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I’ve decided to close the forum. If anybody wishes to have personal contact with me this is possible via online tuition or attending workshops.

I would encourage people to comment on the blog and also send questions that I will attempt to answer if I am not too busy.

I wasn’t personally capable of being present on my own forum enough to have a relevant impact on individual consciousness. I look forward to seeing everybody online or at workshops or private tuition. This is where I truly thrive and where people can get to know me.

The written medium in terms of forums is thwart with complications in terms of real communication. By virtue of this there is too much room for misunderstandings. Direct communication with me via email for questions on the blog is more substantial in terms of being in contact with the philosophy of Lo Ban Pai.

There were many tangents that were initiated in the forum, which I couldn’t address, and which I felt did not reflect the philosophy of Parallel Perception or Lo Ban Pai. I apologize for the abrupt discontinuation but I moved on the feeling that presented itself and thank sincerely the moderators and members for their participation.

There was also a minefield of spam increasing in terms of false memberships and this was a concern as well and on many occasions I have deleted inappropriate comments and felt this also was something I did not want to have in the background of my awareness to contend with.

For all of those who have met me personally I send my love to you and for all that haven’t met me I hope to eventually make contact in the near future.

Warmest regards,

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  1. Much love to you, Lujan.

  2. love to you 2 Gwendolyn

  3. Struggling with the feeling of vacuum after the retreat this comes as sad loss for me. I was particularly keen on the posts in eco and health movements. Although I follow several blogs in this area lot of information posted here was new to me. I am still very grateful for all the resources as they helped me incorporate few changes in my life and keep myself open to new ideas. Thank you dearly

  4. Having some very direct experiences with your energy via your books. I wasn’t actually aware of the blog and had never felt strongly pulled to the forum. Will keep an eye on the blog for more support. Thanks for playing such a significant role for me so far, even though it has not been through any direct contact. I have had so many of the experiences described in the books, even since I was a child, and having some proper explanations, confirmations and parallels with others has clarified a lot and left me to consider how much I brought into this life as far as energy is concerned. All the best my friend.

  5. It was cool but for an unknown reason something in my chest felt freed when I heard this announcement…which I won’t bother to ponder upon. Life’s good. :)

  6. I really appreciate your note, Lujan. I was wondering about this issue. Thanks for keeping the focus for all us. Jerry

  7. Hi Lujan,
    its taken me 3 attempts to register as a member,
    and to reach out to a practicing community in this stream of teachings.
    Laughing now, I find it funny, but on point, that i receive this email,
    after a few days of enjoying some exchange on the forum.

    I have benefitted so much from being in this stream of teachings and guidance, and plan on keep it up however i can.

    thank you for everything,

  8. Hello Lujan,

    I wanted to thank you for sharing your work. I first interacted with you when I saw and heard and felt what you shared on the youtube interview.
    Since then I have been reviewing and being with the deep work that you have shared in your audio books. They are reminding me of myself and helping to jog my memory.
    I have many questions and feel at times like I am a master who is remembering that that is true, and other moments that I feel like a small child who is just beginning to learn how to walk. Both are true.
    As a beginner student of yours I am curious where to start after the books (though I think that I will be listening to them for quite a while before I master their truths)-
    I think that it would be helpful to also have more experiential times with your work as well. I wonder about this because it seems difficult to find in person events in specific ways or dates or locations– I say seems, because at this point it only seems that way.
    I wonder about how I might have conversations with you or others that are in your community and begin to develop relationship as well-
    As you read and sense I am also open to anything that you would feel inclined to share with me.
    Thank you again for coming and sharing with me.
    Sincerely, Trace

  9. I love the sound of your voice :) especially your laugh <3

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