The Mirror Technique

The Mirror Technique – from Awakening the Third Eye by Lujan Matus

At the bottom of this page there is an instructional audio version of “The Mirror Technique”. This technique was originally published in Awakening the Third Eye.

Here is where we begin with the first of the gazing techniques. It is called, ‘The Mirror’, and it is an essential preliminary practice to bring awareness into alignment with the intention of gazing. This is the state of consciousness I was subject to when my attention was redeployed by the masterful acts of my benefactors. As I viewed the complexity that was my compartmentalization in terms of my third eye capacity, I was taught the first technique.

Imagine that you are laying your right hand upon your chest, over your heart center, and choose an object to gaze at. Any will do. Simultaneously view the object while immersed in the feeling of your heart. Realize that as you see it, it sees you.

Everything you encounter, be aware of the perception that merges with you. You are everything and everything is you, in terms of the feeling that presses from your heart, through your eyes, to what you gaze at. Be immersed within the union that is ever present, that we have been isolated from by virtue of the fact that our individuality gives us the illusion of separation.

Next, when you meet another human being, view them as you view yourself, while you are immersed in your own heartfelt feelings. This will bring you into a point of union.

Listen to them intently, giving them your full attention, your whole heartedness. Watch every gesture that emerges. Be careful not to become fixated even though you are concentrated. Be without effort, keep a light heart. Do not seek to speak of what you discover. Only listen and watch the event unfold. This is the first step away from the obsessive self. Do not seek personal validation at any point. Do not add any part of yourself.

Practice this awareness for at least twenty one days, until it becomes you. Be of service to those you encounter. Do what they ask of you without quarrel, without question.

Become aware of your bindings, your conditioned programming, through this practice. Remember do not speak out of turn. Watch and be kind.

Love or honor the other that you are gazing upon as if they were yourself. Give your time to them as if their time was your time to be given.

Do not regret any of your actions and do not seek any form of validation. Do not display any gestures that may reveal the way you feel, if you are being offended. Keep it to yourself.

Grab yourself a diary and write down all the opposing forces and feelings that you have that erupt within you. Do not write about the other person, for in this instance they are you, in terms of the activity you have undertaken.

Move slowly and carefully, gently away from everything. This act within itself will merge and unify you, separating that part of yourself that may be selfish into units that can be examined for recall.

Though this may seem contradictory, in doing this you will begin to become aware of those isolated elements that actually are preventing you from being whole.

Be within your heart.
See and feel with your heart.
Recognize your heart within another.
Speak words from the heart.
Receive the words of another within those precious chambers.



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  1. This post comes at a timely time for me. But the last part, Lujan… “Move slowly, carefully, gently away from everything. This act will…unify you, separating that part of yourself that may be selfish into units,that can be examined for recall.” What do you mean by “move away from everything?” How does one accomplish that?

    Thank you for the post, Lujan.

  2. I actually have a second question. Does one practice this action of separating or “moving” one’s self “from everything” when beginning the 21-day practice or after having engaged in the practice for a while?

    I do realize that these practices are to be continued for life, yes?

    Thanks, Lujan.

    • Elizabeth, you will find the answers to your questions in the chapter “Being, Knowing and Doing” and “Being, Knowing and Not-Doing” in “Whisperings of the Dragon”.

      The mirror technique is an empathic technique. Also everything in “Whisperings of the Dragon” is also an empathic method of communication. The new book “Who Am I?” will complete the full reality of off-world communication, in terms of our true empathic nature.

  3. And so it is. Thanks for the direction.

    • You’re welcome. Be aware that the obsessive self is the mind that speaks in terms that is shadow awareness, but not an entity. It has all got to do with us as a species and how we have been trained.

      Or you can look at it this way. Every individual has been co-opted to do something they don’t quite understand. I will explain this in my next book.

  4. thank you very much.
    would you recommend to avoid all or most social contact in those 21 days to support the process moving away from oneself?

    • Look at it this way. Old habits are like a child that you cradle within your arms. The minute you put it down it screams for your attention.

      To change means not to be the same. And when you are not the same, in every instance, then there is nothing to change.

      Habitual behaviors are possessive by nature, as you know. You can’t mourn because you leave something behind. It is exactly the same as listening to a child crying for your attention. The sound that emanates from the frequency of a child crying beckons attention be given to it whether you like it or not.

      To be nobody is to discover somebody within. But is that you? Or somebody else?

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  6. The timing of your post could not have been more perfect. Thank you. I’ve just ordered the recommended herbal supplement.


    • The change from taking the herbs is subtle but profound. Thank you for this recommendation, Lujan.

      Lots of love,


  7. Lujan, please tell us when your new book will be released?

    Also, I can tell you are such a friendly and heart based person I feel good when I hear your tones from your books and messages. it’s funny to say but I think you’re so cool and I appreciate you. Thanks!

    • The new book is in process. It is very sporadic at the moment because I am dictating to Naomi and she is in a different part of the world than me.

      You are right. The only important thing that matters in the world is one’s devotion to other people and whatever that entails.

      I appreciate your communication.

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