of my biggest pit falls and energy leeks in the past.

It was hard for me to recognize the folly of my social expectations, as the disappointment in that specific social moment, when things didn’t play out according to my script, caused me to feel almost dizzy and out of breath.  A strong programmed emotional response of embarrassment followed with resentment and entitlement took hold of me.

Afterwards Lujan kindly gave me a chance to express my experience of the social encounter and explained to me what happened on an energetic level and why. I recognized the truth in what he was saying whilst my nose was fighting against the initial pungent smell of the Vetiver that grounded me almost too quickly, I soon reaped the most beautiful benefits of that assisted realization and therapeutic scent.  The lesson has exponentially flowed over into the rest of my life and helped me to burn a lot of that which is unessential, especially in social spheres.  Expectation is like an empty gift box.

I would love to do more workshops with Lujan in person, but in the meantime I am grateful for the way he stays with me in the teachings and the movements.  I recognize the golden ratio in his scent and also find it within myself and my husband who radiate with what Lujan teaches.  So much love to all and may your journeys all be as amazing as mine is continuing to be.


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  1. Hi Lujeanne, that was a beautiful and unique expression of love.

  2. That testimonial really aroused my imagination! I am looking forward to the event in October! In the meantime I will listen to his teachings and teach myself what I can.

  3. Lovely, Lujeanne!

  4. I started to have a smile on my face when i red it,
    and then i thought,
    wow, yes, thats true, thats true …
    thats how it is ….
    just wonderful. and a very unique way of translating it:)


  5. Beautiful words, beautiful heart. Thanks for touching my day with your unique scent of beingness…

  6. As someone who loves perfume, reading this was a particular pleasure. Your insights all seem very valuable and also interesting. Thank you for being honest about them. May your honeymoon never end. Best success to you and your spouse, Lujeanne.

  7. Thank you so much to all above for your love and support, it is a very big dream of mine to actually make real organic perfume one day for the world to enjoy.
    In the mean time we need to throw away all our bottles full of chemical smells and get comfortable with our own unique, true smells – i suppose wether we like them or not hahah. Love to you all!

    • Eat fruit and everything will smell dandy :) It is cooked food that makes body odor and flatulence.:):):)

      The best perfumes are essential oils.

      • Yup, essential oils are the only perfume, I,d like to blend them for people that doesn’t want to go through the trouble.
        Many smiles from this side, I love the contagious laughter that goes with your funny, simple and enlightening statements.
        I told Devin that I’m trying to be a female monk, and he told me that I’m a monkey. I’m gonna try and eat only fruit for a few days and maybe the odd ant here and there. :-)

  8. ‘Absolutely’ engaging !!

  9. This is a message I’d like to give to all Parallel Perception Bloggers. Thank you so much for being here. To Arne, yours were the first testimony I read and it literally shook me in the power of the happening, your honesty, Lujan’s wisdom and the way he was teaching. It gave me hope to be able to learn and trust myself being in Lujan’s presence as a student. I think I also had a poison dragon that had to be taken care of, even though I only learned about how to apply the concept a few weeks ago.

    To Nicole, I watched the Cosmic giggle interview when it first came out and I had the deepest empathy for that connection you made with Lujan and with yourself in that moment when you were almost crying. Your support to everyone online, and your mention of Andrea, I read her testimony and was so amazed at how similar it was to my experience there on Lujan’s couch.

    I love how you expressed that feeling of connection when reading the blogs, I am so happy that I am finally able to feel like I can be apart of this beautiful community without fear of failure, of whatever achievement I had made up in my mind. I’ve realized that with the possibilities to so many outcomes of learning from you guys and from Lujan nothing that is said can be “wrong”. It was almost like my initial fear in choosing to be a performer, because my product, my voice was so inseparable.

    I realize that this beautiful community, this beautiful group of like-minded people are essential to me in witnessing love expressed in such a beautiful way and this medium, giving me the opportunity to express my love in a place where eyes and ears and doings or not doings are so wise beyond imagination. I love all of you.

    Michael Kallina I’d like to share with you that I have an outside understanding of what you feel about your uncle and aunt. I can also imagine the pain that they must’ve gone through and that even in trying to stop the consequences or pain of their situation, they never intended for you to also drink from that poison and share the utter sadness of that moment. I know I cannot judge how you feel and truly judge how they must’ve felt and are now left speechless with what is in my heart to communicate to you. My husband wrote 2 beautiful songs that I would like to share with you. I sometimes think the human condition is like an illness and in this situation a poison. I am grateful we have the medicine and anti dotes for it. With that I say thank you for letting me into your space. These songs are from the bottom of my heart.
    Ruby Bamboo – Winter Rose
    Who am I to question you
    And what you think and feel is true
    We see the world through different eyes
    A different view of wrong and right

    But each day we can start a new
    And if we’re strong we will break through
    Our pre-conceptions of this life
    And broken patterns that keep us tied

    And the truth will be revealed
    A truth that life tries to conceal
    And against the odds it grows
    A stubborn love
    A winter rose

    Seeds we plant begin to show
    Our flowers blooming in the snow
    Red on white defies the season
    Like our love that needs no reason

    It Just needs to be revealed
    A love that life tries to conceal
    And against the odds it grows
    A stubborn love
    A winter rose

    And through the war we learn to pray
    For the peace we all know we crave
    And in our silence we’ll shout out loud
    The whole world will hear us now

    Because our voice can’t be concealed
    ‘Cause it’s the right time to reveal
    How against the odds we grow
    A stubborn love
    A winter rose
    Sometimes a person will come into your life to be your mirror and show you things about yourself that you are too afraid to look at. Once you see these things it’s a process of acceptance, forgiveness and letting go that leads us to freedom. At least, that’s what she said…
    I was taking time out on the road when a girl I thought I didn’t know came and sat down on the floor right next to me
    She said did you ever believe that real love was something that you were capable of
    If you opened your heart and mind you would see

    It’s not as hard as you think it is if you let yourself feel tenderness
    It will walk right in if you give it room to breathe
    It’s never too late to turn around if you trip and fall and hit the ground ’cause life will give you everything you need

    And there will come a time when you will see that all your pain and misery will vanish in the blink of one blue eye
    Just a powerful clear intention will lead right to your destination you could have anything you want if you try

    She said:
    How long will you play this game with yourself and everyone
    The broken hearts left in your wake were they only just for fun?
    I’m sick of watching you self destruct but there’s nothing I can do
    ‘Cause at the end of the day when you shift the blame it will all end up on

    Her words took me quite by surprise
    How could she see through my disguise
    And where did she find out those things she knew about me?

    ‘Cause I never believed that real love was something that I was capable of
    I never opened my heart and mind to see
    She said that I could make a change
    But the choice was mine to stay the same
    Forever thinking there must be more to life

    I was too afraid to look at first
    At the things I knew would surely hurt
    So I kept pretending everything was fine

    But how long will I play this game with myself and everyone?
    The broken hearts left in my wake weren’t even all that fun
    I’m sick of watching myself destruct it’s a hard thing to see
    ‘Cause at the end of the day when I shift the blame it will all end up on

    I never saw her again
    But my soul won’t forget her
    I never caught her name
    But I know that doesn’t matter

    I know now who’s to blame when things could be better
    And everything has changed since the day that I met her

    And now I believe that real love is something that I am capable of
    I opened my heart and mind now I see that

    I don’t need to play this game with myself and everyone
    With an open heart I’ll make a change and when all is said and done
    I’ll flip the switch I’ll break the chains so the whole world can see that
    At the end of the day when there’s no one to blame we’ll all start living

    I don’t need to play this game with myself and everyone
    With an open heart I’ll make a change and when all is said and done
    I’ll flip the switch and break the chains so the whole world can see that
    At the end of the day when we give up the blame we’ll all start living

    • Dear sweet Lujeanne, wow, like an arrow straight to the heart. This forum is a wonderful place filled with so much love. Love is the eternal power that cannot be defeated and is and will change this world. Truly grateful to be amongst hearts like yourself as we flex our muscle of unconditional. Where there is love, there can not be fear.

      My favourite essential oil blend is Peace and Calming. :)

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