Waiting Without Waiting


Dear Lujan,

It was less than 6 months ago that you introduced me to this wonderful practice of Walking the Tao and Dragon’s Tears. It seems to me that our meeting continues unfurling itself by delivering me to these incredible places of appreciation and understanding.

One such unfolding presented itself very clearly last night. I was sitting in a beautiful meditation space with a couple of friends, who had prepared a lovely playlist of meditative soundscapes to accompany our evening at candlelight. My meditation was on ‘the power of waiting’ as it seemed relevant to the state my life is in at the moment. As I sat on my cushion on the floor and closed my eyes, the first moment of deliverance arrived, right in front of my third eye. I saw the perfect flowering of a beautiful white water lily opening as it rotated onto itself and moved upwards. This was immediately followed by a second perfect flowering of a pink water lily – this also opened while rotating onto itself and moving upwards.

As I observed these flowers appearing and disappearing, I felt a huge amount of heat in my hands, which were resting – left over right – on my lower dantien, and in my heart centre – it burnt so strongly that it truly felt like fire! I was just observing without ‘interpreting’ any of it… and I felt a sense of naturalness in the whole unfolding and in my being.

While this was happening in a place that felt “inside” me, the meditative soundscape continued in the background “outside” – although the boundary between out-there and in-here started to blur at this point. I continued sitting for a while longer, when this soaring piece of music started playing. I enjoyed it thoroughly and actually, I enjoyed so much that I, somehow, decided that this must have been marking the closing of our meditative journey.

This “decision” was a precious moment – I stopped waiting for the next piece of music! And yet to my surprise, another piece of music followed. And in the space between the two pieces, I stopped waiting. In this pause, what I had been waiting for was delivered.

I was presented with a 3D image of a galaxy spinning in a vortex to fall onto itself and then opening into a wider and greater space beyond. That was only a brief moment, but it contained so much. In that moment, I realised that I had been waiting for it for months without really acknowledging this waiting to myself. I had been waiting – more precisely, expecting – for this to happen since we spoke about it during my training a few months. And of course, it never did happen while waiting for it.

This waiting was loaded with expectation and my need for validation – when I see the stars spinning, I will know I have “achieved something”, I will have “ticked a special box.” The very moment I surrendered my waiting, the stars swirled into their cosmic dance naturally, the next piece of beautiful music played for my heart naturally and I felt the ephemeral embrace of waiting without waiting, naturally.

I feel you planted the seed for this ephemeral flower. I now understand that I was impatiently waiting to see its petals unfurl and feel the softness of its caress but I had to stop waiting to experience this beauty naturally. For me right now, this is a most profound place to be delivered to and I want to thank you for entrusting my heart with such precious seeds.

With so much gratitude and love.
Monnie Gi

The movements that I have given to Monnie Gi are now integrated in every form that I teach within Lo Ban Pai. These movements open up the lower dantien capacity to be universally connected to the crown chakra. Thus allowing the eyes to see a rotational vortex of universal proportions.

I have only recently introduced these movements because human consciousness was not capable of comprehending because of the deep-seated programming within our world community. I believed that the year 2012 would have been the most appropriate time but I saw that it wasn’t time to proceed. Now that there are more people practising Lo Ban Pai it is now easier to impart more complexities because of the collective consciousness of my students combining as one. When people learn new forms I will attempt, if there is enough time, to update their forms. This is one of the many reasons why I introduced the consolidation programs, so that everyone can have the chance to repeat and not only update but perfect the movements they have learned.

Everything sings with a frequency. All the movements of Lo Ban Pai sing a frequency that calls the cosmos to turn and listen to itself through our gestures. It is a crucial time in our history. We are now being beckoned to connect beyond the small framework of our limited consciousness as human beings to a galactic arena of events.

It is obvious that we are not alone on this planet. So many beings resonate frequencies that we are failing to connect to and by not doing so there is mass extinction occurring because of this. These beings have not left because they are making a choice to depart because of us. They are dying because of our ignorance and incapacity to realize that our world and cosmos is sensitive on many levels within dimension.

I have had extensive contact with transdimensional beings and two other extra-terrestrial life forms, which can be perceived when the lower dantien’s vortex is opened. The first indication that this is occurring is that one will see our galaxy rotating in front of our very eyes, encapsulating everything that is, will be and has been. I experience this myself as seeing this cluster of stars moving in a circular fashion that takes only two minutes to view, yet reveals a full 26,000 year rotation within that time span, as has Monnie Gi now.

What will occur with you Monnie, eventually you will see beings peering down through this circular vortex, as if you were looking from the vantage point of being at the bottom of a well, looking toward the sky. This is how they initiate contact at this moment in time to those individuals who wish to go beyond the insular perspective of the belief that we are alone in this corner of the universe, or the outskirts of our milky way.

It is now four years after the year 2012 so we can now rationally consider that somehow we are four years behind what is meant to happen, yet on the precipice of our own self-destruction via our carelessness, in terms of our guardianship of this planet.

In the next workshop of the Golden Lotus I will be teaching the advanced methods of this form that will encompass these rotational movements that influence the lower dantien. It is now time and every individual who comes and sees me will be given movements that match their frequencies.

I wish beyond this point that everyone would take into strong consideration eating organic food and becoming vegan and possibly totally fruitarian, so as to heighten one’s biological sensitivity, so as to become aware of what we should and shouldn’t be doing because of this. Beware of all products that have chemicals in them. Everything that you buy, attempt to obtain organic products, so as to tilt the world towards a natural and supportive attitude towards our environment.

We cannot sustain ourselves in the way that we are anymore. As a collective humanity we must forge forward, unified so that we can progress towards a literal cosmic consciousness. One that will be found within meditation and withing our waking activities. This frequency will permeate, extending itself as a loving consciousness towards the cosmos that ill open up our world view towards our transdimensional capabilities. A consciousness that is full to the brim with caring for others more than oneself, yet this leads to absolute nurturing for everybody.

This will happen via the opening of our capacity to understand that we have technologies that have been withheld for over eighty years, that when released, will bring us back to being within harmony with everything that is revealing itself to us. We have to move beyond our petrochemical paradigm.

To reiterate, the beings that I have been in contact with are not of this planet, yet this statement isolates us as separate. We are of one awareness and this is the best way to state it, because by saying we are one mind it pays into the program of individuality that cannot go beyond its limitations via its programmed edifice. These beings are beautiful, loving and caring and we need to, with all conscientiousness move towards a universal future of peace and harmony.

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  1. wow..

  2. Thank you so much Monnie Gi, that was a beautiful and easily understandable example of “waiting without waiting” which answers many questions within my own heart. Sharing your experience with others is very uplifting for all those that read the words from your heart filled with beautiful, child-like awe and wonder.

    Lujan, in your message to the forum and this reply, cannot not help but feel urgency. My heart’s interpretation of your messages is not about waiting but a way to take action against failing systems that need to be brought down. Hope that this is an accurate reflection of your written words. The life that is around us is very precious, all of it, not one better than another. It gives great joy of your communication verifying your connection to trans-dimensional and extra-terristerial beings, this knowledge had lead to be here opening of my heart connecting to you, your teachings and this group. Feel this is a subject that many run away from and the truth and reality of their truth, love and willingness to share wisdom is looking and communicating right into our heart’s consciousness.

  3. There is a huge urgency that can’t be ignored all around us but at the same time it can only be recognised for what it truly represents if we are addressing who we are individually. Energetically this allows the space between us to become unoccupied so there is room for something intangible to occur for us all to experience. On my last visit to meet Lujan I was too filled with an urgency and rattled to do what I need to do to participate in global change. Continually moving towards a more empowered state of consciousness will in turn empower everything that is around us. Though individual development others that can’t see past their current position will begin to recognise that they too can become something far greater than they are. No journey ever ends. How far we can go is the only question I have any interest in.

    • Thank you so much John Barber for that reply, it’s meaning is clear and embraced by the heart. Your words of “no journey ever ends” reflects the truth of eternity. Sending you a love filled energetic hug celebrating all that you are.

  4. This is very beautiful and inspiring. Reading this blog makes me very happy and hopeful that balance and harmony can be restored. Thank you Monnie Gi and Lujan. Much love to all.

  5. I`m touched by this thread, as it adresses something I percieve as a dilemma: wait without waiting and urgency calling for action. What is it, I`m called for? How can I best be of service to the due change?
    So I`m very excited about coming for the Golden Lotus to understand and remember.
    Thanks for you people walking ahead.

  6. It has become apparent to me that we are constantly surrounded by beings that are not of this world. As a child I recall seeing smokey filaments appear in front of my line of vision which at times concerned me as I did not understand what I was experiencing and had not heard anyone speak of what I could see. I can see clearly now one particular occasion that happened in a local park while I was playing with friends. I was around twelve years old and was going through significant change in my life. As I stood talking with my friends a grey translucent fragment drifted into my line of vision. I remember thinking to myself that it was likely a result of the fact I had decided not to wear my glasses anymore and had not worn them for many years. I considered wearing them again but reminded myself that I should trust my intuition which directed me towards seeing the world without them. I got through school and college and it wasn’t until I took my driving test that I needed to buy some as part the exam was to read a number plate twenty meters away which I could not do. In preparation for the test my instructor went through the oral part of the practical exam in which he said “you can read that number plate over there can’t you?” in which I replied “What number plate?”.

    I was also around the age of twelve when I recognised I did not want to drink tap water. The water would come out of the tap smelling of chemicals and if left to settle in a glass undisturbed within it a cloudy white tinge would form. In my concern I would ask what it was and was always confronted with stern replies claiming it was clean. I still did not drink it and spent many many years dehydrated, not taking water to school and surviving off of the odd can of fizzy drink. This had a detrimental affect on my body and is something I have had to address with a cleansing based fruitarian diet consisting of juices and smoothies and various herb programs under the guidance of Raw Food Solution.

    This time in my life was very revealing to me and I experienced many unexplainable things as I had the freedom to live more independently than most at that age. I recall a presence in my room as I slept at night and on occasions I was physically touched with the sensation of a hand on my upper leg as I led on my back sleeping. I spent many evenings wandering the streets very late at night. I felt comfortable exploring and would often take the long route home. On one occasion while walking home late with two friends I witnessed what I thought at that time was a ghost. We strolled excitedly up a road which developed into a darker wooded area up ahead. We had planned to walk through the woods to take a short cut. As we walked we approached a tall street light to the left hand side of the road which lit a six foot high brick wall that ran the entire length of the road side and separated the local school grounds to this particular street. We were thirty yards or so from the lit area which clearly illuminated the road ahead. From the shadows past that in the direction we were heading a man appeared and was walking directly towards us. A friend and I comment on his presence and as we approached him he suddenly recognised us. Upon that he stopped in his tracks and looked startled at which point he briskly turned to his right hand side and walked directly through the six foot high brick wall. My friend and I stopped walking immediately such so that my other friend clattered into the back of us as he walked behind us. He ask what the hell was happening as we were white with fear to which we both replied in unison “ghost”. We took the long route home running like we had never ran before occasionally stopping to laugh in fear if one of us had tripped over a fallen tree branch or mistakingly stomped in a puddle.

    I’ve only recently seen the significance in those events and many others in relation to what I am experiencing now as a result of my devotion to Lo Ban Pai and detoxification. Through a clearer and more developed state of awareness I can now see that these beings have been in contact with me from a very young age. These types of experiences have installed an open mind and broader outlook as to what is possible.

    There has been significant change in my home and training experiences since returning back from my last training programs with Lujan. This is ongoing and as my committment continues so do the unexplainable occurrences. Upon introducing The Jaguar and Three Treasures sets I have opened up a strong connection with my environment. I have begun to have profound visions and inter dimensional glimpses of my other lives past, present and future that are all happening right now. As I stood within the darkness of my lounge diligently practicing my evening sequence of Lo Ban Pai sets a life size portal opened up in front of me about 5 feet away and slightly off to the left size in my peripheral vision. It was the future but happening right now. Lujan was stood with his back to me within a underground setting lit with subtle yellow lighting. Just as the portal opened it closed and what was seen was all that was needed.

    A patterns appears through a portal, again off to the left hand side of my peripheral vision. It’s my future in a flash. So familiar and so real. It vanishes.

    After my practice I lay down on my back in the darkness with the Lo Ban Pai playlist suitably accompanying me. I close my eyes and often drift somewhere unexplainable. I arrive in a void. A looking glass illuminates the Milky Way as it moves into the centre of my vision and stops at a particular location. A star system within that looking glass vibrantly glows beckoning me to it’s attention.

    It’s hot. I’m sweating. Todays practice felt more combative and moved quicker than normal. I lay down on my back in the darkness and allow the energy to settle within me. A great sense of satisfaction fills my energy field. With my eyes closed I am taken through a dark void. Suddenly I am aware of my body residing elsewhere in another lifetime. In symmetry I am led down in a woodland somewhere in the Orient. A sacred mountainous space in what we currently call the past. With my eyes closed my other senses explore my surroundings. Its winter, cold and damp. The subtle moisture felt on my body and through my armour clad clothing. I recognise my deep breathing and the coldness as I inhale. The silence of my surroundings echoing into the distance. I hear foot steps approaching. The ground crunching under a powerful approach. He kneels in front of me and exposes my face from beneath my mask. As he does so I open my eyes. Eye to eye, a powerful weathered Mongolian warrior gazes into the depths of my spirit with intense power. He replaces my mask and walks away. I’m back in my lounge.

    I’m awoken by the beings that accompany me. Paralysed on my back in the darkness of my bedroom but at the same time awakened within another dimension much more real than my waking life. I itch my scalp and in my hand are small oily black balls. Shocked I shake them off and onto the floor. For some unknown reason I panic and pick them up and ingest them. I look up into a mirror and see myself. I am highly altered and hallucinating within this dimension. As I see my face it morphs into that of an unknown being and I panic. I awaken paralysed in my room and unable to open my eyes. I sense a presence. The room appears through my closed eyelids and a three foot tall being is walking around my bed. I see a glimpse of its arm and face as it tends to my physical body. Something changes within my body as it adjusts my lower dantien or stomach perhaps. I begin to leave my physical body and can sense a separation. I’m leaving for somewhere. Terrified I let out a scream and the experience is immediately taken from me. All further recollection removed. I awaken again in disbelief in my bed. I laugh loudly.

    Late to bed and more awake than normal. I gaze at the dark ceiling above my bed in silence. My bed is floating. An enormous space is revealed beneath. An arm reaches through two dimensions. I feel the boarders crossed within my energy as it approaches me. I am late. He prods me in the back playfully. Startled. It’s possible. Who am I.

    Somewhere in-between this space and another a war is at hand. Dimensions and gateways are guarded. Secrets are contained and hidden. Doors are locked and keys are missing. Predators are the enemy and they do not want us to find ourselves or realise the truth. A battle for hours. I awaken abruptly in my waking world and open my eyes. It is there and comes for me. As real as it appears else where disappearing as quickly as it appeared. I’m too strong of heart. I need a pee.

    Standing from the floor of my lounge in the darkness I retreat to bed. In the darkness of my bedroom vibrant flashes illuminate the room in quick succession. A presence is here. Glowing lights illuminate the space above my head and visuals appear. Patterns and tunnels to somewhere else.

    My guardians are present and more so than before. Whispering in my left ear. Loud bangs awaken me in bed to alert me of debilitating dreaming and an unwholesome presence.

    Insights. Visions. The future. A warning of times to come. We must be prepared for change.

    A name is revealed. A new mantra. Courage is required.

    There is more to communicate and recall and I will be doing as much of this as I can from now on. This is a safe place for us to share our experiences. It is vital that people speak and share what they are experiencing so our collective consciousness can develop together. For those that are yet to see these accounts are the beginning of realising what is possible for us as a species. It is absolutely vital that we all detoxify our bodies so they can function in the way they are designed to. We have all had our natural abilities taken from us through what we have been consuming; food, drink, cosmetics, the chemicals in clothing, furniture, bedding, carpets, the air we breathe and the water we swim in. The list is endless but we have not ended. There is no time for complacency.

    As Lujan has already mentioned he will soon be teaching a meditation to me that I will be able to disseminate. I am intrigued and excited just as all of you are.

    I know other students are having experiences with The Blue Beings and other ET’s. I welcome with encouragement anyone who would like to share their accounts here with us all.

    Here is a link to a testimonial detailing an unexpected experience during a recent training session in Cambodia with Lujan. For those that have already read this there is now an additional video link at the end to an interesting lecture by Steven Greer in which he talks about our relationship with ET’s.


  7. I’m with Tom. wow…

    And John, “No journey ever ends. How far we can go is the only question I’ve any interest in.” Beautiful.

    Dorothea, I think we all have that quandary at one time or another. How can I best serve? What is it I’m called for? With patience and persistence, in silence, “waiting without waiting,” the answer will come. And then actions can unfold in complete harmony.

    Nicole, your enthusiasm and sincerity is always evident.

    Thanks to all, especially Monnie and Lujan for the amazing insights.

    May all beings be happy.

  8. This is such an amazing post and all of the comments, as well. I want to know if it is appropriate to share with others not in our community?

  9. In love and respect for Lujan, stand and take this opportunity to show my support for the posting regarding Inter-dimensional and extra-terristerial beings. There is no doubt due to my own experiences of the existence of these wondrous beings, physical and non-physical. They wish to serve and guide and stand with us but will not do it for us, they will point to the doors, but we have to open them. Have experienced these beings of light as friends and extended family and love them dearly and they love us all unconditionally. Send love and ask for a sign and they will show themselves in ways that you are ready to benefit from. There are many ways of contact from dreams to telepathic messages and visual. They are waiting for us.

  10. In Awakening the Third Eye, there’s mention of not descending into lower chakras as an imperative for the gazing techniques and paradoxically, the descriptions and experiences of Walking the Tao involve the lower Dantien. Are there any peculiarities to this newly-unveiled form such that it employs a channel unused in gazing techniques…while both develop Third Eye Seeing?

    Since we’re on the topic, can I please ask if you are still considering to write “Communion”?

    With love and gratitude.

  11. This is very exciting to read about. Thank you Monnie, Lujan and John for sharing your experiences. I have been experiencing the same phenomena that the three of you have described.

    Usually I dont talk about what I see or know but through this thread I can really appreciate the value of communicating this stuff. Since reading this, what I had thought was a deeply personal process has become simultaneously a collective journey. Its very inspiring.

    I am also in continuous contact and communion with various hyperdimensional beings. This has been going on for many years but recently their presence has become unbelievably strong and constant. I feel them continuously and perceive them directly in my waking consciousness in many ways… most often as orbs of silver light or blue auric energy fields.

    I also see that the higher frequency vibrations of our universal connection are finally being restored on this planet and this corresponds to the awakening of the architect of observation, which reflects our emptiness and its multidimensional potential. There are volumes of visionary knowledge and communication becoming available through these experiences.

    The earth is an evolutionary vehicle which stabilises the collective reality. By restoring the subtle vibrations of the earths consciousness, the collective human awareness is being brought into alignment. For each of us to awaken to these subtleties is our own personal journey.

    There are thousands of years worth of dissonant inertia in our world but I believe it is now becoming possible to collectively resolve this dilemma because the collective harmonic blueprint is becoming available.

    The central channel, which encapsulates the chakra system, is now awakening in many people. This has been a primary area of distortion and debility for humanity… except in the case of certain indigenous peoples who have managed to maintain a very pure tradition of spiritual initiation.

    It is such an amazing time to be alive. So much love and emptiness to all of you on this beautiful journey.

  12. Beautiful guys

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