Love and Abundance


I filled this bathroom up with plants so that I can do all my practices in this room. It is so beautiful.

The very tall ones are the original plants that were in the bathroom but everything else I put in there. It was such a joy to see the owner’s reaction. Such a blissful acknowledgement.

I not only did it for myself but I did it because he expressed kindness towards us and went out of his way, so this was a gift of appreciation that increased love and abundance in all of our lives.

An act of giving from both sides.

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  1. So very beautiful indeed. Thank you for sharing this Lujan. I miss you and your wonderful laughter, though it seems to follow me wherever I go as a sweet reminder to be light-hearted and joyful.

  2. Through the line 😃

  3. Wow, what a freaky night that was. I was afraid to speak least acquaintances called me names and resented me forevermore. The social programming can work both ways. It has taught me how to better recognize it and be flexible when necessary.

    Now to witness what happens next. Storing apples because they store so well. There’s some potatoes in there too, but I trust I won’t harshly judged for that! If I could stockpile some money, I surely would.

    Oddly, I’m looking forward to scary times.

    • He is a good man. He will try to do his best. It is just will the status quo hamper his ability to help the economy recover and there is so much more behind the scenes that needs to be addressed and I am sure he will do it.

      • Thank is extremely promising coming from you, Lujan. Now I feel I can actually help to make changes to take us into a new direction.

  4. Thank you, Lujan for the wonderful reminder of taking responsibility for what we are and for what we do. It is the small gestures that have the greatest impact just like the ripples made on a lake by a fresh drop of dew.

    Much love to you all!

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