Digital Consciousness TV Interview with Nagual Lujan Matus

This is a wonderful interview that I did with Tenille Bentley from Digital Consciousness TV. I found her to be a very soft, intuitive individual. I am sure you will realize the same when listening to her voice.

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  1. Beautiful, thank you both!

    • You’re most welcome Edward

      • Thanks for shouting out to my film Tenille! The Cosmic Giggle is free on YouTube, and I’ve been so grateful to receive such positive feedback for it, which I think is largely thanks to Lujan!

        • Thanks Michael it is an incredible film. Loved it! Well done.

  2. Can I just live a Life that has to be lived?

  3. I really enjoyed it.

    Vision of GOD. I don’t recall Lujan ever using this word in his books, not in that way at least. So it must have been a big deal.

  4. I love you both

  5. Tenille and Lujan speaks directly to each other. Yet to the listener, their conversation is multi-layer. The topics covered also has a message to the individual who listens with his inner silence aligned with the concepts being discussed. Some of the topics truly speaks to my present situation right now as if Lujan is directly referring to me. So thank you both for the elucidation.

  6. Aaahhh, so good to hear these two beautiful voices! Thank you for this gift. Lots of love ❤️ Monnie

    • Ah beautiful Monnie I have you to thank for contributing to this connection xx

  7. Absolutely wonderful interview!! Tenille you have a wonderful energy and wisdom…. with every interview and exposure to the Nagual’s teaching I find myself with more clarity, yet more and deeper questions arise, and the passion to live in truth and integrity becomes overwhelming. Deepest gratitude to you both!

  8. Lujan can you say more about how to recognize your environment (47:32), and how can you actually do this if it’s constantly changing, what specifically are you looking for.

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