Collecting Light Energy Through Elliptical Orbits

Testimonial – Golden Lotus Workshop

Dear Lujan,

I had a very interesting few months since the Golden Lotus workshop and I thought it was time to touch base with you on some of the occurrences and get some extra clarity.

Before I get into that I just wanted to say that the workshop in Thailand was an experience I am very grateful to have been part of. It stretched me into an expanded space of physical beingness and emotional connectedness and delivered the buoyancy that only pure joy knows. I was buzzing then and it is in this state of being that I buzzed my return home.

So, in the two months that followed, I traveled lots, talked lots while giving lectures on my plant work and met lots of people, connecting new (at times, very strange) dots as well as revisiting old ones. And some curious things started happening.

One of these strange occurrences happened while I was staying at a friend’s house, nested on the beautiful side of a hill in the country. I arrived at the place in time for the full moon and a few friends had come to share the lunar magic, collect Soma and marvel at the beauty of the night together. During the night, I tucked myself out of sight and performed the Golden Lotus set under the moonlight. Wow!

My brain completely forgot everything about the set and my body started moving of its own accord. So I let it. And the huge surge of energy that passed thru was almost unbearable…my legs were shaking so hard that the muscles were almost ‘hurting’ afterwards. It was a few days later, however, that the real strange event occurred. Or I should call it, the strange ‘encounter’?

It was midday, sunny and I was sitting outside. I closed my eyes and I was immediately transported to an empty space immersed in the darkness of a starry night. I had seen that place from the distance before; I had seen it while looking up into the tunnel-like space, which seems to me like the bottom of a well. This time, though, I was not at the bottom of the well looking up. I was at the top, at the entrance of the well, looking out into space.

I do not recall how or if I actually traveled thru the well to get there, but there I was, hovering like a ball in mid air right on the entrance of the well. And I was not alone – three round spherical golden beings were there and they were ‘watching’ me (none of them had eyes as such!).

At one point and in complete unison, I saw electrical-like currents being directed to me from the three spherical beings. My body – well, the ball that I was in that space-time moment – received them. I didn’t feel good or bad, right or wrong. It just felt ‘normal’ and I somewhat knew what they were doing. The three spheres were transferring those electrical currents to ‘fuse’ my solar plexus and my heart centre into one. While there was this feeling of ‘it’s normal, it’s ok’, I was well aware that my actual physical body sitting with eyes closed in the sunshine was overwhelmed.

I am not sure how long I was there for. I do know that by the time I got up and went back inside the house, my friend looked at me and said “what happened to you?! You look in shock”. And my body was in shock to some extent… That day, it took me a few hours to settle back in myself. I didn’t really think about it all too much until a couple of weeks ago, while fasting…

So I returned home from traveling, and felt not so good. I knew I needed to de-clutter (emotionally) and I started fasting for 10 days. During that time, it occurred to me that while I was traveling, the interactions I had experienced with some close friends had been far from nurturing and loving. I had attempted to bring clarity to the circumstances, but I ended up drained emotionally and I had fallen in a depressed state of loneliness and desolation. How could I ever get to that? I had felt so strong and joyous. What happened?

As I fasted, I understood. I had stop doing my practice!! For weeks, I hadn’t done my regular practice to ensure my energy body was charged and awaken! As I started fasting, I also restarted doing what you taught me and within two days, I was ‘returned’ to myself anew. Then, I also realized that the encounter with the spherical beings had overwhelmed my physical body because I hadn’t nurtured its energetic component with the daily practice… And as I practiced and practiced, more clarity returned. And once again, joy is here!

You were so right in telling me “what have you got to do that is more important than this practice?!” And I understand that nothing is more important than this! This precious gift I received from you fills me with so much gratitude and strength.

I look forward to the next time we meet again.

Love you so much!! Monnie Gi

P.S. I still don’t really understand what happened with those spherical beings – who are they and what were they really doing…?

P.P.S. These days, when I lay down and relax the body on the floor at the end of the Awakening of the Energy Body practice, I forget everything…literally, I have this strange feeling as if I can’t ‘remember’ whether I have actually done the practice or not! Of course, I know that I have just finished doing it, but really, I find myself wondering…did it ever happened? I like the feeling and I also find it funny… I do wonder if is this a normal evolution of this practice?

I also wanted to add that over the last couple of weeks since I have cleansed and fasted, I have see light, soft and at the same time very bright white light emanating – literally – from my body during the movements. Again, this happens during the Awakening of the Energy Body, mostly while performing the arms movement of the Walking the Tao part… I don’t know why, but I always feel surprised and happy when that happens. I would love some more clarity on this too.

Lots of love!!
Monnie Gi

Dear Monnie,

Viewing the universe from the exterior of the tunnel, which looks like a well when you are at the bottom of it when you discover that, manifests from all your elliptical orbits you are creating through Walking the Tao. I will be teaching more about this in the Windlock in Barcelona.

The trans-dimensional beings that manifest in spherical form translate information to you via you seeing them. It is a connective growth mechanism of absorption.

You see what we are doing through the orbits is generating currents of photonic potential within our biosphere. We are collecting light when we do this. The reason these beings manifest in spherical form is that if they fully appear in a 3D manner there may be intervention that may occur from the powers that be and as you know, in terms of some of the conversations I’ve had with you, the technologies that are available to this minority are yet to be revealed.

So in essence, trans-dimensional communion is the safest method of transporting information to earthlings that are in the midst of transition. A coalescence of sorts. A meeting point of light that is so complex only the one who casts the nets that surround their orbits begin to understand this principle.

Seeing a white light is a consequence of your practice and thus emanating this will be a natural occurrence of your evolution; stepping into your trans-dimensional beingness while still within form.

As I’ve said on many occasions we are on a very tenuous precipice of arrival and I believe we will succeed as a race to move beyond our limited confines to an unlimited content that appears to be formless yet manifests its form within that emptiness.

Also be aware that something may jump in your lower abdomen, like a soft boneless frog leaping. Your orbits will release a gentle dragon.

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  1. Wow! thank you for sharing your experience Monnie Gi, and thank you Lujan for your explanation I’m so happy I’ve found you guys xxx

  2. Thank you so much for the expansive clarification… everything you said makes total sense! So much love! :D

  3. …and it is Full Moon again! Yay!

  4. I don’t know anything about Corey Goode. When transdimensionals manifest these individuals use a modified Tesla technology, which operates beyond the speed of light.

    I don’t want to get into the subject of speculation, nor do I want to reveal anything that goes further into this subject. I stay with what I know and that is what I have experienced.

    I would prefer to stay within what I have taught my students and how to manifest the open heart consciousness of empathetic communication. I know how all this works and I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole.

    • Quite understandable. Thanks for your service. Hope to work together one day soon.

      • Here is a riddle for you. My service has already manifested 500 years in the future. I remember everything.

        • What is 500 years old and growing backwards?

        • It is indeed a riddle that this has occurred for you. Time seems to be a multidimensional territory.

          Does living with such integrity pierce the veil that divides these territories?

          When the memories began to come to you, beginning with the time travel event with the crystal rods, how was the information received by you? Internally? Externally? Were you transported there like you were as a monk in your “past?”

          I had a nonlinear experience like this in that I was performing an eye gazing technique in the mirror and faces of previous lives began to emerge from mine. They did not have consciousness as I gazed into them, I just received information on the patterns I had been struggling with in each incarnation. However part way through the experience one face emerged that was a shaman. It was an African man with some streaks of white face paint. He was fully conscious as I was and was gazing at me through time. I could feel that he had performed a ceremony to do this and that he had enough knowledge of the cycles of time that he had intended to connect with the incarnation that existed during this crucial juncture in humanity’s history. He was alive as I was in that moment and yet he was me. I know this is strangely similar to one of the experiences in your books. Frankly my strong feeling was that he was performing his gazing ceremony into fire as you mentioned in your book. I don’t know if this is just synchronicity or if it’s rather common.

          From his perspective he was also connecting with an incarnation hundreds of years in the future via gazing at me through the portal we had created. I doubt he retained all the memories of my time here. However I am curious as to the similarities and differences between your experience and my own.

          • Your approach is too intellectual. I know nothing about crystal rods and this is one of the reasons I don’t engage in this subject via this medium.
            Your statements have assumptions in them. This shows me you are not clear.

            Then I know you assume that I should make the assumption about relating to your semantic assertions that are just a guessing game and have nothing to do with the power of your own seeing and there appears the rabbit hole. I am not going to jump in.

            There are agencies that employ thousands of navel personnel to do this to cause this type of confusion and everybody parrots this repetitious garb that has got nothing to do with reality.

            Don’t be offended but you only have to be two degrees off north to walk in a circle of self-reflection that takes you nowhere and this guides everyone away from the actual relevant truth.

  5. Wow! Beautiful!

    Thank you. Just what I needed to read. When I was beginning the practice of the Golden Lotus series, I also experienced strange electrical occurrences, but it was more like my own energy being rearranged first. Even so, things in my environment were slightly affected also, like small appliances and light bulbs.

    Thank you, Monnie, for your experience and bless your heart, Lujan, :-) for being able to understand these things at such a depth. Sure beats the silly explanations I’ve heard “around town.”

    Much love.

  6. Thanks for that :)

  7. thank you monnie for sharing your experience. :)
    lujan, can you please talk a bit more about the sensation in the lower dantien you mentioned.
    I had the sensation of a baby dragon being born out of the lower dantien a while ago and would love to understand more about it.

    • There is nothing to be understood and everything to be realized.

      I’ve got three students here at the moment learning “The Ultimate Way: Opening the Tao”. This is the first time I have ever taught this. They will all give testimonials that may answer your questions.

      It is a new program that I was reticent to teach because it has strong effects but now everybody is progressing in terms of collective consciousness and everybody in the Barcelona workshop will be learning this.

      It is now the beginning set which is affixed to Awakening the Energy Body and the Windlock system.

      Bogdan, Daniela or Kory – if you would like to take the time to make a small mention it would be really appreciated.

      • By the way, what Monnie learned – Walking the Tao – is a separate program. It is part of the sexual cultivation practice.

        The Ultimate Way is so strong in comparison that when your arms move it feels like you are picking up a bucket of warm water from the inside of the bucket and the container is larger than you.

        Imagine this.

        • I am fascinated by the light and heavy magnetism created while learning the Awakening of the energy body and Windlock systems. As we were all enthouziastic and literally hungry to learn and practice more, Lujan generously added another program Opening the tao, which brings even more intensity and magnetism to our practice. There is such a powerful combination of bliss and light in practicing the Awakening the energy body, and physical and heavy magnetism in Windlock. It seems that we are all sorounded by a dense matter, a milky light. And all these enhancing realisations that lead to personal and collective growth, eventually, as practice doesn’t limit to physical level. The sensation I experience in the middle Dantien after Dragon’s tears is delicate and vibrant, similar to rotating plates; while the one experienced after only 7 days of Awakening the energy body, Windlock systems and Opening the Tao is of a dense liquid starting to jump out of the belly :)

  8. This beginning set is highly invigorating, the connecting to energy unlike anything I have experienced before: the heaviness sometimes, the magnetism, the aliveness, the reality of it, leaves me/one wanting more and more. The set is vigorous and physical, certainly working muscles and opening our systems – we are all sweating like crazy! The connections are beyond just energetic, and the realisations of what is available – plus those that are more personal – never seem to stop.

    • Kory, if possible could you attempt to explain the application of the empty force unraveling my students and stopping the programmed edifice of social engineering. If this is too hard don’t worry.

      This has truly got to do with true empathic transmission and reception simultaneously: one of the keys of Lo Ban Pai that eventually I will attempt to teach and these people will then be the instructors of my system.

      But I haven’t found one person yet. The more of you that progress I believe I will eventually find these people within the students I have already taught. It all has to do with the 100 monkey syndrome within the collective effect.

      Then Lo Ban Pai will adopt the most appropriate strategies to allow the wings of progression to unfold.

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