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Testimonial – Golden Lotus Workshop

It’s been two weeks now since the workshop. I’ve practiced the Golden Lotus movements almost everyday and tonight I practiced outside under the full moon. I was standing on a headland above a pounding ocean so I didn’t do the gazing. I love to do the movements, my body enjoys the feeling of warmth and energy. Sometimes it feels like the air is thick and my hands are gloved. Tonight especially, the movements made me feel happy and more connected with the beautiful ocean and sky and moon.

I work as a high school teacher and my students do like to push the boundaries. I have noticed the grounding this daily practice provides and I feel like I’m more in my centre. Now when these teenagers push me, and pull at me for attention, I am more able to stay calm and strong. My words carry more power, when I need them to, and I’m noticing my hand gestures have more power too. I’m noticing myself using a finger to indicate ‘sit down’ or ‘go outside’. And I’m using both hands, with palms moving down to make the room more calm and quiet. I’ve always used my hands when I talk, but I’m more aware of it now.

Looking back, I feel very thankful to Lujan for making himself and his knowledge available. I feel like I was only able to take in a limited amount because I was blocking myself with internal dialogue and just plain laziness. And, I had an experience on the third day, which was very personal, but it revealed a lot to me and opened me up somehow.

Each day when I came into the room for the workshop, I found myself preferring to stand in front of a man whom I felt a connection to. I could feel him behind me and I felt supported somehow. Over time this became a little obsessive. I spoke to my roommate about it and she described a situation where she had felt some men hook her in a sexual way. I admitted to her that this man had just been friendly towards me and there was really no reason for me to think that he was interested in me and that it was more likely a fantasy in my own mind. It was like my body was responding and I was feeling a lack of integrity, on my part, for allowing my body to ‘be hooked’, if that was what was really going on.

I decided that I needed to talk to him about it, as difficult and embarrassing as that was. Over the course of the conversation I found out he was married and that was enough to break the attachment for me. What happened next was very interesting. I walked into the workshop and Lujan came straight up to me and gave me a hug and said, “I can see you now”. Also at some point Lujan spoke about not being a slave to the lower areas and about sealing off the sexual centre.

Over the course of the week it was really lovely to make so many true and beautiful heart connections. I felt particularly close to the people whom I practiced with. On the last day, despite the rain, we found a small covered area in a garden and took turns practicing the movements. I was asked to do the movements beside the person practicing to assist them in remembering the sequence. I ended up doing the movements five times in a row, all with full concentration. On the last time, when it came to the sticky palms, my hands actually got stuck, the other person thankfully continued and finished.

After a short time I was able to slowly pull my hands apart and it was like there were stretchy threads attached to each hand. Eventually I faced both palms towards the ground and it felt like there were stretchy threads attaching my palms to the ground. I haven’t had that since, but I haven’t done the movements five times in a row since either. I can generally feel the magnetism between my palms and the witches broom movement propels me forward so I get off balance. I feel my dantian spinning and changing direction and sometimes when it spins my whole body rocks.

I loved the song at the end of the workshop and thank you Lujan for “opening me up for me to really see me. Because we love you so much, so much so much”


I want to thank you Lujan

Heyana heyana heyana
heyana heyana heyana heyana heyney
heyana heyana heyney
heyana, hejawana heyana heyney owey,

I want to thank you Lujan
for what you’ve done for me
I wanna thank you for all
that you have brought to e
for opening me up to help me to be free
like the birds in the trees
for bringing, all these people, in my life, to free, me
heyana heyney owey

I wanna thank you Lujan for opening me up
for me to really see me
for emptying my mind
so that I, can receive, and speak from my heart
Heyana, heyney owey

Because we love you so much
because we love you so much, so much, so much
because we love you so,
we sing our hearts
Heyana heyney owey

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  1. Thanks for sharing the sincere testimonial and the beautiful video, they’re full of love and positive energy.

  2. It sounds like you made deep progress, Kelly.

    Very brave of you to directly address the dynamic or imagined dynamic you felt going on between you and one of our classmates! And what great feedback Lujan gave you right away. Obviously you did a big release there and reclaimed some power.

    I know exactly what you mean about your body responding automatically, and feeling a lack of integrity in terms of the longings brought up by certain people, men specifically. The “hooking” thing is very real although also invisible and complex in my experience. I’ve noticed several times where a man will hook me and unconsciously I decide to allow it because I feel that something bad will happen if I don’t (if it’s a man I work with for example). Sometimes also I just don’t feel the strength to resist it. Then often, the man will drop it because it’s no longer convenient or exciting for him, and it leaves a female pretty vulnerable IMO

    Have your students commented that you seem different since you’ve come back?

    Happy for you Kelly. No doubt you have more beautiful progress ahead of you. I really liked talking with you during the times that we interacted. You have a deeply peaceful energy about you.

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