Beginning to Understand My Life’s Purpose


This application for the  Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by Thomas Campaner. If you would like to offer your support for Thomas please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

From something special usually something more special comes. My girlfriend brought Lujan Matus’ voice in my life a couple of years ago, first by the books, then by the witness from Dragon’s Tears last summer in Tenerife.

Either deep and reassuring in the tone, either sharp and maybe too intense in the concept, this voice is acting in the background since a while.

To me, it represents a universe of images which I feel both very close and at the same time cold and timeless. Some of them are warm and reassuring, others shakes me in the deep, all took all of my attention, especially from the books Shadows in the Twilight: Conversations With a Shaman and The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception.

I lived many years with basically no awareness of my body and the energy in and around it, with no understanding at all of what I’m here for, perhaps with no question at all about it surrounded by self imposed duties or short and flashy amusements.

Probably I would never have wrote this letter if it was only about words and concepts. The wish to take a scholarship came later and not from the books.

The first time I saw Lo Ban Pai movements on my terrace this summer, performed with a slow and
firm determination, I start to wonder if that voice melt with the beauty and intensity of that physical work could represent a glimpse of a new me.

From that moment I knew there’s was part of me in that. While I don’t know at which degree and if in this life, while I’m sure that many more people struggle to meet Lujan’s teachings, I decided the same to apply and see what will come.

I take these few lines to say thanks to the people working on Parallel Perception and all the other content I could grab in the last months. It is a deep source of reflection on how much I still need to take in.

All the best.
Thomas Campaner

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1 Comment
  1. Hi Thomas, always thought that at the spiritual path was of the soul (higher self) and heart connecting to the mind. Since I came here, like you did not totally understand the value of physicality in the process, now it has opened up a new world within much like yourself. May your heart be filled with love and joy on your path.

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