A Personal Experience of Online Shamanic Guidance


I became aware of Lujan from someone I have recently become close to. My friend speaks passionately about the experiences he has had with tuition from Lujan, and with such obvious affection for him.

I read The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception which had a profound affect on me. Not only did I find myself often deeply affected by much of its content but each time I read it a new book emerged: almost as if I had never read it before. For me, the description “book” is not correct: a “transmission” is far closer. I went on to read Whisperings of The Dragon and Shadows in The Twilight, adding further to my internal nagging to meet this man.

I booked online tuition with Lujan, unsure of what to expect. I was nervous, much aware of my social programming and expectations.

Although it took a few calls for me to relax, I realised that Lujan just wanted me to be me. That he wasn’t judging me, not seeking to take advantage from what I said. Although he could feel what was going on within me, hear my thoughts – he answered my questions before I voiced them – and see my socialised body gestures (we spoke over Skype with no cameras on), his guidance, directions and corrections were made with kindness, gentle truth, and clarity.

Having relaxed, I felt safe and free to express what had been happening with me over the time between each previous call. On one call we spoke while I was visiting family. I felt very sad from the experiences I had had there. Speaking to Lujan about those experiences and some of my plans, I felt his kindness within his words and began to cry: not something that comes easily to me. Such a sharp contrast to the environment I had found myself within. I know also it was Lujan’s strong energies that had affected me, not just his kindness.

During the time in between our calls, the wisdom within what Lujan had spoken would reveal itself to me in greater depth. I loved the humour on the calls, laughing at what was revealed, simple things, observations. I am still laughing at the vision of a chipmunk, coffee and a broomstick several weeks later!

The day before our final call I had an experience of feeling deeply inside me my wife’s emotions when she was dealing with some things frightening, sad, and unwholesome, although she was not in the same room as me and I had no idea what she was doing at the time. I had strong doubts that I could commune in this way, of my own abilities to be as we can. I know that this experience is a result of my experiences with Lujan, of becoming clearer.

If you are considering having online tuition/guidance with Lujan, follow your heart and do. I cannot conceive of you being disappointed.

Great Britain

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  1. I feel your testimony and found myself nodding along. I so agree.. the material in Lujan’s books continually finds new ways of making the previously unnoticed… noticed. That unfolding of clarity sometimes feels like an instant jolt or many fast ones all close together. Other times it’s like rising up out of a dream and waking… or that feeling of when I’m coming up from the deep on a night dive and you pop out on the surface of the water. I am so grateful to have them within arms reach.

  2. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

    Lujan is a precious gem, a spotless mirror.

    Thank you for sharing your sweet story.

  3. Thanks for your report, Kory. It’s a solid reminder of what’s possible and available in this enchanting place.

  4. I have looked for an opportunity to take part in the online sessions but as of yet have missed the cut the last few years. Still, I wait patiently for the opportunity to present itself.

  5. Lujan’s books are really transformative. Rereading them is highly recommended… Especially if one reads without expectation.

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