Life Transformation Through Shamanic Teachings


This application for the  Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by Steve Patterson. If you would like to offer your support for Steve please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

To answer the question of how the teachings of Lujan Matus have impacted my life would have to include that without him I may not be alive today. A year ago I submitted an application for this same scholarship and wondered at the time if I was indeed ready for the experience, but I no longer feel that way as life is a journey to experience what is presented. Therefore, I sit in stillness and wait, not expecting, but prepared.

About five years ago, the path of over indulgence and drowning my sorrows ended in a trip to the emergency room in dire straits. I am still recovering physically from that event, but my life is now full of acceptance, appreciation, and service to those in need—mostly people who would like to end their relationship with Opiates.


I do not recall how it was that I became aware of Lujan, but it was in the weeks or months following my bodily meltdown during the time when I was reevaluating all that I believed. When I began to rebuild, Lujan was suddenly there, and I felt as though what I had been through sort of served as a prerequisite for some teaching that I had not known I had signed up for. Since those days, Lujan’s teachings permeate my life in ways that our spoken language does not have the appropriate terms to describe.

As one who weaves the two worlds of clinical therapy with that which is revealed to me in my stillness, Lujan’s teachings are impacting people who do not even know about it. Many of the individuals I meet with end up with having a working vocabulary of Lujan’s teachings just by virtue of the way that I speak to them as their councilor.

This is because his teachings have such a strong resonance with me that I sometimes cannot put into words what I am feeling—I am working on expressing these thoughts. But all is fine, for it demonstrates the seemingly never ending quest for learning that Lujan sent me on as he reawakened senses long dormant. For this I am thankful, but I feel as though I have just scratched the surface.

We all can learn from Lujan’s teachings, and whoever gets this scholarship will have all of us behind them as they grow. My seed is firmly planted more than ever, and I too would grow. I am prepared.

Steve Patterson



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  1. Hi Steve, a heart filled with love vibrates throughout the universe and uplifts even those not aware of its power, this is the gift that Master Teacher Lujan gives to the world. As I read your post, realized we all truly share each other’s heart space.

  2. This is very grounded in the realities of the world while recognizing the possibilities therein as well.

    Here is a quote that came up for me from Ursula K. Le Guin:

    Where my guides lead me in kindness
    I follow, follow lightly,
    and there are no footprints
    in the dust behind us.

    Best of luck, Steve.

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