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Testimonial – Golden Lotus Workshop

The experience of the Golden Lotus workshop keeps rippling through my being. Not only the movements, the energy and experiencing sharing time-space with Lujan, but also the amazement about the variety of people and nations who were attracted to this work.

I feel I’ve been (and still are) part of a seed of hope of a growing true humanness – authentic, tender, powerful, fearless, humorous, present, loving and many more qualities for which there are no words. Lujan kept addressing and referring to just this humanness, saturating the field with this truth through his being.

Like the tropic heat which through gentle persistence eventually dissolved my physical resistances the energy work touched me in a very subtle way so I awoke more and more to a deep sense of self acceptance and presence. One morning during the workshop I awoke with the awareness that a deep rooted and well hidden sense of separation and envy had lifted.

I just knew then, that I am exactly in the right place and my work is where I am Now and there is no point in saving energy, awareness, speech, and dedication to any future task. This has meanwhile grown into a feeling that the world is moving through my being, that events and truths are arriving and leaving constantly rather than me moving through the world.

I am happy to have found a teacher and keeper of “soft shamanism” which looks simple yet is really the more challenging way as Lujan said. How true! In our world of having, conquering, achieving, pushing and the desperation of determining predictable results his work and attitude offers another way which holds great hope for our present time. It teaches me to stay out of the way of the healing process individually and collectively.

It is all about unfolding, allowing, surrendering, listening, humbleness, joy and discernment of the appropriate moves beyond any concept – life itself being the only authority.

In gratitude for reminding me of the way home and for creating a space to find the other “seeds”.


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  1. Beautiful!

  2. Bottom one is audio only.

    • Thank you for sharing

    • Thanks for the testimonial. Really beautiful.

      Just to let everyone know, What Greer is talking about is all true. In Cambodia one of my students was subject to a transdimensional being that was observing our teaching situation and there was a terrestrial transdimensional device that I discovered when I was teaching three students at once – same location. Everybody saw it glitch in and glitch out.

      There is no free space in terms of privacy anymore. This is a very big subject.

      There is a frequential bandwidth that encompasses the full spectrum of human consciousness that has been infiltrated by nefarious entities that wish to propagate illusions. I have mentioned on many occasions over the last ten years that all abductions are formulated by human beings, and have been subject to a lot of ridicule by those who are believers.

      There is a small window of opportunity that will present itself in the very near future. The only way to substantiate the truth is to be fully cognizant of the technology that creates the illusions, which is very deeply embedded in our social programming as propaganda.

      This social engineering is so powerful and so embedded globally within each culture that the enormity of discovering the truth is almost unobtainable.

      I have experienced the power of this very deep propagated propaganda as I teach and am doing my best to undo what has so steathfully been done to us as a species over the last eighty years.

      • “In Cambodia one of my students was subject to a transdimensional being that was observing our teaching situation and there was a terrestrial transdimensional device that I discovered when I was teaching three students at once – same location. Everybody saw it glitch in and glitch out.
        There is no free space in terms of privacy anymore. This is a very big subject.”

        I had an experience some time ago related to this. In Europe the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a proposed trade agreement between the European Union and the United States, was being negotiated between the parties with high secrecy and the complicit silence of mainstream media. This treaty has been finally rejected, but if approved it would have had negative consequences for the people, like legally allowing genetically modified food in Europe, and loss of national sovereignty in favor of corporation-controlled international courts. One day I was watching a program on the TV, and oddly enough the host was going to interview a man who was going to explain the dangers of the TTIP. As the interview started, the microphone of the guest failed, so the first half a minute of his explanation was lost to the audience. I suddently got the intuition that the microphone malfunction had not been a coincidence, but the action of a negative artificial intelligence (AI) surveillance system to prevent public awareness.

        I have also recently read an interesting interview by Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot to a white hat with pseudonym Jake Simpson that lives in Koh Samui. I quote some fragments from that account wich I consider quite revealing.

        [Bill Ryan] “Jake is a very able psychic intuitive to this day. He is able to perceive when the AI [artificial intelligence] information gathering system was ‘focused’ in his direction and would periodically pick his exact moment to relate something to us. We observed this again and again. While it at all times seemed the same to us, sometimes Jake told us it was safe to talk, while at other times it was not. It took a little while for us to understand exactly what was going on here.

        See below for more on this. We have not heard this information anywhere else in the literature, on the internet, or mentioned by any other witness. But I [Bill] had one experience that showed me directly that this was very real indeed.”

        “The AI surveillance system, Jake told us, was literally “out of this world”. It operates hyperdimensionally, based on a highly advanced quantum computing model that is basically our development based on acquired alien technology. This system is so advanced that the ETs themselves are unhappy that we have it.

        Not only does it enable access to what any given person is saying, or even thinking – if targeted for investigation – it can also transcend time itself and thereby access information about the thoughts and words of historical figures. Whether this system can look into the future – the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report, based on a story by the prolific author Philip K. Dick, comes to mind – we omitted to ask.

        Jake’s actions in being sensitive to this device (if device is the right word) – by waiting for exactly the right ‘window’ of opportunity to tell us certain things – were not fully understood by us until I (Bill Ryan) had the following experience.

        On our last night together, sitting out in the open after a barbecue, at about 2 am, Jake decided to tell me some things he had not previously revealed, surveillance or no surveillance. As he began to speak, he immediately encountered problems, as if trying to force himself through a barrier. Simultaneously, I found I was being put to sleep and could hardly keep my eyes open. We both spotted what was happening, and remarked on it to one another.

        Jake forced himself to keep talking, and I made myself keep listening through a spell of overwhelming dopiness. This episode lasted half an hour or maybe more. We were being forcibly stopped, in real time, from communicating effectively, as a direct and immediate response to our intentions.

        It’s very important to understand that this was unconnected with electromagnetics, hidden microphones, targeted beams, or anything else of that nature. My own reference point for what happened was a kind of negative radionics (which also works hyperdimensionally, but as a positive health modality).

        In the end we concluded our conversation, now pretty tired. The next morning I simply could not recall what Jake had told me – and still can’t. Upon meeting him again and reporting that I couldn’t remember a thing about our conversation except for the weird effects we had both experienced, he replied wryly:

        Maybe it’s just as well.”

        According to Jake, the situation is not as hopeless as it might seem, as we are getting help from positive ET’s.

      • Hi Lujan I just discovered you today and excited to explore what you share. Thank you for this post. I too see the daily product of social engineering as the programmers are stealth at what they do in spinning the world collective mind. I have experienced the bleed through of devices, entities meddling with my life. My spiritual practice has opened me more and more into unity consciousness where I can only feel compassion as I look out at the possibility of humans arriving into who they really are. Blessings

  3. I love how each testimonial posted here shares personal truth which in turn ignites inside of me, a quiet knowing that sits well in my soul. Life in it’s present moment is the only authority. So very powerful. This last workshop must have been some kind of super duper magic between ya’ll, cuz there some golden nuggets being shared here of late.

  4. What hope do we have as a human race to overcome this “deeply embedded” social programming and engineering? If human consciousness has been infiltrated this deeply, how can one possibly escape this infiltration? How long can one sustain inner silence so as not to be compromised? In Cambodia when your student was subject to the observation of the transdimensional being was that a real experience or a formulated one, and how can a person know what is real and what is created illusion? How best does one proceed in the world with this knowledge?
    Thank you for posting the video, Lujan, and your comments. This is disturbing stuff that stretches my imagination nearly beyond its capabilities.

    • The reason why I put this information on this testimonial was because of the general premise outlining the substance of Dorothea’s experience. Our way home is as she says – soft and gentle, ever-presently persisting towards its goal. Perpetually never finding its destination, paradoxically upon that point revealing itself.

      Like Dr. Greer says, there is no way to know, when it comes down to it. But I’ve taught safe-guards for this very situation. Read “Whisperings of the Dragon”. It is all there.

      When I was in the midst of writing this book I was in the presence of a very prominent retired CIA agent. What is known as a “white hat”. When he reviewed the book on the conclusion of that endeavor he said, “Lujan, you are really attempting to make people aware aren’t you?” and I said yes.

      Circumstances unfold for each of us, determining our destiny. I am fortunate to be of the fifth and sixth kind in terms of contact. These blue trans-dimensional beings are called by the gestures of Lo Ban Pai and the moon-gazing technique, which I teach in the Golden Lotus and is within “Awakening the Third Eye” is a signal when practiced to bring a very old and wisdom-laden race back to the origins of our species.

      So for all of you who practice Lo Ban Pai, you are not only evolving through the gestures that you perform. You are calling and being saturated by contact.

      Every advanced alien race knows what you are being taught. Within the truest application the zero-point anomaly delivers anti-matter that is omnispresently connected to all intelligences that are non-violent and are connected to the source.

      We are at the most tenuous point in our evolution. There is a crossing point of delivery when human awareness realizes within the delicate equation of critical mass, all things will be as they are meant to be and this very situation reveals the machiavellian endeavors of the few.

      As you hear Dr. Greer mentioning their feats to alter the time-space continuum and consequently our awareness simultaneously their achievements are beyond the social paradigm’s engineering at this point. But once you know you can’t un-know. So we can really see the potential of our species locked within the unwholesome parameters of an agenda.

      Imagine beyond this. We are limitless within our capacity to know. The ones who have achieved these amazing technologies through reverse engineering – our star brothers’ technologies – they will then ascend to the heights of that purest simplicity when we awaken to our true potential through critical mass.

      In Biblical terms there was a splitting of waters. We are passing through the eye of the needle at this present moment. As we are being pursued, the divisions of separation come crashing in the reveal there is no divide and the waters become one eternal river.

      Sirius Disclosure

  5. Thank you, Lujan. Tonight I went to see the movie “Arrival” It’s very beautiful with its portrayal of advanced alien life, their language and how its connected to their notion of time and cooperation. Interwoven with this is the main character’s personal life story which touched me very deeply. Again, thank you Lujan, and thank you Dorothea. I ponder these words that go beyond words within my heart.

    • I wonder, Lujan, whether the sophisticated edifying efficacy of the movie Elizabeth has mentioned might ultimately prove more relevant than the legitimate concerns presented by Dr. Greer?

      Thanks to both of your for your posts.

      • It is just a movie even though beautiful.

        and yes they are legitimate concerns presented by Dr. Greer!

        Obfuscating through intelligent words is not smart.

  6. Thank you Lujan, for your continuous work to help us grow and the many priceless gifts you present us with.

  7. well i managed to watch the first hour last night and today i see the video has been taken down!

  8. Thank you Dorothea, for your beautiful testimonial and thank you Lujan for all you’ve given us, and what is to come when we meet again.


  9. whats about artificial intelligence? will this get dangerous for us?

      • Thanks Lujan for sharing all this vital information regarding the deception to which our lives are currently subjected. I value and admire the work Dr. Greer is doing, although I personally don’t agree with him when he says that the testimony of Corey Goode is scripted.

        • Personal opinion is very different to direct experience. Greer has documented proof and evidence through these witnesses. Consider what I’ve just said very carefully. The machinations behind the social agenda are very deep and does cause a divide, whether it be illusion or truth. This is actually what is occurring at the moment and is necessary to propagate the power of misdirection which come about from opinion, even though I see where you are coming from. Don’t get offended.

          • As discovered by Pamela Johnson and shown in her Facebook page on the same day, on November 17th 2016 NASA’S SECCHI STEREO HI1 satellite captured several images of one of those blue spheres Corey is talking about. The images are still available on NASA’s STEREO web page, I have verified it myself. I can provide NASA’s link if you want. For me that is a pretty solid evidence that Corey is telling the truth.

          • OK very good

  10. I’ve been watching myself and others lately, seeing how opinion almost instantly blocks one from receiving necessary information, the kind of information that will assist one forward in understanding. Like Lujan mentions in The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception, sometimes you have to drink the water even though it has been slightly contaminated with oil.

    Small nuggets of truth draw you in, but you can go so deep that you miss the small nuggets of falsity, which are usually revealed in contradictions.

    • Gwen do you have the 10th Anniversary version? If not I will send it to you.

    • Gwen there is so much in what you say, thank you. This very dynamic is really coming at me right now. I notice myself travelling along nuggets of truth to drop into falsity and self-importance, hidden very carefully. It takes up so much space and feels like it sucks oxygen out of what might have arrived.

      Love Marianne

  11. Yes, I have the 10th Edition.

  12. I mean: Yes, I have the 10th anniversary edition!

  13. I promised myself I would never post on public forums again. But I just have to comment here.

    I have personally been subject on multiple occasions to the grey alien robots that Dr. Greer is speaking about. I knew before I heard a public corroboration that they were not sapient, but synthetic drones. I have had my kundalini drained so thoroughly by them on one occasion via a needle-like instrument being painfully inserted into my spinal column that I slept for 24 hours afterwards. So i know the legitimacy of Dr. Greer’s testimony first hand.

    I have also studied everything publicly available from Corey Goode. I do also feel Daniel that he is presenting a legitimate case. I am sure there are elements of deception that have been infused into his experiences and portrails, just as in all secret sects, secret societies, and secret cults, the truths are relative and differ at every level. And no man with a name knows the full picture.

    I dont think experiencing resonance with Goods accounts causes a divide just because Greer thinks Corey has been deceived. We have all been deceived at every level. I think both Greer and Goode are great men. The opinions here are so superfluous. There is an overall wealth of information being shared and the focus should be on how we can better ourselves via integrating the truth so that we can come to a point where we are conjugate enough to help others.

    At the end of the day your ascension is an internal process and it doesnt matter if the sphere beings are coming or Jesus or Mohammad. No one can ascend you. The work will still be on us as individuals to develop our vibratory rate which is the result of the hormonal expression through our aura field.

    The human species is fast asleep continually playing out the same reactive psychological patterns again and again. This is where our focus should be, in self observation. Becoming self aware. Until the duality of opinion becomes inconsequential and everything collapses into the ever-presence of heart awareness as one begins to know true change via their humble ascent on the stairway to heaven.

    • That is beautiful, Indigo Hued. Thank you for responding.

    • Thank you very much for your response IndigoHued, I pretty much agree with what you say.

  14. Thank you, Indigo. Me thinks you cracked open one of those small nuggets of truth Gwendolyn mentioned. :)

  15. I followed the thread and discussion here with great interest. I must admit the information is threatening and overwhelming and what now?
    In face of a threat there come easily either fight, flight or freeze impulses up and I felt all three of them listening to Greers information and reading Indigo Hued´s experience.
    What is asked of me as a Human Being here wanting to contribute? Can the heart be fooled (in discerning true from false ETs)? When I feel “guided” can this be distinguished from mental manipulation? Can I trust my intuition?
    I guess that story has been told in many old heroes journeys: the goddess appearing as an old, ugly woman only to be recognized by the true seeker of the grail or the most beautiful horse bewitched to look like and old mare and the hero (after some hesitation (the most critical moment)) still taking the right choice. In all these stories its the seekers listening to the Heart which makes the difference and leads eventually to redemption of the imprisoned ones or a country or the princess (i.e. the locked in beauty and innocence!). It seems to me we`re in the middle of a galactic fairy tale still with unkown outcome or – maybe not unknown, as there are seers who already “saw” the future beyond this critical point (this Vision keeps Greer from giving up, as he said).
    So at the moment for me being/becoming a heroine means basically to follow and embody all whats been said in Whisperings of the Dragon and to live from the heart so I have my heart in place when it comes to choose.

  16. A discussion in a Bible group I participated in years ago talked a lot about the “upper and lower” stories in the universe. We, beings trapped in the lower story, are blinded by or only have glimpses of or small connections with the upper story or the big picture so to speak. Faith, driven by the heart, bound by integrity and action or in-action as the moment calls for in this great fairy tale, is the only way I seem to manage the onslaught of depressing world conditions. I am most deeply concerned and saddened by the overwhelming lack of respect and care for nature.

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