Parallel Perception Scholarship Winner


To all the Parallel Perception Scholarship participants I send you all my loving gratitude for your input in this program. For those of you that I do not choose, please do not be disheartened. Keep entering every year. Eventually someone will win. Don’t lose faith.

You have touched me very deeply. I am immensely grateful for all your loving and caring words.

This year we have decided to send every participant all of my eBooks, rather than just choosing ten applicants. Everybody’s entries were so elegantly written and all are equally deserving.

Every applicant will receive PDF versions of:

The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception

Awakening the Third Eye

Shadows in the Twilight

Whisperings of the Dragon

So please send an email to requesting how to access the downloads  so that this can be fulfilled for you.

The winner of the scholarship this year is Charlie. You can read his application here:

Seeking Transcendence of Negativity and True Healing

Congratulations and I look forward to working with you in the near future. We will contact you via email soon but if you read this before please don’t hesitate to contact us earlier.

Lots of love to everybody. You are all in my heart.

For all participants that applied for the scholarship program, you are all eligible for the early bird price for the Three Treasures workshop in Thailand until November 30th. We recommend registering as soon as possible if you are interested due to limited space available.

Workshop Registration


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  1. There’s no way to fully express the gratitude here 🙏🏽
    Thank you very much!

  2. Congratulations, Charlie – and all the rest of you! And you, Matus, for the wealth of applicants to carry on your work…


  3. Congratulations Charlie! As you wait for this gaze about you at all that you have good in life. Absorb it, and when you are with Lujan let it fill the unfolding wisdom that will cascade from within and without.

    I too sought this and have through long readership of Lujan’s books about six years ago. This year I did not apply for I recently was diagnosed with liver cancer, and therefore I will not be here long to absorb the interaction.

    Much love to you Charlie, and I believe you will benefit in ways beyond comprehension. I know I have, and that was just through written words.

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