Shadow Fist Kung Fu: Advanced Techniques/ Lo Ban Pai

Shadow Fist Kung Fu is a very direct and formidable martial art. In the Dragon Gate system of Lo Ban Pai it is revered and was once called “Black Fist”. It was used to guard and protect the emperors of China.

Through performing Shadow Fist the warrior will ultimately be introduced to the latent energy that is stored within. This practice reinforces inherent will power, which can then be applied to all facets of one’s life.

The Energy Cultivation Path

All of the elements of Lo Ban Pai set the fundamental groundwork of energetics for Shadow Fist Kung Fu. Traditionally the practitioner is taught how to cultivate and generate chi before they learn to harness it – firstly as an energetic reservoir of power – and later as a martial skill.

Through Shadow Fist Fundamentals and Windlock the container of the physical and energy bodies is defined and developed to align the warrior’s movements with their bioelectromagnetic potential.

Next, Spiral Energetics aligns the coiling arm movements with the energetic template through Whispering Palms.

Then the Jaguar, Small Mountain, Three Treasures and Plum Blossom techniques refine the now aligned gestures for more specific purposes – including the martial application in Shadow Fist Kung Fu.

The Martial Art

Shadow Fist is a close-quarter, short-force impact system with a speed of delivery that is immeasurable in comparison to other martial arts. It is fast and effective, which is the reason why it was deployed to protect royalty.

• The system is up-close and direct.
• Coiling motions seamlessly explode into forward-thrusting attacks and back into the whirlwind flow again.
• Advancing footwork maintains and shortens the bridge to the opponent where Shadow Fist techniques are performed.

The speed of the Shadow Fist movements is facilitated by maintaining a tight frame of motion that coils along paths natural to the body and energy flow.

Esoteric Application

The practice creates two forward-thrusting clockwise and anti-clockwise vortexes in front of the solar plexus and heart center. This forms a shield of protection for the seer and stabilizes the kinesthetic knowledge that has been developed from all previous movement forms that have been learned.

Many students ask how can they defend themselves from the onslaught of negativity and yet stay detached. Shadow Fist offers a way to be fully engaged, direct and confident, while being guarded by the protective energetics created by this system.

Program Topics

• Shadow Fist Kung Fu advanced techniques.
• Wall bag skills to teach the practical application of the short-force method.
• Two-man set drills – sticking and pushing hands.
• Spontaneous reflex response.
• Development of internal energetics as a tool for focusing the short-force principle.

5 Day Program

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