Activating Ling Kong Jing in the Golden Lotus

Testimonial – Golden Lotus Workshop

The Golden Lotus set that Lujan instructed was an adapted Ling Kong Jing version. The Ling Kong Jing aspect introduced the movements onto a different axis which engaged with the magnetism on multiple angles which he said creates a connection with multi dimensional anti-matter that is unique and appropriate to each practitioner. This anti-matter contains information to assist growth on ones life path. Lujan also extended the set quite considerably from the previous version and it was exciting to see the movements develop over the course of the training as additional layers were introduced and even new movements that acknowledged new students arrival.

Lujan spoke in great detail of the complexity of the art form and how it works. He described the movements and spinning vortexes and how they open potential for inter-dimensional beings to travel through. On numerous occasions he appeared luminous and holographic in a blue and purple haze during discussions. As he described the system it prompted many questions from the group and it gave me the enthusiasm to review aspects of electrical science and sustainability that are significant to my career and home practice of Lo Ban Pai/Spiral Energetics.

On an internal level a lot came to the surface over the week. It was obvious that I agreed with not only Lujan but others in my personal life when I should either be honest in my lack of understanding or in the realisation that something is not as it is presented.

A few occasions of this during the week were when Lujan spoke directly to me or the group as a whole:

Lujan: “You can’t itemise the movements can you John?”

My reply was so sure and immediate “Definitely not”.

Lujan: “You’ve all seen a dog wag its tail?” at which point the room fell to silence. Lujan’s reply after the silence was “of course you have”

This has come up in previous training sessions and is an aspect of my social self that unquestionably needs removing. I could recall moments in my professional life where I had been approached with or for information and I had either not acted when I knew or not revealed when I didn’t.

Racial and gender prejudices became evident as I became more aware of barriers in my personal life where I had previously denied their existence both of which are deeply ingrained as an automatic responses and recognisable through my gestures. This was an uncomfortable realisation and a core part of the programming in the country where I live.

I could clearly see where my intention was sexual and the frightening aspect of this was how immediate it was in my engagements which was an uncomfortable realisation to deal with. This had arisen during a previous visit to training and I could see how this was affecting my everyday life. It does not support the clarity and love I so dearly seek as a human being. This social aspect has bent my true nature away from what I find attractive deep down in my heart. Lujan spoke during the sessions of how he views everyone as a human being and equally. This seems so obvious and the right way we should approach our interactions.

Social communication was noticeable over the week and on numerous occasions I could feel self righteousness, competitiveness and the need to control and take charge arise. This manifested into all sorts of nonsense and I became resentful and had a desire to manipulate the environment and bend things to my will. An incident arose where I felt resentment towards someone as I did not get what I wanted. I felt the wind inside me that Lujan spoke of during training as I had not communicated my feelings when I needed to. I felt a clearing once I had opened up and could express myself again. In all areas of my life I have held others at ransom for their wrong doings and acted inappropriately from that. Deep down there is childishness that needs eradicating to allow maturity to develop in my life.

Lujan had mentioned during the workshop the importance of immediate communication. When my heart is closed I’m hiding something and I really wish to be fully open and loving. The training begun to open up sensations indicating when I should communicate and I hope this continues when I return home.

My ongoing work is to be loving, kind and honest to everyone and to continually review my ethics. I must also loosen up and become less rigid in my routines and find more time to have fun and enjoy life.

John Barber
London, UK

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  1. John, the last day of our stay i had gone to the beach in the morning i felt frightened and lost you saw it and quietly set by me just being there without saying a thing, i needed exactly that a quiet support. it was a silent communication and was very supportive
    I needed some kindness and you were there
    I never got to properly thank you for it and now i have my chance

    • No problem Miya.

      Did you find out more about the plant you were asking about?

  2. Thank you, John, for writing this lovely account of learning from Lujan. I especially liked when you wrote:

    “It was obvious that I agreed with not only Lujan but others in my personal life when I should either be honest in my lack of understanding or in the realisation that something is not as it is presented.”

    This has been a lesson I’ve been refining lately. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference. Sometimes it’s difficult to be truthful about not understanding. The biggest hurdle, though, is believing I understand and creating a judgement, thereby giving me permission to dismiss whomever is giving me the information. It’s a terrible habit, making all the negative judgments. It blocks being able to help or be helped.

    • This is a massive problem. An issue with the teachings here is that people come wanting answers and a leader. That is a contradicts what the teachings are all about. The entire world has been programmed to be ignorant and stay quiet about what we see. This is exactly what people like Donald Trump are trying so hard to expose. Religion has played a massive part in this diversion of attention and Lujan has explained this when he talks of what Jesus really said as he was nailed to the cross.

      Over the retreat week I noticed how easily I am waylaid from my truth. I wanted to stay focussed on a juice diet over the workshop but by day three I was eating cooked meals just because they were put in front of me. I made up a series of justifications to myself about why I was doing it and even played that out in social interactions with people to not only justify to myself that I ‘deserved a treat’ but also to bring everyone around me down so I could not feel so bad about my weakness. “Oh look they’re having a cup of coffee, I will as well then”.

      I watched the film Gladiator recently. In preparation for the opening battle Maximus turns to his commanding officer and instructs him to keep the soldiers hungry. A few days ago a forum member quoted Don Juan Matus saying “go and jump off a cliff”. It really is that simple.

      99% of communication is manipulative and not worth engaging in. We are a dangerous species at the moment and we can’t be trusted todo whats right for either ourselves or those around us. With that in mind how on earth can we come to a diplomatic conclusion on who should make decisions for the greater good of this our planet. We can all sit on the sofa and say we’re ‘doing our best’ but most people aren’t. Even that term is self destructive. To say ‘I’m doing my best’ is an acknowledgment that more can be done and at the same time a cover up of the fact that not enough has been done.

      The closer we all peer into our own programming the more we are likely to see who we really are so we can become empowered. There are multiple layers of nonsense.

      Lujan spoke of how he had been kept up for 3 nights running during the retreat week and only slept a few hours each night. He still got up and did his training before the 10am start at the workshop. He didn’t moan about it, use it as an excuse to be lazy or brag about it to enhance his position. What he did do was share that experience to make everyone realise that there is always more that can be done and every moment is an opportunity to find your personal power. There is always an unexpected challenge to be faced. He simply said to himself when he awoke ‘this is my challenge today’. His wisdom become my reference point as I can now look at my journey each day and say ‘this is my challenge’ when I recognise what I must do to be empowered. I’ve often brought excuses into training sessions with Lujan to which I very quickly find out I’m in fact a lazy git.

      How is everyone getting on with the Golden Lotus movement Ascending Dragon?

      • When i arrived at home i struggled with some movements, also specially with ascending dragon, wasn’t sure if i’m doing it right.
        But now the feeling becomes better with every single practice.

      • John, I love you, you are beautiful and you are such a powerful man. I am forever grateful for getting to spend time with you and for the love you gave to me.

        I too resonate with your intention to stay on a juice fast throughout, and I too capitulated to what was laid out in front of me in easy grasp. How easy it is for the social mind then to use that as ammunition for me to shoot myself down. But at the same time what a beautiful lesson there is lying within our failure. Our intentions were shown for what they were, which is to say, weak. And in our weakness we bled, but in our bleeding we gain invaluable wisdom and therefore increased strength to move forward into our current circumstances. Our bleeding must only fuel our compassion for ourselves and those around us.

        I am learning that when I enter into unknown circumstances, even though I enter them with purpose, I may still be engulfed. But by becoming consumed by my surroundings, my surroundings can become my friend if I witness it silently and let that silence surround and engulf my own engulfment by my surroundings. From this point I learn and grow and can be there more openly and lovingly for others who end up falling in the same way. What amazing beauty lies in failure. In this sense, the only real failure is to take that 4th step into beating myself up over what I “failed” to do.

        You are so beautiful John. I love you.

        • Love you too Chris. It was lovely to meet you

  3. Hi John, nicely communicated as always. You had stated “My ongoing work is to be loving, kind and honest to everyone and to continually review my ethics.” This too seems to be the goal of the people on this site, it is beautiful to observe the many diversified selves of this work that are expressed here. Learning this work can be confusing as one tries not to offend another with their own honest feelings, many times afraid to add my truth, so then will communicate in idiom or symbol and noticed it is many times taken as not intended. Like you said, Lujan spoke during the sessions of how he views everyone as a human being and equally which I view this as meaning loved and accepted without judgement.

    Thank you for this post of the unfolding of your own true self.

    • Being without judgment means speaking the truth of what one sees. Then traversing that path with one’s heart open.

      • Love your beautiful heart Lujan. Ok, will go an practice this truth.

  4. A brave self-examination here John, and lots of wisdom that is nourishing to read. I’m not surprised you mention the movie “Gladiator” because I see you as a kind of gladiator. You have a rare kind of very pure, selfless warrior energy, I always felt better when you were around. Glad to have met you. Hope you will keep studying and become one of the keepers of this tradition.

  5. Thank you John for your transparency and openness.
    I have not attended a workshop but consider Lujan a mentor because of the impact he’s made in my life through his writings and teachings.
    Your testimony deeply resonated with truth that I’m experiencing at the moment too in that there are times when I see just how I’m being immature in the attitude of my heart — I see the gestures of my being that aren’t wholesome or supportive of my environment and how it’s difficult for our social self strategies to be challenged! We are genuinely all so naked to each other that when these parts we try to justify are exposed — the same old thing — it’s quite unsettling!
    I am thankful Lujan has helped me see that these subtle energetics can be challenged and immaturity can be transformed into kindness through increased sensitivity and awareness. What is within us is so much greater than our conditioned self. I’m glad to have access to a community that is aligned to these values of our highest virtue and expression and isn’t afraid to speak of them.

  6. That is the most legitimate and all-inclusive explanation of judgement i have ever seen.

    I have been wanting to remain absolutely positive with people so i wouldn’t have to bear the weight of processing their upheavals if something confronting arose. But this is stasis. And ultimately quite selfish.

    Onward and upward.

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