Recommended Music for Practitioners of Lo Ban Pai

Here is some music that I recommend listening to while you practice Lo Ban Pai. I have selected music that emanates a healing frequency that allows the practitioner’s bio-field to become symbiotically attuned to the all-encompassing unknown factor that is ever-presently surrounding us all.

At the moment I am building a new playlist so that we can all practice listening to the same musical frequency. This will increase our collective power. I hope everyone enjoys. The old playlist now is obsolete. If anybody finds similar music on their journeys please send an email so it can be added if appropriate.

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  1. If we haven’t had a chance to learn any of your physical practices is there anything else we could apply this playlist to?

    • Just pop it on in the background no matter what you are doing. This will help you focus away from your internal dialogue, while not focusing on anything in the midst of your activities.

      Also, when reading my books this would be perfect.

      • The music is very helpful and for all things. Thank you.

  2. Fantastic!! Thank you, Lujan. Lots of love. M

  3. Thank you very much for this!

  4. Lovely!

  5. Nice synch … At the present time I hear (mostly before sleeping for about one hour) Solfeggio frequencies, especially of ‘Meditative Mind’ (e.g. 528Hz The Miracle Tone) and ‘Source Vibrations’ (e.g. Solfeggio Harmonics Vol.2)
    Many thanks for your new oncoming playlist! Mark

  6. Thanks Christine

  7. This is so nice, thank you.
    I’m looking forward to the new playlist too.

  8. My new soundtrack; thank you!

  9. Thank you Lujan, you’re timing is impeccable. Although I have been very diligent in my practice (Opening The Tao) the internal dialogue has been relentless lately and I longed for something to tip the scale.
    Much Love and Gratitude

    • Read “Whisperings of the Dragon”. All the techniques for shutting off your internal dialogue are in this book.

      And my next book “Who Am I?” will explain exactly how this maneuver has been accomplished in our awareness, and further techniques to establish all the reasons behind the dogged Trojan horse called our internal dialogue.

  10. Hi Lujan. I’m excited about the new music!

    And I’d love sounds of nature woven through the playlist somehow :)

    lots pf love, Ed

    • Thanks Ed. I received your music recommendations and will listen to them soon.

      Appreciate everybody’s input.

  11. Thank you from my heart.
    I use your recommended music very often.
    Much Love & Light

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