Stalking Parallel Perception: Interview with Lujan Matus

I recently had a very enjoyable interview with Damien Abel and Jed Ward – hosts of the podcast Vajra Body, Vajra Mind.

Subjects discussed include fear, empathy, benefits of mistakes, turning depression into service and  the moral imperative of the heart that propels a human being into the realm of Buddhahood.

The running time of the interview is about 52 minutes so grab yourself a cup of tea or a fruit smoothie and sit down and relax.

Please excuse my presentation in terms of talking very fast. There was a sound problem that only I could hear – a very loud buzzing sound – so I was contending with this while communicating. It gave me the impression that I needed to talk in the way that I did to compensate for the loud reverberation through the whole interview.

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  1. Dear Lujan, thank you for these words of wisdom. You have directly addressed some things I am struggling with, particularly fear arising and my not knowing whether external or internal factors are at the root of it. I project onto the innocent, sometimes, and sometimes I make myself the culprit when I am innocent. Not knowing is most intimate, I have heard, and it’s also very uncomfortable – even if truthful.

    And what to do with feeling flat – ha! Perfect timing.

    Lots of love and look forward to listening to this again. The speed of it reminds me that the house is on fire.

  2. Hi Lujan,
    You’re so lovely. The topics you spoke about in the interview were exactly what I needed to hear at exactly the right moment.
    It’s so nice to hear your voice.

  3. Just to say thank you very much for this recording. It is such a joy and privilege having a ride on these high frequency messages. Like a child I will be having a go again and again and with each listening, new revelations await to open up for me. I am a lot in service to others; I get tired and frustrated a lot; putting these together in a constructive, empowering way – wow, what a practice… i think there is such a hunger for these simple yet profound links and it just makes me happy and hopeful and inspired… thank you very much

  4. Thank you Lujan. I especially loved the part about being a nobody and speaking to what arises versus a somebody with a script or behavior to follow. My life has shown me how stressful that can be, doing my best to sound intelligent or whatever. I loved hearing about plant medicines and not being possessive of the experience, not letting it be a defining factor and letting it go. “It’s not what you’ve done. It’s who you are.”
    Thank you Lujan!
    Love, Georgina

  5. <3
    calming to hear your voice again after such a long time :)
    ahhhh ~ calm ~ ommm :D

  6. That laugh, :). Nice to hear again along with words that seemed to help take the creak out of some of my door hinges. Thanks for posting it. Good wishes your and Mizpah’s way.

  7. When the mind stops thinking, it just isn’t there anymore. Then who are we if we don’t exist?

    When our bodies perceive what confronts us at every single moment that is escaping us is not only universal but trans-dimensional. So when they say be of one mind, they are actually saying be whole within your consciousness – your body consciousness.

    Thought divides through its wish to understand what can’t be understood and when this is let go of we proceed in a way that appears has no direction, yet you arrive.

    To be of one mind is to be of your body consciousness. It is just the same as what Krishna said to Arjuna. The only reason you have reigns is to direct your horse towards your heart, then when you arrive the vehicle that you are traveling on turns to light and the horses never existed in the first place.

    Lots of love

    • Thanks for the insight Lujan, I had a recent experience related to what you mention.

      I was resting on the sofa and my mind was progressively becoming more quiet. I suddenly became aware that I was approaching a point where my stillness was going to be so complete that I would disentangle from this reality and I would jump into the unknown. I felt fear of that unknown so I instinctively interrumpted my mind’s stillness. May be some day I become familiar enough with that unknown to dare to letting myself go into it.

      Russian scientist have performed experiments -like the so-called Kozyrev mirrors- that have shown that when a person is shielded from the magnetic field of the Earth altered states of consciousness can be achieved. So may be what happens when we manage to reach the state of “no mind” is that the electromagnetic field of the brain is no longer coupled to the electromagnetic field of our surroundings, and that allows us to access alternate realities or higher planes -dimensions- of existence.

  8. My heart beats faster when you laugh. It is very similar to feel fear but there is a feeling of expansion that remains If it were fear it would leave a contraction or some kind of acidity In the blood. Any way. Your teachings are refreshing

    Thanks for sharing

  9. It was very moving to hear your voice. I drank in your heart-felt words. My baby boy laughed when you laughed.

    In gratitude,

  10. As others have mentioned, I take great comfort in your voice. This was a comprehensive and informative interview.

    I think when you talk about hallucinogenic plants you answer a lot of people’s questions. Ayahuasca has gained a lot more attention of late, and cannabis has become legal in several US states, where some extremely potent concentrates have gained in popularity.

    I appreciate you defining the “moral imperative” as I had related it to social conditioning primarily within your work.

    I managed to lose control recently, turns out I was diagnosed bipolar. A lot of the ppl I met in the “system” spoke of having third eye open awareness, they were mainly diagnosed schizophrenic. I was wondering about what the manifestation of mental illness was in terms of the path of heart for a man who seeks true knowledge?

    Thankfully, now I am on stable medication and educating myself on keeping out of trouble. I know a lot of people gravitate to yoga, mindfulness and spirituality who end up, like myself, in Mental health care.

    I’m not expecting any personal response here, simply adding my ideas to the soup.

    P.S. I believe in atonement, and when I was manic, and consequently unaware I was ill, I made a lot of contact with this forum in search of Lujan and I would like to apologise unconditionally from the bottom of my heart. I’m very embarrassed but it is true that I had no idea I was manic.

    • Dylan, it’s so hard to be labelled “ill” by society. I’m sure your journey will hold a lot of wisdom for you as you continue to process these concepts and what your ultimate experience was. You sound very courageous. Btw have you ever heard of Ross McKenzie, and his film “Bipolarized”?

      • Thank you for your reply Adult Child. I shall look up the film you mentioned, and thank you for offering it as a resource to me. At the moment I’m reading everything I can on the Toltec path of the warrior from Lujan and others such as Theun Mares. I wasted my life smoking cannabis the last twenty years and I’m only just now understanding why, whilst kicking it out of my path simultaneously.

        The number one thing I did not have, prior to my diagnosis, was a sober mind. Now I mostly get high from the emptiness of meditation, and I am honing my impeccability through aligning the truth with my heart at every given chance, but I still find myself bullshitting accidentally, hahaha, every now and then, lol.

  11. I enjoyed the interview and your words above very much. It is very intriguing to say the words that someone else was about to say or do what someone was just about to ask you to do for them. The other night I perceived an energetic jolt enter my upper chest area as I turned and flipped the fan switch on just as my friend started to ask me to do so. Usually I do not perceive the energy enter my body in such a way, only preform the action or say what another is thinking. Little things like these help ease the feeling of seemingly having no direction-and yet arriving.

    “The only reason you have reigns is to direct your horse towards your heart.” I really like this.

  12. Wonderful! Thank you.

  13. Thank you, Lujan. Very meaningful. And that laughter with its special clarifications. Wow. Also, great questions and scope from Damien and Jed. Thank you guys as well. Most appreciated.

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