Psychic Possession from Two Perspectives


Dear Lujan,

I’m interested in your teachings. Thanks for the videos you have available on YouTube. They are so fascinating and I love the sound of your voice. Hopefully I can come to the retreat in Thailand this October. I’d like to meet you someday.

Meanwhile, I have a question to ask you. I’d really like your advice on this: I recently left a job due to feeling covertly antagonized by one of the people on staff there. He was unbelievably stealth about what he was doing.

No one believed me because no one saw it and they think he is such a nice guy. But for various reasons he disliked me and with a laser like focus set out to undermine me day in and day out.

I rarely saw him do any work. Energetically crushing me was quite plainly his number one priority.

Now that I have had some space and distance, I see clearly what he was doing. I was too confused before and I couldn’t articulate it, nor did I fully grasp the maneuvers he was using. But now I see and I can name them.

My question is: do you think I should contact the former supervisor there, a decent man who expressed sincere concern for me since I had to leave suddenly, and tell him the truth about why I left?

Should I tell on the workplace bully in other words. I am dying to but feel hesitant.

If you could give me your advice on this I’d really appreciate it. Thank you.

I’m glad you like my interviews. I will be possibly doing another one next week. It would be nice to see you in October.

As for your workplace bully, nothing ever comes from payback, nor will you resolve your circumstances by being unsettled about not resolving your personal dilemma with this man. His world is obviously very uncomfortable and something within him sees that you could see him.

It is best to be as kind as possible and always forgiving. It would have been a very good exercise for you to stay in those circumstances and gained his trust by being trustworthy yourself, no matter how uncomfortable he was making you feel.

If you were still in your circumstances, I would advise you to pretend that you don’t see him, so that he doesn’t notice you noticing. This will give you a very unique opportunity to observe your own prejudices, even though you are the one being wronged.

Life is not black and white, nor is there any unfolding karma. There are good people and bad people in the world and you are in the wrong place at the right time and now that you’ve left you are in the right place at the wrong time.

If you were to go back and speak to him directly you would definitely be in the wrong place at the wrong time, because leaving means that you don’t return and ultimately leave him to his fate because of that gesture.

Even though you asked me a question, it is very difficult to answer it irrefutably, in terms of what was, because what is now is different. Life is a puzzle and the pieces unfortunately are in the wrong spot.

Don’t get me wrong, many pieces in my life are in the wrong spot too and I watch these elements very carefully from a great distance, even if they are right up next to me.

Your challenge will give you a very particular resolve in comparison to your moments that are continually escaping you. Read Whisperings of the Dragon. All the answers you are seeking are in this book.

At this moment I can only reach out with a gesture of kindness towards you. As you know I wasn’t there to see what you saw and maybe I would see something different. How complex our lives are.

So once again I will say be kind and generous to all those who don’t deserve to be treated kindly. Give to those who are greedy. Don’t allow yourself to be possessed and don’t be possessed by the circumstances you can’t resolve. This is the only thing that you need to be aware of.

Now graciously move on and look forward with positivity and if you meet someone similar in the future you will have the opportunity to watch them very carefully, as well as yourself. Because in actuality their appearance within you is your challenge.

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  1. What an incredible explanation of the total relinquishment of self-importance to a degree that most would never even consider with our programmed justice maintenance.

    I am working through similar conundrums at the moment and this response paved a golden way for me to deal with these scenarios in a manner that is for the highest good for all concerned.

    Now how do we get all 8 billion surface dwellers to take heed to this powerful truth?

    Thank you Vivian and Lujan.

  2. thank you, Lujan, for this beautiful and helpful newsletter !

  3. Really enjoyed this post. Not sure which is more challenging to learn (a) or (b) below:
    (a) in the future you will have the opportunity to watch them very carefully, as well as yourself. Because in actuality their appearance within you is your challenge.
    (b) to pretend that you don’t see him, so that he doesn’t notice you noticing.

    Thanks for sharing your story and the response was timely.

  4. Lujan, I can’t thank you enough for responding to my question. Really needed guidance about this. All the stuff that transpired there still weighs quite heavily on me, unfortunately. Having your words and kindness to add to the mix of thoughts going on in my mind about it is immensely helpful.

    I do feel the need to defend myself about my choice to leave, but I guess I should realize that you’re not judging me, just explaining the wiser, kinder path. Just briefly though, I don’t think there is any way I could have stayed. Dealing with the hatred and wrath I felt coming from him literally took all of my energy to the point that I felt essentially disabled and barely able to do daily functions. It was a demanding job, and while I had received good feedback for my work, I couldn’t sustain that level of focus once I had earned his animosity. And yes, I accept that it did all happen as a result of something I did– but it was something I did in private, which he went to great lengths to uncover and peek in on because he was an obsessively nosey and controlling person, who always made it clear that he viewed me as little more than a serf working on his land. (Even though he was not my supervisor. We were supposedly peers but he had been there for almost 20 years whereas I had only been there a few months.)

    Anyway I am going to read that book. And I get that the main issue is his “appearance within me” as you put it. I hope I can get beyond that someday. Sending huge compassion out to anyone else who has gone through this. Looking forward to your next interview Lujan.

    • From hearing this response from you it was right for you to leave. But nevertheless be cautious how you proceed. Try to let it go. You may never meet another one like him but you may discover someone similar in the future and your test with him can become a point of recognition when you discover another with similar traits.

  5. Thanks for sharing your difficult circumstance, Vivian. Lujan’s response provided a powerful perspective for me as well as you.

    Thanks, Lujan. I have the opportunity at this moment to apply your lesson on a number of fronts. Jerry

  6. Thank you Vivian for iniciative and Lujan for elucidating response, I have found myself these days in a similiar situation, where I gone to a healer and a person that present himself as a shaman, to heal me while all he did was sexually using me, to pleasure himself. When I saw him first, I saw in his eyes something that made me feel akin to him in a very mystical way, while I later found out it was nothing like that and only my subconsciouss seeing, the lies this person creates around himself. Also as I was doing it, in the same manner and surreptiously, I am glad for this lesson with all my heart and thank you again on how to react, while keeping own integrity. Because my intent was to reveal this person as it is, which I will do anyway, yet in a manner that is of heart and will not reinforce, the intent, I saw within his eyes.

    • It is very important to reveal teachers that have no integrity on a sexual level. This is nothing to do with enlightenment and everything to do with sorcery.

  7. Right.

  8. Thanks for this sharing Windí and the response Lujan. It spoke to me in so many useful ways.

  9. Vivian, Lujan, thank you for expanding on this very important subject. Your post brought to light another piece in one of my puzzles.

    Being energetically wounded by another can be so hard to overcome, mainly because such energetics seem to be intimately woven into the body- for me anyway- as much as the psyche.

    I am slowly becoming more aware of these wounds withing myself, and I’ve been able to see how someone who has deeply wounded me over the years was simply able to connect to parts of me who were already wounded as a weird amplifying and self-confirming mechanism.

    All of this is stored deeply in my body, and it will a life’s time work to try to unravel these wounds as the pieces of the puzzle come together.

    When I look back now at the incidents, I see someone acting from his own wounds, and had I not carried the corresponding wounds within myself I would have just viewed it as such rather than suffer the way I did.

    I found it so hard to be kind and compassionate while feeling wounded. As much as I told myself I was, I acted angry and vengeful instead. All this led to wanting to manipulate others with their assessments of the situation to try to prop myself up and so becoming that which I feared the most. Lately I’ve been seeing kindness and compassion as color and just bathing myself in it when I feel the pull of my wounds on others, for I see that much of what I do as that now. Also, I’m slowly gearing up to a detoxing fast to help my body come back into more balance.

    Love to all, Luma

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