Inspiring Me To Do What Is Right


This application for the  Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by Mark Chivers. If you would like to offer your support for Mark please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

To put into words my experiences with Lujan is like trying to explain what its like to walk along a beautiful deserted beach as the sun rises in glorious colour. You can never understand fully unless you experience. Without going into the details, I will try to outline how Lujan’s teachings have affected me…

A bird gliding through the pre dawn. A windless morning high up on a mountain. The silence in the air as the sun sets. These are moments when the teachings flood back and engulf me in a clarity that I often yearn for. Inspiring me to do what is right.

I had the great fortune to encounter Lujan some 20 years ago. I attended his ‘Kung Fu’ class with my brother, and my awareness was forever opened to a new perspective of the world. I wasn’t really sure what Kung Fu was, but the sincerity with which my brother insisted I attend aroused my interest.

The class consisted mostly of energy work, and a set named Awakening the Energy Body. The power held within these exercises was immediately obvious, both through my own personal experiences and intangible knowledge of my teacher. Every week I would keenly look forward to my next class, as undoubtedly some fantastical, miraculous occurrence would unfold, and we always had an interesting and intriguingly mixed group of people. My memories of those early classes are vivid and unforgettable. The heightened sensations in my body were undeniable. Whenever I practise, there seems to be a direct thread of knowledge that links me back to those moments, Lujan and the power within.

Throughout my life I have periodically wavered from the path, but I have never been able to forget my experiences with Lujan. Many of the lessons have been remembered deep within my body, making themselves available to me and random moments in life when most fitting.
Lujan instilled within that silencing the internal dialogue, and the control of sexual energy are crucial for energy cultivation. Both of these become less challenging when practising what I was lucky enough to have learned.

For some years I have longed to visit Lujan and reconnect to his teachings. Obviously the time has not yet been right, and with patience and correct intent I have continued practising what I know. I know the time will come. I trust his teachings will take to me to the right places. I am deeply curious about the Lo Ban Pai system though. To experience it in the presence of Lujan, would be for me like coming full circle. I feel it would be like the start of the next cycle for me. No doubt it would become clear to me in the program what foibles and follies I have to overcome, and provide an inspirational platform from which to enthusiastically evolve.

The possibility of inspiring others gives me great hope. So many people we all know feel as though there is something missing from their lives. Or they are searching for some contentment that seems unattainable. My vision is for everyone who has the opportunity to study with Lujan go on to inspire others. Like a wave rippling across a pond, spreading silence, truth, freedom and happiness. Whatever the future brings, I will take this opportunity to give many thanks and heart felt gratitude to Lujan for being who he is and doing what he does. The world needs you.

Thank you!
Mark Chivers

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  1. HI Mark: You have been blessed to have such a great base for your journey. Joy and happiness to your heart’s desires.

  2. Wow. There’s an angle I’ve not heard yet. Best of chances to you, Mark. Lovely.

  3. I add my vote to your chances, Mark Chivers. May you continue the good journey always.

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