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Small Mountain is the fast coiling sister set of the Jaguar Series. It completes the Three Treasures set of Lo Ban Pai and gives the initiate a stronger understanding of the potential martial applications of Shadow Fist Kung Fu.

The Jaguar and Small Mountain forms are two parts of one whole. They are traditionally taught and practiced individually to highlight and train specific aspects of form, energy cultivation and awareness.

Once both forms have been assimilated individually, they are absorbed into the Three Treasures set and become amalgamated as one integral whole.

The integration of Small Mountain occurs faster than with the Jaguar series because by this stage the practitioner is more experienced at dragon coiling.

Enhancing Personal Power and Intuition

Small Mountain is a rapid coiling set with a focus on applying power in straight-line thrusting movements– combined with the coiling shadowless elbow – that are powerfully placed in front of the center of the solar plexus. These physical placements strengthen the will power and determination of the practitioner.

This form has its origins rooted deeply in the elegance of Northern Mantis and White Eyebrow styles. This is coupled with the grounding foundation of a drunken element, which is also applied in the Jaguar Series. This application of drunkenness roots the central core of the warrior’s personal power to the lower cauldron.

The main differences between the Jaguar Series and Small Mountain is that the latter employs a unique gateway that utilizes the hurricane fist. This technique is married with the shadowless elbow to create twin cone-like vortexes, which like the Jaguar Series, displace the time-space continuum, allowing the warrior retrospective glimpses into the unknown.

Shadow Fist Martial Applications

Small Mountain adds the element of an explosive force within its application. This energy comes from an advantageous position created by dominating the bridge through blocking, deflecting or locking the opponent.

The shadowless elbow becomes hidden, which increases its speed and also the power of the trapping, stripping and locking applications that follow it.

While the Jaguar has a wide view or awareness – like radar – Small Mountain adds a component of direct laser focus that explodes out of coiling and back again. The speed at which this switch takes place, when first experienced, seems astounding and a testament to how this skill is built up in preparation phases.

The Shaman’s Awareness

Even though this is a martial set, its primary emphasis– as for everything in Lo Ban Pai – is on the growth of one’s perception into heightened realities that reveal the unfolding labyrinth that is our attention as beings upon our evolutionary path.

Small Mountain enhances focus within the midst of its complexity. This builds on the foundation of the Jaguar, which empowers a scanning awareness that can now dart instant flashes of insight to the warrior.

At this stage of training Lujan always emphasizes stillness within motion, for the application of knowledge is empty if one does not possess wisdom.

The Guardian Set

In Central America Lujan experienced direct contact with his double. The double is an exact duplicate of one’s human appearance. This was the fifth time that it had occurred in his lifetime. He has written about this one experience in “Shadows in the Twilight”.

On this occasion his double transmitted to him movements and the set that he learned from this transmission is called “The Guardian”. This set will be taught upon the completion of the Small Mountain.

This movement form has unique qualities to affect our reality interdimensionally, thereby protecting the shaman from the pressures of the unknown that inevitably become available through their discipline.

Another unique aspect of this coiling set is that the double will initiate its power upon anything that may be harmful towards the seer within this living construct. Thus it serves as a protective shield from negative external influences.

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