Golden Lotus Series/ Lo Ban Pai


This program teaches two sets that are seamlessly woven together as one. They are a medical chi gong regimen that equals the most powerful practices found in China.

They build a functional bridge between personal energy and energy at large and give access to the ability to store chi in the dantiens. This program completes the foundation level.


With the standardization of the system the name of this program was changed from The Quetzalcoatl Mayan Winged Serpent Series to The Golden Lotus because the new program has integrated both these sets to optimize their combined power.

The Quetzalcoatl is the shorter series with a specific healing focus. The Golden Lotus is an advanced series that incorporates the Quetzalcoatl and has a wider energy cultivation scope and higher potency as a health and longevity practice.

The Quetzalcoatl Mayan Winged Serpent Series

The Mayan Winged Serpent Series was taught by Quetzalcoatl in Central America 1500 years ago. It is a more basic version of the Golden Lotus but with an added element of healing through the absorption of moon energy.

The series contains wide sweeping circles that trace lines all around the body to create a matrix in the energy field. This matrix is nourished and strengthened with daily morning practice performed indoors.

The Healing Energy of the Moon

Once a month the set is performed in front of the full moon. Moon energy has a special healing quality. The Quetzalcoatl is a unique way to cultivate the skill of connecting to energy at large.

Both sets are performed in a static stance that builds strength and endurance. This connects the practitioner to a wellspring of vital energy that is absorbed from the moon that rises up through the body to the palms to embrace the sky.

The Golden Lotus Series

The Golden Lotus expands on the Quetzalcoatl through the addition of dragon coiling and the Whispering Palms gateway, which significantly increases energy generation and flow. These techniques open up the toroidal field of the heart to enliven the three main central channels thus clearing the meridian system.

Plasmic shocks in the lower dantien often occur as the chi makes itself available to the awareness of the practitioner. This is an essential experience so one can learn to store energy.

Energy Cultivation

Golden Lotus is the first major energy cultivation set. Together with the fire turtles and the initial twisted root learned in previous programs, it helps ground the very important element of storing chi in the practitioner’s discipline.

The practice beckons the force of the infinite to make itself felt, thus learning to sense and connect with this energy at large which also has applications for the development of awareness.

Health and Longevity Chi gong

The ancient Oriental approach to health is systemic and holistic. This translates into medical chi gong that works to balance and unblock on one hand while strengthening and nurturing simultaneously.

Diseased aspects of the system are moved towards balance while healthy elements are supported to establish sustainability and longevity. A healthy system is each warrior’s unique and custom-built tool for transformation.

Meditative Practices & Moon Gazing

The Quetzalcoatl Series has an accompanying elemental meditation – described in Lujan’s book Awakening the Third Eye. – where the practitioner absorbs the moon’s energy and utilizes its caress for healing. The moon gazing technique is practiced after performing the set when the moon is full.

Lucid Dreaming

The Golden Lotus is used for promoting very deep and profound states of lucid dreaming. Unlike normal dreaming states, the Golden Lotus produces visionary imagery that contains an enormous amount of information.

This is via the fact that the energy of the full moon imprints upon the consciousness of the practitioner. Thus opening a visionary portal instead of the dreamer falling into imprinted socialized dreaming sequences, which is one of the pitfalls of the old sorcerers method of traversing the second attention.

The practice is repeated four times evenly spaced during the evening of the full moon. This produces a very unique lucidity in combination with the ascension moon-gazing techniques elucidated in Awakening the Third Eye.

Shamanic Recapitulation

In this series Lujan will teach the lost art of recapitulation, which is not to be mistaken with the recapitulation methods taught by Carlos Castaneda. The initiate will learn to reconnect with their sovereign central matrix and to take present composites of data to be resolved with three magical techniques.

Neural Net Connectivity

The practice of the Golden Lotus is trained on a daily basis so as to fortify the physical neural net in terms of becoming familiar with electromagnetic possibilities that are inherently embedded within the movements.

5 Day Program

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