Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake: The Secrets of Whisperings of the Dragon


The Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake is a meditation technique utilized by warriors to access and cultivate the coveted state of ‘inner silence’ while the practitioner remains fully alert. This method has been hidden for centuries and is now being revealed by Lujan Matus.

Inner Silence

Shutting off the inner dialogue is a primary esoteric requirement that allows one access to the silent reservoir already present within. The Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake facilitates this process.

Once accessed, this reservoir of silence becomes a source of personalized information that informs the practitioner. This serves to guide one about needs, issues, and anything else pertinent to living one’s life to its full potential.

With practice the warrior begins to experience long periods of inner silence until it becomes second nature. This enables the initiate to be clearer about themselves and therefore to view and live their life differently.

Heightened Awareness

The state developed by this practice will yield other by-products. One such primary focus is a feeling of such extreme comfort that develops that the body does not want to leave this reservoir. Déjà vu and precognition are other examples of a unique type of seeing that will occur.

Overcoming Social Conditioning

The eight gates are a unique practice. Lujan will instruct the initiate how to redirect their eyes, ears and breath to the appropriate directions.

The first three major gates instill inner silence immediately. The trance-like inducement allows Lujan to travel deeply to guide the initiate through any socialized barriers that may appear. This allows a permanent change of what one has become aware of and cultivates a connection with our natural state of being.

These three techniques are natural but hidden behind a veil of normality. Once this veil is taken down it can no longer be ignored.

Body Consciousness

Once these three gates are entered and passed Lujan will instruct you how to dive deeply into the center of your photonic potential and remain within the central matrix of your body consciousness.

The practice will not only affect the practitioner but also anybody in their immediate vicinity, propelling them into inner silence and a feeling of exquisite comfort.

Controlled Folly

Lujan will also teach the three techniques that are connected with being, knowing and doing, which is the essential doorway to the not doing of controlled folly.

Rapid Results

This process will not take years. It will take days or weeks and continue to deepen as a practice. This is in stark contrast with approaches of other esoteric schools, many with ancient roots, where this level takes years to achieve.

The eight gates can be done on its own or ideally after any of the Spiral Energetics practices. The student can determine the duration of the meditation.

The Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake is now taught as a component of the Transformational Healing and Meditation program.

The practical application of this technique is also outlined in detail in the workbook manual Whisperings of the Dragon: Shamanic Practices to Awaken Your Primal Power that Lujan specifically wrote as a guideline for this course.

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