Winner of the 2016 Parallel Perception Scholarship


Thank you to everyone who submitted applications for the Parallel Perception Scholarship in 2016.

The winner of this year’s opportunity is Zuzana, who will participate in the Golden Lotus Workshop in Thailand in October.

Click here to read Zuzana’s scholarship application

Ten applicants will also receive a package containing eBook versions of Lujan’s published works plus an audiobook version of the Revised 10th Anniversary Edition of The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception. The following applicants have been selected:

Max Masayuki Niitsuma
Donna Holloman
Steve Patterson
Ryan Lee
Mary Erdem
Bryan McGuirt
Vincent Giotis

All other participants who submitted an entry will receive a PDF version of the Revised 10th Anniversary Edition of The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception.

Applicants should receive an email from Parallel Perception within the next few days containing instructions on how to download the books. If you don’t hear from us by the end of the week please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Golden Lotus Workshop

The early bird price for the Golden Lotus workshop is still available until May 31st. There are places remaining for the workshop, however all of the private rooms have been filled, so only semi-private and shared rooms are now available.

Learn more about the Golden Lotus workshop in Thailand

Parallel Perception Forum

Very soon there will be a new forum connected to the Parallel Perception website. This will be a place where members of the community can interact and open discussions on different topics. We will announce the forum on the blog as soon as it is available so look out for it within the next week or so!

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  1. It was so exiting this time of Scholarship. Thanks Lujan, Mizpah and other Applicants.
    I was really disappointed but also pleasant surprise. I clearly receive consideration from you.
    Through the this opportunity grew more and more fond of Parallel Perception to me!!

  2. Great news about the new forum, hope that all members will join in to be of service to all hearts that come to share in a place where love rules. Look forward to more direct communication with the beautiful beings that you all are.

  3. aww man congrats guys! i hope to meet you all soon! :)

  4. Thank you very much and congratulations to all of the winners. It has been amazing to read all of the beautiful and heartfelt entries. I’m looking forward to continuing our journey with the new forum and through a deeper understanding and applications of Lujan’s teachings. 🌹😍

  5. To all of you who applied for the scholarship, I thank you very deeply for your participation. I am always affected and consequently aware of your intentions. I wish everyone could have won. This would have made me more happy.

    In the future maybe we will find a benefactor who will help establish a center so the whole process of coming to see me will change.

    I send you all my love and deepest regard.

    • Thank you so very much for those words, Lujan.
      That went straight into my heart and was much needed.
      And a beautiful thought for a place where we can all meet…
      Love and Light to you, Zuzana, and all who wrote in this time.

      May all Hearts grow

    • During this time of scholarship many gifts where shared by the applicants through their experiences. It was a bringing together of hearts, realizing many things about one’s self and our connection to each other. It is a miracle to watch and be part of this growth in humanity clearly visible here at this site. Consider myself a winner, it was another experience of unconditional love for all life and its true meaning opening up more and more realizations throughout my life. Am very thankful for all that has transpired and all the beautiful hearts here that have crossed my path.

  6. Thank you Lujan, and congratulations to Zuzana and I am sure we all look to hearing of you trip and training.

    As far as my being one of the 10, of which I am deeply thankful, I would like to offer up my audio book to 11 or whomever Lujan wishes. I already have all the audio books, print books, and, most importantly of all, knowing that you all are out there seeking understanding of the complex teachings of Lujan and loving every step of the way.

    My gratitude and love for all of you!

  7. Fantastic surprise! :)
    Enjoy the experience Zuzana.
    If and When things feel right to share, I would definitely love to hear about it.

    And a big “Thank-you!” to Lujan — I was definitely not expecting that level of … “Abundant giving”.

    With gratitude and love, <3

  8. Congratulations everyone!

  9. Congratulations to Zuzana. What a gift to be chosen by Lujan from amongst all of the very compelling applications. I hope you feel blessed because you clearly are!

    Happy for all the other winners as well.

    Hopefully I will see some or all of you in Thailand this October <3

  10. Thank you. Yes I am aware of the huge blessing. Plus, I got a gentle push to start reconsidering my fear endorsed reality into a state of better alignment. The push can accelerate. Only in the past week it feels like I shifted more than in the months/years before. I just hope to keep the momentum until October – here, I already got a vision I will be rebuilding!

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