The Nagual’s Double – Part Four

“Close your eyes.” I realize I am staring at him. It is a simple request…”listen to the music.” For some reason I wonder where this is going. Lujan appears far away and giant at the same time, a sign I have come to recognize signaling shifts in awareness. I close my eyes and immediately feel myself being split. One part moves in stillness with the music while the other part sits moved to distraction. The second part feels foreign, invaded by static. The duality itself feels strangely familiar. I sense I may have dreamed this way for a long time, lost to myself. My awareness ping pongs between the two.

“Open your eyes. You can bring what you have captured within the music into this room.” I hear him but don’t believe this can happen. I feel if I open my eyes I will loose the “me” that exists within the music. As I open my eyes the distracted me dissolves while the stillness expands becoming my totality. The feeling is brand new. No thing is out of place. The feeling is an absolute knowing within reflected back to me from everywhere. Joy arises within me.

Lujan is smiling. ‘How do you feel?” I have no desire to speak. I am at peace. There is nothing happening all at once. I am happy gazing into my own ‘being-ness’. “Are your legs buzzing?” He asks. They are buzzing. So are my arms, chest and the top of my head. My whole body is buzzing. “Do you feel high?” Clearly I am very altered. I start to laugh. I am very high. It is a kind of high lucidity.

“Look around the room. We are here, present but not interfering.” He is right. There is no interference. Nothing, absolutely nothing is going on. Stillness exploding. I am at ease and possess a profound sense of wellbeing. I enjoy immensely the feeling of being inside my body. I can sense everything about the room and everything outside the room and in the garden. Time stops to explain each moment.

In this moment Lujan reveals many things about eternity, awareness and the natural world. I know the truth of his words but do not have enough personal power to maintain the information in a linear way. He doesn’t stop to ask if I understand. It feels like he is talking to my energy body as much as to my intelligence. I am able to listen intently without effort, receiving his words into my heart space. His revelations make me laugh out loud. Joy envelops me.

I ask Lujan if he altered my awareness by some means or by transmission. He explains that although his presence is a catalyst, it is our neurotransmitters, which have a receptor site that welcomes naturally produced DMT from the pineal gland, that produces this state of awareness. He said that his benefactor took him and they traveled this way, in a bubble.

“I have been traveling ever since. I never came back. You don’t have to come back. It is a choice. You can just keep going, and never come back.”

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