Deepening Awareness Within Physical and Spiritual Experience


This application for the  Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by Jer Bot. If you would like to offer your support for Jer please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

I first read Whisperings of the Dragon two years ago. I remember sitting in my backyard, in the sun, taking in each page carefully. As I read each page or concept, I experienced a shift which allowed me to better sense my mind/heart relationship. This resulted in a permanent shift which has amplified synchronistic events and deepened my awareness within physical and spiritual experience. As someone who used to depend on corrective eyeglasses, I also noted how this mental clarity manifested in visual clarity. I admit that it was a bit unsettling to have a book effect me so strongly.

“What was I getting into?” I thought.

Since then, I have read The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception and Awakening the Third Eye. Although alien to me, the words resonate with me and continue in assisting with the shift. If words can have such an effect, I can only begin to imagine what information can be transmitted when in the physical presence of one who operates primarily within these teachings.

I have worked extensively with computers and, being born in Detroit, my mind was conditioned with “seeing is believing” mentality. I left Detroit in 2004 in order to pursue a career in 3D animation in Canada. My heart seemed to approve of this move, though I eventually found myself working for large companies where there was a disturbingly familiar feeling.

In 2009 I left the large animation studios, traveled a bit and opened my self up to possibility. I released control and learned to become comfortable in ambiguity. The opening happened the instant I verbally declared my willingness to accept the lessons that would presenting themselves to me, despite preconceptions of discomfort. I experienced events, that I would normally see as difficult, as opportunity instead. From this point forward, synchronicity became a regular occurrence in my daily life, and the strength of which was often even observed by third parties. My self was constantly tempted by the new experiences, though practice showed me that staying open was key. I was able to allow and enjoy this state of synchronistic flow for about 4 years. Any attempts to add my own meaning, within circumstances, resulted in a cease in the flow and my mind racing.

Eventually, after 8 years, I returned to the United States. Fear came back into my life and my self was grasping for stability and security. I had operated intuitively up till this point, but now I was face to face with challenges that I could not simply walk away from… or could I have?

Whisperings of the Dragon came into my life at this point and allowed me to see the distortions that surrounded me. I stopped participating in the games, thus becoming more of a mirror to the projections placed upon me. I also became aware of the pressure to act as my outdated self, for fear of making others uncomfortable. The less I responded to outside triggers, the most my partner or family’s triggers were exposed. Someone once explained this to me as apposing emotional spirals. We either ascend together, or one is pushed down as the other moves upwards

Understanding psychological terms and how they relate to spiritual concepts is now a major focus in my life. I feel I am not alone in my sensing the urgency in our world. Whether looking through the lens of science or spirituality, the answers appear to be everywhere. Truth is consistent. Bottom/up not top/down. Opening and softening in order to allow the heart to guide. Removing the labels from those we see as “mentally ill”, and instead recognizing the lessons they hold for us.

I am grateful for the tools which are helping me navigate this dream-like reality. The reality I now experience is one that responds, as if conscious, yet not outside of me. “Controlled folly” is a term I remember reading in one of Lujan’s books, though not sure if I’m correct in understanding it in being comfortable in the ambiguity. Are we supposed to be “grounded”?

Movement, rhythm and dance have been a strong force in my life, and they have been even more significant to me lately. While in states of flow, induced through bodily movement, I have become aware of and worked through many patterns within my self. In some situations, I have even had some visions of events which were outside of my conscious awareness.

I feel that the strongest peace remaining is my explorations in dreams. I experienced night terrors as a 9 year old child, and although I’ve shifted quite a bit since then… well… I sense much difficulty in moving from waking to lucid dreaming. This year I turn 40.

This is where I am now.

Much love and respect,
Jer Bot

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  1. “I stopped participating in the games, thus becoming more of a mirror to the projections placed upon me.”

    This is amazing Jer – I too have felt this shift and in my perspective – This allows us to acknowledge our programs/wounds/triggers together. It provides great room to examine, feel and grow together, Illuminating what we dare not face. :)
    And dare I say: We need to face it. Other-wise we project our shadows onto others, without presence of mind (awareness) and Dare I also say that what we are unaware of controls us… and what we resist persists in our lives.
    Anyways thats just my delusional prospective on things.

    I Enjoyed the read Jer – Good luck to you!

  2. Hi Jer Bot: When you indicated “I feel I am not alone in my sensing the urgency in our world,” feel as you do, and “what we resist persists” yes! Feels like there is a quickening of strong love energy shadowing our time and space. May you be blessed with love and joy on your journey.

  3. Jer, really enjoyed reading your submission. I still re-read the books you reference and shift continues to present. May your journey continue through a scholarship!

  4. Hi Jer,
    thank you for your words. i am just amazed of every single story, everybody feels like being a single, unique flower, opening, unfolding.
    Thats what you are:)



  5. Thank you all for such heart-felt responses. Not sure what to say… other than I feel you.

    …and that I loved the choice of image for my entry.

  6. Jer,

    We have spent a fair amount of time in each other’s lives over the past couple of years and you always continue to amaze me.

    For someone who “has a hard time expressing” his self, you seem to have beautifully captured the shifts that have occurred. Watching the dance that you are dance with your life – metaphorically and literally – is a beautiful piece of poetry.

    I am grateful to be privy to it. Thank you for your transparency, as always.

    Love, D

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