Shamanism and Its Application to the Business World


This application for the  Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by Adam Woodman. If you would like to offer your support for Adam please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

Lujan Matus’ works have reminded me that I am not alone, they have given me inspiration and something to reference…something grounded, and something human. Although I have not met him I can sense a level of integrity I have not sensed in other teachers of spirituality, which is one reason I am drawn to study with him.

While I do not consider myself a business man, my current job has given me the opportunity to and implement the idea that ‘business can’t be personal, yet you have to be personally in business’ a statement found in Lujan’s book Shadows in the Twilight. This has been a surprising idea to integrate having for most of my life rejected the focus on monetary gain and material possession of our society. However this statement has allowed me to step into my personal power in relation to business negotiations with aggressive and persuasive people.

The perspective of business not being personal, allowed me to go into negotiations without social pressures of being nice, or overly accommodating due to the egos desire to be liked, a nice person, to be ‘good’; which can lead to one being taken advantage of or dominated in negotiation. It liberated me through the idea that business in a sense is a game both parties are trying to win. Being personal in business to me speaks to being in integrity and balance, of being able to put forth of what you desire without trying to manipulate or hoodwink the other party or allowing the other party to manipulate you due to energy leaks caused by social programs.

This realisation allowed me to detach from, observe and integrate programs that were running that made me feel pressured and uncomfortable in negotiations and come back to them from a space of clarity and personal power. Given business transactions generally revolve around money and money is considered a form of energy. I sense that this perspective can also be applied to not only interactions with other humans but also interdimensional beings/entities some of which rely on hooking into human traumas and unconscious imprints as a form of sustenance and control.

I am drawn to study Lo Ban Pai, because I sense the power that dedicated practice of these forms can bring. Although I have studied martial arts and qi gong forms which have demonstrated physical and emotional benefit I sense that there is something lacking in their ability to open up and anchor expanded levels of consciousness. This sense has come about through my past limited by powerful experiences with hallucinogenic plants.

A number of times while experiencing the effects of these substances I have allowed myself to let go and allow movements of qi gong type forms to flow through me. I have not felt to use any substances for some time now, however I do desire to learn a system of movement that promises to anchor in the power and connection I have fleetingly experienced. This is why I would like to learn Lo Ban Pai with Lujan, and why I am applying for this scholarship.

Thank you for reading and best of luck to all applicants.


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  1. Hi Adam, you are the kind of business man that is rare and few in this world. This gives joy to know that love is spreading its wings into all areas of our existence and beating through an abundance of unique and beautiful hearts.

  2. May you find it to be the best trade you’ve ever made.

  3. I am turning twenty soon, and am currently in the process of starting a small business.

    After starting I too had felt that the pursuit of money and physical possessions leads only to unfulfilled desires.

    Through Lujan’s teachings, I have withdrawn from listening to people who’s main focus is money, in order to free myself from the illusion before continuing on my path. I very much agree that shamanism can be applied to business!

    I have already paid for the Golden Lotus, and I am giving you my support because I want to see you there! Hope you win brother!

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