Awakening the Energy Body


In this program Lujan will teach the initiate various methods to open and enliven the internal channels.

Awakening the Energy Body is the entry program to Lo ban Pai, the Dragon Gate system that Lujan Matus teaches. Lujan imparts the fundamental movements that promote energy cultivation through Spiral Energetics to awaken the body and enliven the internal energy channels.

Dragon Gates

Entering Dragon Gates is the key to experiential spiritual growth in Lo Ban Pai. These gates are elusive, yet ever-present and right in front of us, within us and all around us at all times. They are called the gates of the dragon via the fact that one feels them, yet they cannot be seen. When the initiate passes through a gate the experience is never left behind, perennially persisting until totally integrated.

Activate the Body

For energy cultivation to be successful, the body must be opened and switched on, so as to become aware and receptive to the elusive elements that are all-encompassing and surrounding us at every moment. Through the extensive programming of socialization our bodies have been caught in an expectancy system that creates blockages to our ability to sense and utilize these elements.

Conditioning for Alignment

In Awakening the Energy Body you will be taught how to lengthen and activate ligaments and tendons so as to realign your being with the primary essence of your power. While some elements are physically demanding, the disciplined practitioner will be greatly rewarded with an increase in physical fitness, strength and endurance, as well as mental clarity and focus. It increases strength of will, enabling the practitioner to harness the power of unbending intent in order to facilitate transformation.

Energy Cultivation : Fire Turtles

Lujan will teach the initiate various methods to open and enliven the internal energy channels. This includes the rarely taught Fire Turtles chi gong and Whip-snake sequence as part of a series of exercises that generates energy and encourages it to stream throughout the body’s energy field both externally and internally via a pounding pressure that emanates from the heart center. Here the initiate will also be introduced to a movement called “twisted roots” from Whispering Palms, to fully open the toroidal field of the heart that in turn strengthens the magnetism of the hands.

The Fundamental Movement System: Spiral Energetics

Learning how to coil via the golden equation through movement is the basic essence of Lo Ban Pai. Also called Spiral Energetics, this ancient shamanic system employs coiling movements to access, activate, nurture and apply energy to achieve goals of healing, finding clarity and spiritual growth.


• Awakening the Energy Body includes instruction in a self-massage technique, which enlivens the external wei chi, which is our protective immunity that emanates from the skin. This will slow down the process of aging.

• The Thunder Dance is also taught in this program. It is a powerful space-clearing practice and can be used anywhere.

• The invocation techniques that Lujan teaches in this course will strengthen and fortify the immune system and awaken the body to its full potential and inherent capacity to absorb vast amounts of the electromagnetic energy that surrounds us.

• This program also includes instruction in the meditation technique, The Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake.

Depending on the aptitude of the student, portions of the next program – Windlock – will be taught as preparation for the next step.

5 Day Program

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