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This application for the 2017 Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by Sejan Rahman. If you would like to offer your support for Sejan please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

I came across Lujan Matus through The Cosmic Giggle documentary which is one of the finest documentaries I have ever come across after my spiritual awakening. I have watched this documentary numerous times in order to learn more about the information that it conveys from different viewpoints. In the process, I have been listening to Lujan Matus’s interview and reading his books to gain more insights on how I should carry my spiritual journey forward.

My spiritual journey started three years back where I had a sudden burst of Kundalini energy that traveled upwards through my spine. Having no idea what was happening to me, I went through countless resources on the internet to understand and come to terms with the fact that the long journey of self-realization and inner truth have entered the essence of my being from where I cannot return.

Certainly, Lujan Matus is someone I can relate with the most and through his teachings I gain a clear picture of the amount of humility that is required to move forward on this journey alongside the many challenges that can gain presence as I have realized over this time period. Being born in a society where negativity speaks the language of correct living tapestry is a false proposition from where I have been struggling to break free. Every moment I have been shown layers of ego that I need to burn in order to move forward to a different level of inner truth and at each of these labels there are challenges that question the deeply held believe system that I have installed in my subconscious since childhood.

My biggest challenge is to deal with the overload of energy that appears in this dimension through the base of my spine. Through this energy I have become sensitive to the outside forces and have harnessed the gift of empathy which makes it very tough to go on about life in a process that is acceptable to mainstream society. Still, I am learning how to manage this beautiful gift that has been given to me while trying to comply with the misunderstandings that arises with my friends and family from time to time.

Certainly, the need to learn to nurture the energies in a cohesive manner has become very important for me in order to function properly in the society while keeping my integrity and heart’s desires intact. This is the main reason why the tuition of Lo Ban Pai is so important for me.

I have certainly learned the importance of being attuned to the heart by being loving at all moments of time. In this process, I have realized how my presence in this universe is a reflection of all things that expressing itself through the essence of the creative force that appears from the source energy. However, there is also a matter of truth that I cannot move my eyes away from and this truth is a compilation of everything that this universe have to offer including the good and the evil forces.

This is the reason why living the truth can be so hard since my energies reflect factors that most people are scared of facing and this makes me feel the volatile energy that comes from my surroundings because of my empathetic nature. 

Every time there is a negative energy around my space that brings me down, there is always Lujan Matus to turn towards to make me shift to a mood that has positivity written all over.

The Lo Ban Pai would surely allow me to understand the mysteries behind what this subtle energies offer and what I can do in order to bring balance so that I am always at an alignment with the mind, body and spirit and thus moving forward towards the path of love and happiness.

Sejan Rahman









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  1. Once I heard somewhere, this journey of being the essence of the universe has a starting but has no ending.

    Best of luck my brother for unlocking the mysteries that’s waiting forth. <3

  2. Hi Sejan,
    Thank you for your experience. I have to agree that one of the hardest parts of my journey was trying to fit myself in with my family, it was like my puzzle piece had changed. I had this constant feeling of wanting to change my family and the feeling of responsibility towards their pain weighed heavy on me. This is what I realized almost 7years later; Sometimes my trying to help them was self serving to feed my demon of feeling sorry for them and was never received well as any unsolicited advice was construed as criticism. I felt like I couldn’t change unless they changed. I realized that in a non linear way, if I let the change happen within myself first my heritage back in time can and will also change. A big step was also to look at my family members as “whole” governing their own lives, rather than needing me to fix them. I hope this is of help towards your journey. I slowly started disconnecting the anchors in my heart that would cause me pain, stayed true to myself with my communication to my family and act with love as much as I can, miraculously I started seeing change and the joy from that is beyond imagination. Much love, Lujeanne

    • Thank you Lujeanne! You are absolutely right. At the end of the day we all want love and happiness in your loves and this certainly is an oppurtinity for us to reflect with our presence what it truly means.

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