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Shamanism and the Heart

In all traditions where shamanism is an integral part of life, it is acknowledged that the center of our perception – and of our very being – is the heart.

The heart is more than just the focal point of our emotions, or the organ that pumps blood and life force through our veins. It is the center from which we intuit, translate and process our experiences.

Shamanic guidance therefore, must essentially begin with clearing the heart of all that blocks its free and natural expression.

Beginning the Shamanic Journey

Identifying the issues that surround a person’s heart energy is the most direct way to enter into a shamanic journey. More often than not, heart issues are related to what has been imprinted within a person’s childhood and how these imprints have been – and continue to be – prevalent in a person’s life.

Whatever surrounds the heart creates an interpretation system that governs experience. More, precisely it impacts how you transform what occurs and how that defines you as an individual. A clear heart is synonymous with innocence and purity.

Shamanic Guidance as a Tool for Personal Growth

How can we use shamanism to access our true innocence as adults?

We have to be honest, vulnerable and raw. For most people this is a daunting prospect. To exist in this state can represent a loss of ‘advantage’ or a frightening renouncement of the tactical behaviors that are developed over a lifetime.

In response to those experiences that have injured us somehow, defense mechanisms, strategies and fears which do not belong to the heart’s realm become lodged there through repetition, emotional anchoring and compromised behaviors. Even though we continue to be damaged by the perpetuation of such behaviors, we are afraid that giving them up will put us into a position of unbearable vulnerability.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing begins with a process of returning to innocence and rebuilding our strength from that foundation, which does not leave room for unwholesome elements or manipulative tools.

In shamanic guidance as in life, what we want is not always what we need and a predetermined format may not be the most beneficial path to follow.

This is why online shamanic guidance with the nagual Lujan Matus is directed by clear and unmistakable indications of the moment. Thus what is applied is in accordance with the true requirements of that moment in order for maximum growth and learning to occur.

For some this may seem to be mysterious as a format but those who participate testify that this approach produces unprecedented personal revelations and profound energetic transformation.

Transformation and Emotional Freedom

What comes to the surface during the shamanic guidance program are the pertinent issues, challenges and opportunities that need to be addressed; recognized, let go of, transformed or embraced, in order to go beyond existing limitations, boundaries and blockages.

These elements are in fact magical cues that have the potential to lead us to a more awakened state, when interpreted from a shamanic perspective. From this point of departure we are re-introduced to both the power and the responsibility we have as co-creators of a living dream. Not only does this open up a greater understanding and sense of unity but also unlocks our ability to transcend behaviors, injuries and prejudices that create what entraps us.

Spiritual Techniques

In terms of practical applications, Lujan Matus also teaches techniques that are clearly defined and tangibly effective. They can immediately be applied by a practitioner, whether they have previous experience with this kind of work or not.

The online shamanic guidance program incorporates all of the teachings from the Transformational Healing and Meditation program.

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