Seeking the Silent Rhythmic Spiral


This application for the 2017 Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by Eli.  If you would like to offer your support for Eli please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

I would deeply appreciate to be the one to receive this scholarship with Lujan Matus. However, whilst it would be a deep confirmation of initiation within my heart, I’ve recognized that my main intention for writing a submission stems from a place of inspiration in finding my own clarity and depth of understanding of why I am drawn to this path and choosing to walk with full commitment.

It is inspiring to read the submissions thus far and I know this opportunity will find a willing heart well and with that I trust in finding myself learning Lo Ban Pai from Lujan when it is right for me to be doing just that.

A friend lent me The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception. As I started reading it the intertwining affect into my life occurred, immediate and arousing like an acupuncture needle stimulating a point long gone into stagnancy, yet beckoning attention through its painful expression.

Chapter to chapter reflections were synchronizing into my life experiences either directly before or after reading them. I am left in be wonderment at the parallels between themes in the book and those I have been naturally drawn to throughout my life, intricate aspects aligning with my past experiences.

It was as though the wisdom and power infused within this book could actively reach out into my life, or perhaps through opening my awareness to something beyond my own programming, I was able to witness my own creations attempting to integrate the teachings into my immediate experiences.

Subsequent synchronicities of having Lujan’s name mentioned to me from multiple sources, has confirmed this is the path I want to be walking. Material has come at just the right time to gently guide me further along the way, it makes me giggle when I see the universal orchestration of such events. A deep trust in the magic of spirit is grounding deeper into my being more and more.

It is through my own personal struggles and experiences I have come to a space where I feel this is what I want to immerse myself into. I have tripped and fallen many times, before and after following Lujan’s teachings. Be it old habits, addiction or self-destructive patterns re-emerging. Or the slippery coercive nature of the social dilemma catching me off guard where my self-importance has taken hold or I haven’t yet cultivated enough power to meet the circumstances.

Since “one cannot say they have made a mistake, but rather one is living by the consequences of their actions” is deeply empowering for me, to accept what will come back to me and how to respond to this knowing.

To rise from the ashes with a balance of will power and surrender brings me continually back to this jewel of a reference point, starting again to enter and finding sanctuary within the first gate, what a gift!

I have fallen enough to realize my humanness and from this space I deeply care for people, humanity and our collective struggle. I sense the profound change that this Three treasures workshop would impart into my reality.

In the past, I know I could ‘say’ I’m grateful but now my gratitude would be an act of expressing it through a balanced wholesome discipline. Thereby honoring and allowing myself to fully receive the wisdom, cultivate healthy clean energy and give back to all that I may be of service to.

Being a teacher/leader in training of a rhythmic mediation process that is based on primal rhythmic pulsation. I have discovered close parallels to how the drum and rhythmic layers, lead in the right way, can invoke similar states of simultaneous perception, primal awareness and inner silence. What I have integrated so far is steering me towards a deeper reconnection and relative coordination within the frequencies and vibrations that reside within all things, like the ever-present natural living rhythms within nature, within us.

I am deeply drawn to learn Lo Ban Pai from Lujan, so I may learn to cultivate true power and reclaim lost energy. To live with strength of spirit and integrity.

To cultivate the inner seer, if it is my path. To rediscover why I am here and how to authentically function in my most optimum energetic nature…

Ultimately to delve deep into the heart..

Thank you for your attention, your presence.

With love,

Western Australia

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1 Comment
  1. How interesting, to read this post thinking that another ‘Eli’ wrote it, only to discover it is this Eli, the one whom I am journeying with in Rhythm! I personally know two Eli’s who passionately drawn to Lujan’s trainings.

    I can hear the sincerity, maturity and humility of Eli’s voice in this application. Although I have not undergone training myself, I have lived with others who have been cultivating this practice, for similar reasons of deepening strength and authenticity in their walk in the world. It is a beautiful and admirable goal.

    Knowing Eli personally, I can feel his potential, and that the Lo Ban Pai scholarship will not be wasted on him. Eli is destined to receive and radiate a bright bright light in the world, with the right guidance. His humility paired with his humour, as is infused in his writing above, are his allies.

    I wish Eli well on his path, may synchronicity, (and chaos) continue you guide and inspire you!

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