The True Essence of Advanced Recapitulation

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  1. Thank you for Whisperings of the Dragon, I am grateful for your setting these teachings out in the public. Due to earlier training I was easily able to put the exercises into practice and can enter the first gate – without seeing/hearing/felling and controlled fall through the gates and watch the world go by from heart space, reminding myself it is none of my business and falling back to the heart anytime something gets a thought reeling. Oh! the places I go, life is way more exciting surfing the reverberating waves, enjoying the highs, rolling with the lows, going where the Universe goes – thanks again for the affirmations!

    • Beautifully stated. I have experienced the surfing. A perfect analogy. Mystery and adventure in an endless second. I have a long way to go, but once experienced, it can’t be forgotten. Thanks, Justin.

    • Lujan Thank you for your amazing contribution! I have been a long time student of Tibetan Buddhism and have many Vajrayana practices from various teachers. I also
      reread every source of info from different authors relating the teachings of “don Juan””Matus,so your work is uniquely applicable. I have many amazing experiences of liberation as well as ongoing perceptions of shadow consciousness in dreams and waking life. Thank you very much for your contribution. Please keep me posted! Alan.

  2. Beautifully presented thank you

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Spiral Energetics - also known as Lo Ban Pai - is an ancient esoteric system of spiritual development that has been hidden for centuries.

It consists of a combination of dynamic and meditative movements that promote energy cultivation.

Spiral Energetics will help you:

• Increase your energy
• Improve muscle strength and flexibility
• Overcome chronic health conditions
• Cultivate personal power
• Awaken heart consciousness
• Open your third eye
• Access heightened states of awareness

It is the only known surviving ‘coiling system’ following the golden ratio spiral principles of the Tao as recently rediscovered by quantum physics. Read more