Spirit Houses


While living in Thailand I had some very strange experiences in the house where I lived. It was owned by an English individual that didn’t install the spirit houses that are usually on Thai properties.

I thought nothing of this. I was quite pleased actually because when we lived in Bali they were always breaching your personal space at all times of the night and day to do their ceremonies. In Thailand they decorate them with flowers, fruit, soft drinks and cigarettes in less frequency. They have their rituals obviously but they are less open about how and why they are doing things.

In almost every country that I have visited and stayed I have noticed various things. Each country’s fables and superstitions are not the case – they are actually real. It is only the individuals that do not have the sensitivity to see or feel these entities that can be in denial of it. Strangely enough most individuals that do perform the ceremonies quite often have never seen the entities they are placating. This within itself does, and always will, create dogma in terms of fanaticism.

But nevertheless let’s talk about what happened here. I was always very comfortable in this house and you’ve seen the pictures of the bathroom garden that I upgraded with more beautiful plants. The reason I did this was multi-fold quite frankly but I am sure you will work it out as I tell the story.


The first thing that I noticed was that when I was walking from the garage to an undercover terrace I lost my footing and my foot slipped into the bridge-like cracks that span the fish pond as you walk over it. I took notice. I always do when something happens that is unusual.

Then on another occasion my wife was making a fruit smoothie and the blender became loose and leaked out during the process and she got mildly electrocuted. This is when I started to become more suspicious.

The last straw was when the ceiling fan that was slightly off to my right, that was old-fashioned and very heavy, fell from the ceiling while it was spinning barely missing my head, crashing down violently and smashing the glass table that we were sitting at. One of the fan propellers while coming down in its fury hit me in the neck.

This is when I decided I must do something about it. There was something obviously malevolent that did not want us in its space. I could feel it but I couldn’t see it. It wouldn’t reveal itself to me.

At this point I cut open a coconut and made a little door in it and hung it from a medium-sized front palm, with flowers on the outside of it, and incense burned every day, hoping that the entity would find this desirable and leave us alone. The next week we moved to the next house where we were going to stay.

We were away for a couple of months and during this time there was an occasion where I saw what I believed to be the entity that was in the previous house. It had followed us. As we were riding along a back road away from a built-up area where there was more foliage, I saw on my right-hand side in the woods what looked like a human being spinning clockwise toward the sky with great speed. I saw that it was wearing rectangular and square rags from head to toe, as if in layers. Mind you this was just a glimpse. I am sure anybody else wouldn’t have noticed.

I said immediately to my wife, “did you see that?” and she said no. I proceeded to explain to her what I saw and after that revealing moment a traffic crisis presented itself to us and we just, by the skin of our teeth, avoided danger. After this event for at least five weeks I did not go out to do anything apart from what was essential. This was a clear warning.

As soon as we moved back to the original house where the first experiences occurred I proceeded to organize the space so the energetics were harmonious. I put up scarf curtains that would flow in the wind. I took away the clutter and proceeded to make the house very minimalist, but it was beautiful. I established a very diligent routine of cleanliness and caring for my environment and bought beautiful plants to occupy the spaces that looked neglected.

During this process we went to a restaurant called Sweet Sisters where they had some pumpkin gourds on display that weren’t for sale. I knew immediately that this was perfect as a home for the entity on the property. I asked the woman that owned the restaurant whether I could buy the gourd but it wasn’t for sale but nevertheless I knew that it was the right one. I proceeded to tell her the story why I needed it and when I described the entity dressed in rags she knew I was telling the truth.

As a Thai woman born and raised in this country she fortunately has had the experience of seeing the beings in exactly the same fashion I saw it. She said they are always seen dressed in rags and are always placated so they don’t cause mischief. Being a Westerner she was surprised that I could actually see these beings because most Thais don’t see them.

She said I could have the gourd. This one does not have a cork lid in it like the photo below. Please read what I have written under the gourd. It is open so the entity does not get trapped, which would never be my intention. It is not in my character to take prisoners.


This gourd is a drinking gourd. That is why it has a cork. The one that I hung is open and never to be sealed. It has a beautiful blue tassel with gemstones connected.

Even so she said, “don’t lock it in” and I said “I would never do that. My intention is to give it a home”.

Since the gourd is inside the house and not outside, this was my feeling, to have it inside. The spirit houses are always outside. It was the right decision. Since that I have hung it in a doorway. There has been peace and no mischief in the house anymore and since that point the entity allowed me to see it two times very clearly as a silhouetted shadow walking gently towards me while I am practicing Lo Ban Pai.

Now it has withdrawn from being viewed but I can feel that everything now is okay.

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  1. What a lovely story and excellent example of the reason behind the little shrines everywhere. Thank you for helping me understand.

    I am so removed from any folklore in the country where I live. I can’t recall any stories or evidence. Should I assume that troublesome entities are everywhere, but the residents are not aware of it?

    • You can’t assume anything. You can only live the experience that is right in front of you.

      As you personally evolve your circumstances will open up to you. Trust you will know what you need to know when you need to know it.

    • “I am so removed from any folklore in the country where I live. I can’t recall any stories or evidence.”

      I’m on the other extreme in terms of occult things I’ve witnessed and learned about(mainly due to cultural differences). As it all started out as a setup instead of a natural evolution like in the story above, it’s hard not to hold on to the morbid feelings these experiences have given rise to. But then again, I don’t think I would be here writing this comment and be involved in this most life-changing movement had I not been trapped the way I was. Nothing is perfect and the seed that is meant to grow and find the sun’s light cannot be bothered about starting out in the dirt.

  2. Christians in their approach to spirits assume that they have the power, through Jesus, to “bind them” or some such wording. When I first experienced something that, both through feeling and being revealed through synchronicity, had to be some sort of entity influence, I only knew to ask for protection. It seemed though, that the protection would not serve to solve the issue itself permanently. I picked up synchronistically that I had the power to fend for myself, but there must have been a grave error in my perception of what this meant. I figured one night that I was going to fight off the influence, with some type of violent intent and association to Jesus, and this led to a very serious situation… When I read your story now, I am reminded that at the time of this event, we had just moved into a new house. Leading up to that time I had had some belief in and suspicion of forces being antagonistic to spiritual evolution happening through me, but I didn’t have any direct sense of an energy presence until moving into that house (incidentally owned by Asians). Could it be that the energetic influence that I experienced at the time was not part of a cosmic scheme but was a more innocuous type of entity who had a connection to the house, and that through my mistaken approach I experienced unnecessary extremely negative effects?

    • I can’t answer a “what if” or “maybe”. Your event has occurred and has now vanished from your timeline.

      If I answer your question in terms of what I think I know in comparison to your assumptions about your own circumstances, then we won’t be talking about anything but what is assumed and this is so far removed from the truth.

      This is why in all the years I have been teaching I have avoided speaking on these subjects.

      You have to look at everything that is occurring already in terms of what you have written. Understand that this is how dogma manifests. Please don’t get offended at my words. The knowledge that comes about from being in one’s personal power reveals where you personally are at at that time and this is all you’ve got.

      And to look back to unravel what you thought you experienced in comparison to what you think you know is a dead-end street.

      The only way to proceed, as you can see from my story above, is to be of service to your circumstances. In my case I made the house more beautiful and reduced the clutter, put more plants or living beings in areas that felt barren and provided the entity with a space that it could call its own.

      Because in reality when you really look at it when the house was built there was no permission asked in terms of being aware that it was already occupied.

      This is how unconscious we are as a species. Malevolence has occurred because of our ignorance. And our ignorance causes us to believe that we must wrestle with those entities as a battle.

      This is classical dualism.

      • Thanks Lujan – I found the story very helpful, and these comments even more so!

      • in the spirit of Don Juan Matus, who as stories go, would groom the place where he would be doing some of his work, i have made a habit of showing some love for anyplace i like to gaze in: remove litter found there, feed the birds that live there, touch the trees, reduce the trampling of vegitation, acknowledge all.
        then it is evident that i mean no harm. feels right to honor the spirits that are in everything that is natural.

        • Thanks, Mark. Your words shine with a simple and powerful beauty. To also reference Don Juan, they deflect from the shift below. Most appreciated.

  3. Thank you, Lujan!

    Much love.

  4. I am learning of this ignorance on a level here in the human realm, too. Everyone wants to fight and hold on to their assumptions. This separation is occurring on so many levels.

    This is why I asked my question. I want to be in harmony with my environment, even the environments that make me uncomfortable, like instances that involve humans…

    Thank you again.

  5. This is a helpful story for us. We are in the midst of dealing with some sort of presence. It has manifested in myriad ways that have perplexed us. So far nothing life threatening so it has been a learning process that has given us time to understand. At one point it had one of our cats peering into a mirror and actually clearly yelling the word “Rococo.” As intense as this was we couldn’t help but laugh at our cat pronouncing a word so clearly. Such a strange manifestation. Currently the cats are still engaging the mirror periodically (no words anymore just meows) and ants have taken to our water cooler. We have moved it within the space and they follow it regardless, marching into the cooler and onto the surface of the water. They do not drown or die. They just ball up together and write upon the water. This reminder to honour and support these entities on their own path has been helpful. Thank you Lujan.

  6. Thank you. I realize the limitations of the questions. I guess I was hoping for some crystall ball type information to put this strange event in a clear context. Or maybe there already was some glimmering realization about dualism from reading the story and I just spelled it out.

  7. The highway a few kms from where we live follows a river – the road passes through a windy narrow stretch that regularly claims lives (several annually), particularly when the road is wet. A recent council upgrade to the road, a slower speed limit and more signage may stop this. The thing is that my friend who is a park ranger tells me that the local aboriginal people would not pass along the river here – they would traverse the ridge rather than pass. When I drive through the particular point where the accidents happen and look down into the river there is a waterhole in a kind of small anabranch of the river. The feeling I get is one of terrible dread. I try to pass with reverence, and your reflection Lujan that we are so out of touch with our natural world really resonates. If the river, or the creature that seems to live there, had been asked, what would it have said about the road being built there. I don’t know what else I can do. I greatly appreciate your sharing your story Lujan.

  8. Greetings, I found shadows in the twilight, read it cover to cover, and feel much relativity to my own experiences. Since I have reoccuringly stumbled upon more of your teachings and interviews, up to funding today’s blog on this subject matter. makes me feel compelled to reach out and comment. the entirety of my narrative is hard to encompass in only a few words, the last three years alone i have experienced almost every variety of inorganic influence, suffering through physical illness, injury, and overall manipulation. Seriously every drama has surrounded my friends and I, from nightmares and arguing to stillborns and murders. It’s hard to remember everything, sometimes it can be relentless. My home has had many very dark shadow beings of different sorts in particular. Dealing with them I have learned much to say the least. Through Finding your book, your words have given a certain clarity, and with these understandings I have greatly diminished their oppression on my home. At the very least, thank you for your teAchings. I intend to develop myself toward understanding, perpetuating and actualizing their practice. In all honesty I feel like I have little choice and humanity’s future depends on this kind of knowledge, let alone lone my own well being. I look forward to further learning.

  9. There was a time when I believed that being ignorant and not believing in such entities and powers brought about its own effective defense. To some degree I still believe there is some truth to this. In our ignorance and denial we usually come up with some explanations such as “that’s just the house settling” or “that’s just the wind” ect. If were truly “innocent/blind” this can keep us from having an emotional reaction to the incident which will keep the entities from using our energy against us and likely escalating an already challenging circumstance. Although most of us no longer have this luxury, we can practice to observe without judgement. I’ve found that my course of action or at times purposeful inaction in these situations that apparently are much more common than I thought, bring about most appropriate resolutions like the one Lujan has beautifully illustrated. To be honest I always dreaded the possibility of living in a world that wasn’t as extraordinary, mysterious and challenging as the one we are beginning to wake up to.

    • Growing up I honestly couldnt “see” anything, but their influence on my family dynamics and life events never needed to be acknowledged by myself to be actualized into harmful effects. Later in life I eventually became aware enough to know I when I was seeing them, but only much later did I understand the extent of what I was perceiving. During that time my ignorance was less than blissful . I feel like they would like to remain forgotten by most, especially the blackest, unless they are evoking fear.

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