Dragon’s Tears/ Lo Ban Pai


Dragon’s Tears is an elegant series of movements that reveal to the warrior the transcendent essence of our true nature. It is a timeless form that flows like water, generating powerful and soothing chi, which courses in and around the body.

The Tears of the Dragon introduce the initiate to the blue spectrum of light; the highest form of frequency that beckons us to be aware of it at all times.

Disciplined practice of Dragon’s Tears will dramatically impact your life, clearing stagnant energy and strengthening the body as well as enhancing perception, health and longevity.

Awakening Body Consciousness

Dragon’s Tears helps one forget themselves – the socially embedded being – so that one can remember the most precious gift we have; the intangible self that witnesses its own journey at the moment that escapes our ability to possess it.

The primary impact that this has on human awareness is to subdue the internal social underpinnings so that one’s body consciousness may be awakened absolutely.

The energetic waves that gently pulsate through one’s being dissolve all manner of machinations until one is free to experience the beauty of oneself, thus expanding into the magnificence of heartfelt unity with all that is.

Energy Activation

The energy accessed when practicing Dragon’s Tears is immediately tangible, by virtue of the fact that it activates each chakra individually. The effects may be perceived as an intense electromagnetism in the hands, which eventually saturates one’s whole being, or as subtle circulating energetic currents that caress the skin as they are gently absorbed.

Transformation of Awareness

The introduction of these exercises immediately transforms awareness through a physicality that awakens dormant aspects of perception. From the outset, one is brought into a state of heightened consciousness that comes about through the stimulation of both physical and energetic channels in the body and the absorption of one’s attention in this magical practice.

Unique Movements Akin to Chi Gong

Visually the form bears some resemblance to ancient Chinese Chi Gong, yet has its own unique fluidity, immediacy and subtle power that distinguish its character and results. Its circular sweeping movements address the full sphere of the energy body, following invisible magnetic currents that increasingly come to the forefront of awareness for the practitioner.

Once the warrior reaches a level of competency, the body appears to be rotating on many axes at once, while the directional path of each gesture remains clear and unbroken as one’s attention becomes unified with the movements.

Lucid Dreaming: Group Consciousness

When practicing the Dragon’s Tears, one of the most noted effects that occurs in large workshops – other than the trance-like state it promotes – is that many participants align and begin to dream lucidly with Lujan.

When learning this series, deep delta to epsilon brainwave patterns are reached. This allows the initiate to become aware of the corresponding pattern that creates lucid dreaming. Here is where Lujan will retrieve you and teach you Dragon’s Tears in a visionary state during your sleeping hours.


This is a two-week program consisting of two levels that can be undertaken as single weeks if preferred. This provides the student with the opportunity to learn the program in two separate 5-day sessions or attend for the complete two-week program.

Dragon’s Tears can be undertaken at any stage during the Spiral Energetics training. No prerequisites are required unlike most of the other programs.

Level 1: 5 Days
Level 2: 5 Days
Complete Program: 10 Days

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