Who Am I?

Who Am I?


coming soon!

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  1. I am already intrigued, and can’t wait to purchase the actual book when it is published. This is very exciting news! I love the stylized lotus on the cover, and just looking at it has brought me to a place of peaceful acceptance. . . .

    Thank you so much for this new book, Lujan!!!

    • It is going to be very exciting. We will be talking about a subject that is dear to everybody’s heart, yet so far away that nobody can recognize it.

      The subject matter will definitely confirm what happens after we die. In a very, very simple and direct way you will understand something I have been struggling all my life to see and it was hiding in plain sight. You will be very shocked at what took place when I had a vision that was very deep and profound. But that is not where I learned the lesson.

      • Dear Lujan,

        About a year ago (maybe 2 years)I read an comment of you on what would be the best place to meditate in the garden. I recall the awnser was ‘within a circle of trees’.

        there you also shared some insights on the best way to plant trees, wich i can’t remember.
        Now i’m excited about farming (i study biodynamic farming) and i was wondering if you would like to elaborate on the subject of farming, and share your insights, especially on soil care, how to best grow vegetables and planting trees, etc. In other words, how to create a healthy ecosystem that allows plants that have a lot of life-force (ehteric body).

        Thanks for reading and kind regards,


  2. Exciting!!! :D

  3. How wonderful!

    The title voices my very concern these last few years. “Who am I” has been the lingering question for a while as the social self has melted away through reading and re-reading the other books and practicing many of the forms and techniques, thus acting and perceiving in a much different way than I had been for so, so many years.

    Looking forward with excitement!

  4. Great!! Really exciting news. I love your books. With kind regards, M

  5. Pretty excited about this! Thanks from my future self who’s reading it and expanding!

  6. This sounds very Intriguing!

  7. I love this.

  8. I was listening to The Mirror Technique this a.m., just prior to opening my email and receiving your announcement. haha. I have a new understanding of ‘who I am’. I had an experience yesterday where I came upon a woman sitting on the street, crying hysterically, holding her dog that had just been attacked by another dog. She was screaming at the dog’s owner that she should have stopped her dog, should have had a leash on her dog, etc. The dog owner left with her dog, and I was left with this woman sitting at the side of the street with her dog in her lap. Without thinking, I knelt beside her and calmly voiced I was going to put my hand on her back to help calm and ground her. She just nodded through her tears. I told her my name, and asked for hers. I invited her to breathe with me and breathe into my hand. As she breathed I told her how beautiful her dog was, that his eyes were bright and that he appeared calm, even though he’d had some hair bitten off. I asked her if she’d fallen off the curb, or if she felt she was hurt physically. She shook her head, no. I continued to just breathe calmly myself, speakly calmly, just being with her. After a few minutes she started to stand up, thanking me for stopping, and continued down the street to her home.

    With promptings from The Mirror Technique this a.m., I understood completely how being of service was not a conscious thought, but simply an energetic movement, pulling me into service. What was needed spoke to me, without words. Who I was, is what was needed in that moment.

    Thank you, again, Lujan. I enjoy noticing your sweet, spiraling vibration as it continues to revisit my awareness. Looking forward to more words of wisdom in your new book!

  9. A new book – great news!

  10. Who or what we are, as awareness. Very much looking forward to this. <3

  11. il libro esce anche in italiano

  12. This is exciting news. Yesterday, after I read about your new book’s title, a raised tower-like figure appeared on the western horizon at sunset and stayed beyond. Very mysteriously, as if the question observed me from the distance.

  13. Lujan, can I ask you a question about nearsightedness, not sure if this the eught place to post it? The techniques in one of your books for internalizing the vision seems to me yo hold potential for improving physical sight. I find my having to wear aids for vision spiritually encumbering. The techbiques seem to greatly increase the intelligence if the eyes. Do you know if I could actually rettain my eyes to see noemally?

    • If you want to improve your eyes eat the right foods and detox. Get yourself some pinhole glasses and start practising eye exercises. A friend of mine had astigmatism and it took him thirty years to correct it. It is all about getting your body clean, opening your channels, getting the energy moving within these vital areas and getting enough nutrition, avoiding toxins. You need to start studying.
      I wore glasses fifteen years ago and decided that I didn’t like my eyes getting weaker because the glasses made me dependent. But I am not advising you. That is just my story. Everybody looked so lovely because for many years I saw in sepia.
      Your number one priority is to get your kidneys filtering. Go to Raw Food Solution and start your journey.

      • Thank you. I qm noticing that on days when I don’t wear contacts my perception is so much more internalized and I have great psychological benefits. I feel if I didn’t need to wear contacts I would be able to make much more progress, because there is much more direction from within. I don’t have a choice to not wear them all the time, but I do notice that during periods of not wearing them inward expansion happens, but it is stopped short when perception is externalized again. It seems to me that quite a bit of the intuition is bound up by the situation of having to put on contacts, and I can’t quite picture a fast solution. I am hoping that somehow mass beliefs will change and nearsightedness become less of a fixed situation, or maybe some new type of energy modality will come along. I don’t know if my case is somehow unique, but it seems to me that a lot of the issues I’m working on remain because of the vision situation, so my energy should really be spent in other directions.

        I am vegetarian but this seems like the right moment to move further down the raw food path, regardless of the vision issue.

        I have studied your books and videos quite a bit. If you have any suggestions for further studies I would be happy to receive them.

  14. Wow confirmation on what happens when we die.You must be pretty special….

  15. I have been raw/ living foods vegan for 2 years, having been vegan for about 25, and the difference in my well being just taking that step- and remaining strictly organic- has been huge. I could never meditate before I became raw, and my taiji practice has reached a new level since doing so. I am so thankful to have found Lujan’s teachings- so few shamanic or taoist or even Buddhist teachers advocate for what is clearly an inevitable step toward reaching a higher vibration. I also am nearsighted and I believe the condition is slowly reversing- and I also am weening myself off reading glasses.

  16. love your books, can’t wait for the next one.

  17. Great news and good reason to reread the existing 4 books again.

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