Shadow Fist Fundamentals/ Lo Ban Pai


Shadow Fist Fundamentals introduces the initiate to foundation movements of the Shadow Fist Kung Fu system of Lo Ban Pai.

State of No Mind

In ancient times it was essential to have lightning reflexes that manifest before the mind realizes its outcome. The fighting art of Lo Ban Pai was used by master Lo Ban to protect himself while traveling the trade routes.

The history of Shadow Fist can be traced back to the Yellow Emperor. It was utilized by the bodyguards of the royal family and generals of the Chinese army.

Internal Martial Art

The Shadow Fist system – or Black Fist as it was once known – deploys extremely advanced routines that set a precedent for a combined regimen that is applied to the esoteric field of the onslaught of an aggressor.

The effects of the sounds and impact of the blows that are applied confuses the attackers neural net and creates an irreversible state of inertia that subdues their visual cortex for a few moments. This is the reason why it was named Black Fist by those who were on the receiving end.

Energy Cultivation

Shadow Fist is a perfect art for male and female practitioners for building power, confidence and an enduring, stable solar plexus that protects ones heart center. The techniques open the practitioner to enormous amounts of electromagnetic potential. It is a short, sharp and direct system of movement.

Yin Chi

In Shadow Fist Fundamentals the warrior will learn two sacred emperor stances plus martial routines – mobile and static stances – that develop enormous amounts of power. These movements are developed by drawing upon the vast amounts of yin chi that has been cultivated through all the previous practices of Lo Ban Pai.

Even though the movements seem to be forceful and direct – or yang – the primary force behind their impact is a very heavy electromagnetic reservoir of yin chi that is accessed primarily through these two emperor poses.

Shamanic Communion

The Shadow Fist routines can be trained every second day alternately with Windlock. These movements increase ones ability to absorb and manifest the yin energy that is produced by the earth and surrounds the practitioner as explosive power and energy generated through the forearms and fists. This act in itself creates an everlasting communion with the planet.

They also foster health and promote longevity, supporting the warrior to rise every morning with vigor and unrelenting positivity for the activities of the oncoming day.

It is of worthy note to mention that the fundamentals of Shadow Fist Kung Fu are extremely advanced in comparison to other martial arts systems presently available.

5 Day Program

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