Feeling the Energy of the Dan Tien with Lo Ban Pai Movements

Testimonial – Golden Lotus Workshop

I was introduced to Lujan’s books via a friend who has trained with Lujan a number of times. I was drawn to train with him to learn a practice , and was inspired by the videos of Lo Ban Pai on the YouTube channel.

I live in Peru and at the time I was visiting my homeland of Australia and it is a relatively short flight to Thailand. I had no specific preference to attend a group workshop as opposed to private tuition, it was related to the timing of the workshop. Also what was written about the Golden Lotus form was appealing.

I was really seeking to obtain a powerful practice that I could do every morning to ground me into my presence and power. I had studied wing chi kung for nearly a decade and learnt some associated qi gong aspects of the system, but it never gave me what I wanted in terms of practice. Again the YouTube videos were inspiring and attractive to me.

It was inspiring to see how Lujan held himself and interacted with people in the group, especially when he would confront them with things he could see within them, and although this was done with a sense of strength and power, it was also done coming from a place of love as opposed to ego. This was something I had not seen or felt before.

The workshop and practice itself, opened me up to actually feeling my dan tien , something that despite training kung fu I had not felt before. This occurred within the first session of the workshop.

I now have a fulfilling practice I do every day; it deepens as I allow myself to feel the movements and be guided by that feeling.

I generally have more energy, I have more discipline in my practice, and have been told by a number of people that I look younger upon my return to Peru.

I am also more aware of my diet, and how food and its vibration influence my consciousness and state of being.

Adam Woodman

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  1. I hope you’re doing well my friend!

  2. Isn’t it awesome to learn a form where you immediately feel your energy body, like your dantien?! Wonderful.

  3. Adam, thanks for acknowledging vibrations of food. Travel well on your journey. PatH

  4. Adam

    thank-you for sharing your experience here.

    I am so delighted that you were able to experience Lujans work and begin your Lo Ban Pai training.

    Did you have any significant up-heavels in the period following your training?

    Each time i train with Lujan my life undergoes considerable cataclysm both in the period before and especially after. I also notice the ‘themes’ continuing and deepening when i have space for regular practice.

    I look forward to sharing training with you soon. It is quite astounding how energetically powerful this practice is when shared with other practitioners.

    I also love the dynamic learning of the forms evolution through sharing and mirroring each other. I have found there to be significant differences in the forms both learning from Lujan over time, and sharing with other students who remember and embody it differently.

    much lov.e

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