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Lujan Matus: Shamanic Guidance

Lujan Matus is making ripples in the space-time continuum. A multi-faceted shamanic teacher, Lujan is the author of three revolutionary books on consciousness and evolution. ‘The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception’, ‘Awakening the Third Eye’, ‘Shadows in the Twilight’ and ‘Whispering of the Dragon’ are full of innovative wisdom and techniques that invite us to enter into that next level of human consciousness that we so dearly want to reach. His appearance on the global radar comes at a time when many are searching for practical guidance and looking for authenticity above all.

These are qualities students and followers immediately recognize in Lujan Matus. In a context where so many profess to have ‘the answers’, it is refreshing to find someone who has consistently put the work in to arrive where he is now and who something new to offer. Here is a man who has learned how to tap into a vast and infinite source of information, the universe itself. Meet Lujan Matus.

Countless individuals have found their lives enriched in ways beyond what they previously thought possible through their personal encounters with Lujan’s work.

Parallel Perception: A Global Community of Light Warriors

Many of these people have come into contact with him through participating on the parallel perception blog and/or by reading one of his books. Others have traveled across the world to meet him in person and receive one of his many forms of transmission. Through physical training, meditation, dreaming and gazing techniques, and healing sessions, Lujan has a gift for instigating lasting and wonderful changes. Even the simple act of being in the company of such a uniquely evolved person is a powerful catalyst for change.

At the Parallel Perception Shamanism Forum we discover a thriving shamanic community. On the site there is a lot of information about all the different practices Lujan offers as a teacher, as well as extracts from his writing and a large number of astonishing testimonials from his students.

The hotbed of activity however, is the Parallel Perception Forum, which has grown from humble beginnings into a mind-blowing example of collective consciousness raising.A fertile garden of exchanges from people of all around the globe, this forum navigates through a range of subjects that captures the imagination of dreamers, personal growth enthusiasts, time travelers and quantum physicists alike. Participants are drawn together through shared recognition of the power and integrity of the teachings that Lujan gives of generously here in literally thousands of posts.

Personal Development, Heightened Awareness and Lucid Dreaming

Upon closer investigation it is easy to understand the excitement about the information that he is making available to both the curious and the committed. Centered on exploring concepts, principles and values conveyed in hundreds of subject threads, the emphasis is on personal growth, truthfulness, dimensional accounts, awareness and evolution. Open since 2004, it has developed into a labyrinth of learning and discovery, full of fascinating topics put forth by various individuals, which are thoroughly explored by members of the community.

The momentum and direction of the forum is guided by the original intent of Lujan Matus and his lineage of dreaming teachers. Taking part asks for an open engagement to bring forth what is truly within your heart. The process itself inevitably throws up challenges, where regular participants and visitors encounter themselves and others and are delivered into the elusive moment that presents itself and then vanishes forever.

What comes to the table can be in relation to ourselves or our environment, memories, power struggles, dreaming strata, artistic pursuits, love lives, or practically anything else that falls into the broad category of existence. And that’s not including the subjects that remain uncategorizable. Through a process of reflected and shared learning, participants find themselves in new territories of self-discovery, forging new relationships with ‘reality’, loved ones, and experiencing significant shifts in perceptual abilities and attitudes.

Spiritual University

Indeed, this forum has become like a kind of virtual university with a highly unusual curriculum; a portal into human potential, crossed with a personalized workshop that addresses you – in all your prismatic glory, as you are now. The keen focus of the peers, healers, teachers, sufferers, dreamers, students and fellow human beings to be encountered here bring one’s current state into sharp focus. It is a special kind of contact and communication that takes place. Did I mention that it can also be known to open portholes into parallel worlds? There are many who will concur.

Inspirational Community

For a lot of people, participation in this community from wherever they are in the world has become a real source of inspiration and support. It is a way to stay in touch with what is beyond the obvious, what lies beneath our all too material human adventure of existence, and to dig for the inner gold that we all know is in there somewhere. In this most luminous of virtual meeting grounds, we share a glimpse of something that is transcendent of socio-culturally imposed limitations, yet which is traversed through real experiences, real interactions, and is manifestly by and about real people on a journey that encompasses myriad levels of human existence.It is truly inspiring to witness this growing international community mobilizing around the magical principles of universal connectivity, personal introspection and responsibility and honest, heartfelt communication.

A high quality of exchange, fluidity of perceptual capacities and the clearly apparent desire to evolve, grow and heal through sharing stories and insight are consistently appearing on the parallel perception forum. This phenomenon alone is a real indication of the power of what Lujan Matus is bringing to light.

A Supportive Environment

The atmosphere welcomes vulnerability and those who display anything other than their truth are alerted to this with compassion and directness. In dealing honestly with ourselves and cleaning up our act in terms of what contribute to our circumstances (whether in the virtual, immediate or dreaming realms) we free our attention to become available for greater possibilities, more expansive perceptions. In fact we clear up the channels of our universal link.In a nurturing environment of profound care, self- releasing honesty and piercing insight, these attributes spread contagiously, resulting in personal accounts and interactions that are nothing short of amazing.

The breadth of topics covered range from personal to galactic, covering childhood imprints, interpersonal relationships, dreaming accounts, alien phenomena, transdimensional teachings, luminous beings, light networks and many other fascinating areas whose essence is rarely explored with such depth and lucidity. The scope of what is being openly spoken about here is quite frankly extraordinary. All kinds of incredible occurrences are taking place in ordinary people’s lives.

Shamanic Warriors: Nagualism and The Toltec Tradition

The opportunity to share, describe, analyze and deepen these experiences is proving to be profoundly enriching for lone warriors trying to make their way in this mysterious and complex world. For a fix of mystic synchronicity, heart wisdom, the camaraderie of fellow seekers or an intelligent discussion about how to overcome the barriers that keep us from our true potential, you can’t get fresher than this. Do yourself a favor and take the time to check out the Parallel Perception Forum. Prepare to be delivered to your heart and beyond.

All are welcome to become involved in the Parallel Perception online shamanism community to explore and discuss shamanic concepts that present themselves in the fluctuating stratosphere of human awareness.

Community members examine nagualism, Toltec traditions, lucid dreaming, dreaming techniques, warriorship, sorcery and other topics of relevance to those who are on a path to personal power and self-realization.

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