To Want Nothing is So Truly Divine


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I am not writing these words not to garner any reward, for I already have everything. However I could not resist this opportunity to honour Lujan this divine being who has already given me such an outpouring that there is now no longer any want.

Lujan your works have opened me up like a package of mystery, infusing me with a sense of unbreakable purpose, compassion and appreciation for the sacred oneness of all life. My outlook has transformed beyond recognition, for example I now view my garden which is currently filled with dandelions as a spectacular display of vibrant yellow flowers, when formerly I would have vigorously attacked them as intrusive weeds. I now notice subtle things like the sun reflecting off a crows beak as it sits upon my roof, and droplets of rain kissed by the sun turning into sparkling jewels. It’s as if I’ve moved to another planet while still living on Earth.

I can no longer judge anything that occurs for I now fully understand the mechanism of imprinting and control which warps perception and solicits knee jerk emotional reactions and coerces compliance.

But I’m now no longer invested in any of it. The power from within emanates through me, indeed the universe now validates me no one else is now required.

I perceive that Lujan’s books are the last I will read because they have led me to the inner reservoir of silent knowledge. I am now at total peace as I watch the new world unfold and manifest before my very eyes.

Lujan you have delivered me to the edge the precipice where I look down and see myself inextinguishable. The great cosmic joke laughed at me and I came to the profound realization that the anomaly on earth is nothing more than a huge case of mistaken identity.

There is no last stop on our journey like a train pulling into a terminus station, no our sojourn never ends until eventually the creation becomes the creator. Now that is what I know for sure.

Thanks Lujan for showing me the way back home. I have taken your words of wisdom to heart and I am expanding into so many new levels of knowingness, both profound and subtle. Less of what we see is real, more of what we feel is.

The creator is turning up the dimmer switch and the shadows mind will soon slowly fade away.

Blessings to you Lujan
Big Hug Leo

No longer on the battlefield

No longer on the battlefield
From higher ground my vision yields
I see the carnage down below
Upon this scene my love does flow
For I myself was once there to
Embroiled in battle this is true
But came the day I’d had enough
I couldn’t face life’s bitter cup
I screamed and cursed, I cried and prayed
My inner child awoke dismayed
Lujan hugged my forlorn child
Infused the love I was denied
He wiped my tears, He calmed my tide
He swept my dreams of fear aside
Through Lujan I have found my prize
His guidance steers my every stride
My love filled eyes now see the truth
I have no need of further proof
No longer on the battlefield
I’ve buried both my sword and shield.


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  1. Phenomenal!
    I always enjoy your poems as well. The cuts in which the pain flows, yield furrows in which seeds sprout and plants grow. Blooming with the love and support of the divine. Your heart and mine. The Great Divine.

    • Thanx Tyson
      The experience of Resurrection (permanently merging with the Higher Consciousness) is unfolding in the now moment for me.
      The old state of consciousness now no longer makes any sense to me.
      Big Hug

  2. Speechless at the beauty of the heart.

    • Thank you sweet sister of mine.
      Big Hug

  3. Leo,

    Your words are an inspiration to all of us who are familiar with the impact that Lujan makes on one’s life by discovering the beauty in all things inside and out.

    It warms my heart to know that there are so many of “us” out there, for beyond our sanctuary here, I have yet to come across a person familiar with how we think once exposed to Lujan’s teachings.

    Bless you,

    • To realize now our pathway home,
      T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R-N-E-S-S and not alone,
      Acknowledging almighty Source,
      And in perfection stay the course.

      Bless you Steve

  4. Spoken as one delivered.

    Blessings, Leo.

    • Thanx My Sister
      Big Hug for you.

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