Golden Lotus Supermoon


For those of you who have done the Golden Lotus it is a perfect time now to do your gazing and your practice. Good Luck.

Remember do your gazing and your practice, every two hours if you can. Tell me what happens.


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  1. its cloudy so the gazing is not possible.
    and its very cold.
    but the feeling is strong

    • a few hours later the clouds were gone, but i’m also not sure if i do the gazing correct, maybe too fast.
      today i’m feeling powerful and clear

  2. Had very charged practice on Supermoon day! And for the day leading up as well…. I knew something was feeling different but I didn’t connect it to the Supermoon till I saw this

    As for moongazing– not sure if I did it right. But regardless it was very interesting.

  3. Last night i practiced only once. It went slower but was definitely more magnetic.

    Im not sure if im doing the gazing technique properly, it didnt shift for me.

    Today lots of information seems to be coming, showing me where ive not been within my power in the last year. Im a bit torn as i have a clear disconnect between my power and my heart space, and experience them as 2 different things.

  4. Hello, Nagual, Mr Lujan Matus, Sir!

    i had a chance to gaze at the super moon.
    did the rotations.
    then the up/down move.
    repeated a few times.

    at an unexpected point, there was a trail of moons moving in a way i did not expect.
    kind of diagonally from bottom left to upper right.
    and these were accompanied by an equal rhythm…of ‘electric shocks’
    as if one shock burst per moon instance.

    very quick and light, but it happened.

    also during this time i had practiced the closed eyes and quick open to get more moonlight information in while my pupils were wide open from eyes being closed.

    Also, having attended the Summit.
    most worthy of awe.

    my mind understands, my heart feels, and having my body involved is how the holy trinity is completing.

    every morning, in the quiet dim light of breaking day, i practice.
    partially trying to recall, body recall, the motions.

    No stress about it, just feel and recall.
    and it turns out that I extend the ‘intentionality’ of the moves to the rest of my day, as far as i can, as often as i can remember to.

    Putting laundry away, dishes, sweeping, walking.
    this sets the tone.
    And is very rewarding.

    Also it was so great to meet people of similar hunger, and respect for these teachings.
    And to see how everyone came here from a different direction, and respect equally, the power.

  5. I practised from 12:30am to 1:30am and did the golden lotus in that time period (the official full moon was at about 6:34 or so in my time zone.)

    She was a cold one. Looking back, i did not have much results i believe because of my expectations.

    But I did notice one strange thing: When I gazed at the moon the second time, after the 3rd rotation, the moon split into to, the left side held a sharp outline of the moon and the moon itself, and on the right side there was the fuzzy distortion around the moon (light beams ect.)

    Oh yeah, my first time gazing on my first rotation, I witnessed a bright white comet burn up in the atmosphere, about 2 inches from the moon from my perspective, which was pretty cool.

  6. Mark used to help us with the sequence after the classes. I miss some additional tuition. Moon gazing didn’t work for me but I had a chance only on the 13th.

  7. Dear Lujan,

    am in Melbourne staying in a friend’s apartment and it’s overcast!! Will tomorrow night (Weds) do? (will be back at home).

    This morning’s practice was very strong though in a confined space indoors, and no music. I felt the moon very powerfully, moon as Mother, that she comes close and comforts, that she sees what is happening and she brings forth brilliance and goodness and ingenuity within our species to help heal the earth and that it is possible that we will be well. I also saw in my mental stream a lot movement looking for validation. Glad to see it so clearly.

    Love from Marianne

    • You can do your gazing the day before and day after the full moon. Don’t stretch it beyond that.

      Also for those of you who learned the Soma extraction technique, as Mark said, the strongest element of this technique is peripheral gazing and the contraction and dilation of the pupils in the correct order.

      • Hi Lujan – I’m not clear on the gazing technique? Is it in any of your books?

        Thanks Ed

        • It is in Awakening the Third Eye. We have one more Skype session. I can talk about the Soma technique then.

  8. Hello Lujan,

    After Moon no show the night before, last night I caught a glimpse as it disappeared under racing rain clouds. I awoke this morning around 5am to my delight to find the Moon shining brightly into my bedroom window. I tried the exercise you mentioned (by opening my window because it was so cold in the car park outside). My observations are here:

    Around the periphery of the Moon radiated a vivid blue/turquoise light and sometimes this was emphasized by an area of dark tone especially where my eyes were focusing.

    The moon seemed to bounce upward a few times after leaving 12 to 6 o’clock.

    After intense gazing I noticed very sharp white beams of light shooting to earth getting wider as they descended. In some instances there were horizontal patterns in the vertical downward beam.

    Smaller white beams shot outward from all around the circumference.

    I’m not sure if this is what was expected, but I’m happy to share.


  9. You write to do it just in one night but when the moon is complete full at midday. In which night should i practice?

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