The Power of the Teachings of the Nagual


This application for the  Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by Mark Franchitto. If you would like to offer your support for Mark please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

I had come from a living study of Gurdieff, as well as Castaneda books which I feverishly consumed repeatedly.

These experiences affected my understanding of gaining consciousness in a certain way..but were not fully working for me…especially in relation to my understanding of the Castaneda teachings. I felt stuck in a place of arrested development.

Of course the ring of truth still persisted loudly, but something was incomplete.

The good fortune of finding Lujan Matus’ works changed that. It brought together the what I gravitated toward in Gurdieff, the importance of living in the moment, and also vastly expanded the Castaneda understandings, the awesome beauty and potential of living in this universe, and then also included in quantum physics which has been emerging on my own horizon as paralleling what eastern thought has been disclosing for centuries, and that science is also starting to realize.

The Nagual has set straight some misconceptions, which I formed from my previous studies, and was counting on for my evolution.

Aside from consuming all of the books, following the blog posts I’ve had ten sessions of online training with The Nagual, Mr. Lujan Matus, Sir, and each have had profound reverberations in the time that follows them.

My results have been more subtle than many fine accounts i read here, and equally sublime. The results have been a bouyancy and understanding that is joyful and liberating and permeated with a sense of gratitude. It returns the sense of awe that feels like my natural state

Then importantly to me, there is the generosity of this teaching: the idea of sharing this beyond ourselves to help create a change for mankind. Previous engagements have been more secretive, excluding outsiders as “fodder for our awakening”

The road to our dreams is lined like a gauntlet of hands outstretched, waiting to sell us our own dreams.
That promote the promise of individuation, yet place limits on how individual is acceptable.

Not so with the teachings of the Nagual, whom has placed the power to where it originates…inside us

The Nagual’s words are like listening to Bach….every measure contains so much music and intricacy that it could be rewound and listened too over and over to uncover the depth of the beauty…yet the implications are simply beautiful

There is no deliverance, no savior,
can i handle the responsibility?

To forget what I’ve learned…to remember and discover what i know.

Mark Franchitto

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  1. Hi Mark, there is no doubt you can handle the responsibility. :)

  2. Yes, thats how it is:)

    Thank you for sharing!


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