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Testimonial – Golden Lotus Workshop

I am immensely grateful for everything that Lujan has done for me and everyone in the group. Lujan has freed me from my negative self image and has shown me that I am a beautiful person inside and out. I will always be grateful for the wisdom, knowledge, and grace that he has bestowed upon me and the group as a collective.

Ever since going to the Golden Lotus workshop I’ve been enjoying every aspect of my life more than I ever have before.

Food tastes better, and I take time to appreciate my meals after I’m finished. I enjoy walking more, I feel more graceful, and meditative at times during my walks, while I listen to Lujan’s audio books. I’m enjoying my time with the people around me more than ever before, and I feel motivated to help people whenever I can.

The Golden Lotus was very difficult to learn at first, but now, as I practise I find myself doing the more complex movements in the place of simple ones. It has only been a few days since I’ve left the workshop, but every time I practise it, I’m beginning to feel more energised and a substantial amount of gravity after each session. I feel bigger & heavier, but not at all in a cumbersome manner.

I believe what I am feeling is the Ling Kong Jing that Lujan has integrated into the Golden Lotus. The movements are absolutely beautiful; visually and energetically.

This has been the most eye opening, joyous, and profound experience of my entire life and I will always remember this within my heart. I will write more, but I feel it would be best to let myself evolve and blossom as a human being first.

I am now moving forward with confidence, peace, and grace. I now know who I truly am. I am now aware that I can be whatever I want, and plan to one day become as adaptive, creative and elegant as Genki Sudo… or even more so!

My journey has only begun, and I cannot wait to see what my future will bring.

I can hardly wait until we meet again.

I thank you with utmost appreciation, respect and love.

Your loyal student,

Mark Nasse


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  1. I am moved by the tenderness and sweetness of your sharing. My heart smiles reading your vulnerable yet potent chronicle.
    Thank You .~*~.

  2. I’m so happy for you, Mark. And thank you again for taking time to help me get some of the moves down. You were generous and patient. It was also remarkable how quickly to took to the technique, IMO. And if I remember correctly, Lujan said you reminded him of Genki…a great compliment and one you deserve. I look forward to seeing how you grow and develop with the Golden Lotus system, hope to practice together again someday.

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