The Importance of Integrity for Spiritual Development


This application for the  Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by Nathan. If you would like to offer your support for Nathan please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

Hi my name is Nathan.
I would like to share what I have learnt from Lujan Matus, how it has affected me and why I would like to personally learn these shamanic movements he’s teaching.

I have learnt that personal power is a result of having integrity. When we don’t have integrity and aren’t impeccable, our heart is in regret for not being in our personal truth. That regret causes a leak of energy depleting ones personal power. If one is impeccable and does everything impeccably, they keep their energy. They lose minimal energy in comparison to the person who lives their life recklessly. They let their emotions (Shadow attention) control them, they do regrettable acts, they lie, steal, manipulate, fight and seek refuge behind the people they bend to their will who are on the same boat as them.

The one who is impeccable and lives within their truth keeps the momentum needed to traverse from this life to the next fully intact and conscious (ie. Freedom) by virtue of the fact that they are doing what needs to be done. The opportunity is available to all and is not subject to a small group of people (ie. A warrior party). That system was put in place by seers who wished to protect their knowledge from the oncoming onslaughts of religious zealots who wished to bury this knowledge to the ground. Now fortunately for the rest of the world, this knowledge is coming to light thanks to the Spirit guided men such as Lujan Matus.

His mission is being accomplished with integrity. He has no selfish desires or greed. In his books, he teaches us everything he’s aware of. There is no elitism. There is no “You can have this information but I’m keeping the good stuff to myself”. All I see is a selfless desire to help humanity evolve into their highest potential (quiet, literally).

I was quiet worried after reading Carlos Castaneda’s books to be honest. I was afraid about how I would need to find my own warrior party or nagual. Even more frightening is that you can’t choose that particular path. You can’t lookup “Nagual Apprenticeship” and find someone whose going to sign you up.

After reading The Art of Stalking: Parallel Perception, I was blown away. The heart of Lujan and his benefactors is incomprehensible. Their desire for humanity. It’s unbelievable, all I can say is…read the book and you’ll know what I mean. I no longer feel the burden of having to go out of my way to look for a Nagual teacher to take me to freedom. Although that would be awesome, so much information is compact into this book that it’s fulfilling in regards to what were ultimately looking for in our life path. It seems like this is all you really need. He’s beautifully outlined a way of life that leads to freedom, inner fulfillment, and access to our selves.

I believe that Lujan Matus’ work is going to help myself and all readers assimilate all the components needed to reconfigure the consciousness to that of the one shown in hieroglyph of inner light. And hopefully this information will allow us to transcend and take our consciousness beyond the physical death to the place where humanity deserves to know is a viable option if they’re impeccable.

I would like to join Lujan Matus in this workshop experience because I believe this is my cubic centimetre of chance. Right now, I’m young. The world is beckoning me to join their occupations. To have a family, make a career, buy a house etc, etc. And in all honesty, I have no interest in that. I have no interest in even having social interactions. I go to TAFE everyday with a smile on my face, nodding to whatever people are saying and laughing. And in the back of my mind, I’m just thinking about the Warriors way. Whereas other people are filled with thoughts about what they’re doing later in the week, or what they did the past few days, how annoying that one person in their life is…I’m constantly concocting different ideas of how I’m going to establish a connection and what that day I meet you will be like.

This constant inner chat or indulgence in wishful thinking is not something to be proud of. I’m constantly trying to shut off the inner dialogue, I just wish to express how much my inner being desires to learn these movements. I feel that this is the “completion” to learning from you. The information in the books is more than enough, but I understand these ancient movements as actually playing a vital role in many aspects in regards to accessing our multi dimensional self, bringing about our true being with confidence and assisting us with gaining the energy which will be most beneficial to us in gaining the momentum needed to keep our path afloat.

The knowledge expressed in the books are like fries, and the movements are the tomato sauce at the side. You can eat the fries alone, but who doesn’t like having the option to have them with sauce?

Thanks and blessings

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  1. Nathan, well written and filled with wisdom beyond your years. All dreams of the heart unfold in unexpected and magical ways. Keep using your heart as the vehicle and the driver down your unique path.

  2. Nathan, Your expressions are heart-felt. By holding your attention at your heart center you will be able to ‘let’ the internal dialog cease. You can unidentify with it as silence shows you that it is not yours. I give my wish that Nathan will be able to work directly with Lujan. I purr in your general direction!

  3. Nice reading. Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts Nathan.
    All the Best in your Warrior’s Way.

  4. Thank you for your kind comments – Nicole, Michael and Vagelis.

  5. Nathan
    An enjoyable read. Well done!

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