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spiraling-movement-workshopSpiral Energetics is an ancient shamanic system of spiritual development through the continuous cultivation of awareness, energy and alignment with the heart. It integrates perception-altering meditative practices with sets of movements that enliven the body’s energy system and awaken consciousness. Undiluted since ancient times, it offers a uniquely practical path to creating a fulfilling life.

The Nagual Lujan Matus – who is the current bearer of the system – named it ‘Lo Ban Pai’ in honor of his benefactor, a Chinese shaman by the name of Lo Ban. Rather uncannily “Lo Ban” also means ‘elegant/flourishing spirals’. This mirrors the modern English name of ‘Spiral Energetics’ which describes the signature coiling motions of the system.

Lujan describes Spiral Energetics as applied ‘esoteric secrets of the Tao’. Its application through the movement practices translates the ‘philosophical Tao’ of the ancients into reality. It does so in ways refreshingly unfettered by rituals, dogma and culturally inaccessible metaphors.

Structure and Scope of the System

Lo Ban Pai contains energy cultivation, healing, meditation and spiritual development practices, and even an embedded martial art, the learning of which is optional. 

The system is taught as practices in two broad categories:

  • Shamanic movement practices (Spiral Energetics)
  • Meditative practices.

All practices play an important role and offer a unique contribution to the system as an integrated whole.

Shamanic Movement Practices: Spiral Energetics

Spiral Energetics is the modern term applied to an ancient shamanic system of energy cultivation. Its signature spiraling movements are the functional key that allows practitioners to access, activate, nurture and apply energy to achieve their goals of healing, finding clarity and spiritual growth.

Discovered by observing nature on different levels, those pioneering shamans found the optimal way to apply themselves to attain these results. They eventually called this formula the ‘Tao’ – meaning “the way” (of doing and being). The genius of how they applied its principles to cultivate their electromagnetic potential through this coiling system is becoming apparent now that Quantum Science provides us with similar insights and a syntax to describe it.

Quantum physics

The science of quantum physics affirms the existence of an omnipresent shape of optimal motion in the known universe. It is commonly known as the Fibonacci sequence or spiral.

All natural energy patterns flow in these spirals, forming toroidal shapes like that of the human and planetary energy fields. Energy, liquids, gasses and the growth patterns of organic and inorganic forms, all follow this pattern precisely because it allows energy to be applied most efficiently. Spiral Energetics movements yield optimal results by following these same pathways.

Dragon Gates

Dragon gates are vortexes or ‘shen gongs’ inherent within and around the body. Through socialization they lose their inherent functionality. Spiral Energetics reactivates them so that these dormant vortexes act as the natural inter-dimensional portals that they are.

Unlike passive or still meditation that relies on abstract concepts, Spiral Energetics actively engages the etheric energy field and kinesthetic awareness. When the peripheral focus is placed on both activated palms, these two points form a hidden third location. This point creates a displacement of attention that allows the practitioner to locate and connect to the Dragon Gates.

This physical connection activates the shen-gongs as bi-directional portals for the practitioner to beckon, and for eternity to respond. This manifests the esoteric result of entering a Dragon Gate, which is an actual experience of communion with spirit. The gift of eternity is allowing one to glean insights even years after the event as one’s reality brings situations relevant to the insight.


Health is a dynamic state of balance which constitutes a flow of least resistance in both the human physical and etheric energy fields. Spiral energetics facilitates a means to realign the physical and energetic systems of the body through its natural spiral-based architecture. This alignment is established through harmonic resonance driven by performing the coiling, spiral motions.

Energy Cultivation

Spiral energetics movements support the body to function like a Tesla Coil, cultivating magnetic charge at the lower dan-tien which builds and rises through the central matrix to the heart and third eye. This generates an internal energetic coiling that opens the central channels, which in turn strengthens the toroidal photonic field around the body. Once sufficient energy has been generated it proliferates to bring the whole biofield into flow and unravel physical, mental and emotional blockages.

A Path With Heart

With an aligned central matrix, we embody our photonic potential as a mystery. As the practitioner shifts their focus away from the idea of self and personal history, the bonds of being located in a fixed position are loosened. Without this limited identity, we become a free conduit of the mystery, while centered deeply in a peaceful state of love and gratitude.

The practice of Spiral Energetics encourages inner silence and empowers each practitioner to discover their heart path, which will guide the application of their unique skills. This will further support each individual to follow their passions for life to their full potential, while adhering to a pure path of service to the greater good.

Meditative Practices

The system contains several meditative practices including the Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake, the Healing Meditation and several gazing sets with specific applications. These disciplines cultivate specific experiences that transform awareness.

Most important of these is the state of inner silence, which is utilized in all practices within the system. Results occur rapidly – within days or weeks – and can be immediately realized and functionally applied.

Internal Martial Art

As the legacy of a shamanic warrior tradition, the dynamic movement sets contain a hidden martial art called Shadow Fist. Learning this aspect of the system is an optional parallel study and subject to invitation by Lujan.

Shadow fist is an internal dragon based style that was used to protect the Chinese royal family because of its effectiveness. It also applies the Fibonacci spiral principles to externally express and mirror the movement of energy within and around the body, thus revealing its internal nature.

This becomes even more powerful once the palms are connected to the lower dan-tien, which is taught in the Whispering Palms program. When this occurs the external movements enliven internal energy currents, while external movements remain connected to the internal –its source of power.

Origin: Two Shamanic Traditions

China: Spiral Energetics traces its lineage back to the time of the Chinese Yellow Emperor (2500 BC) when the system was taught only to royalty. Its roots go back further but remain a mystery. In its pure and undiluted form the system has been hidden for centuries.

Mexico: Some 300 years ago a bearer of the system, master Lo Ban, who was a trader by profession, found his way to Mexico. He settled there and became involved with another ancient esoteric tradition known today as the Toltec path. He became the leader of that lineage and was henceforth known as the Nagual Lujan.

The key aspect Lo Ban took from that tradition was the focus on the “path with heart” which remains the core compass of Lo Ban Pai to this day. 

It bears mention that Lo Ban did not transmit his energy cultivation practices to his Toltec line.


Almost three centuries later, The Nagual Lujan Matus received full transmission of the combined traditions; the oriental system in its pure form, and the Toltec teachings as a means by which to navigate the modern world.

Lujan is the living embodiment of these teachings, with a thorough knowledge of the applications and the energetic consequences as a revolution of awareness for the practitioner.

Learning the System

The system is taught as week-long programs along a graded learning path that builds skill from the foundation up. Students are fully equipped to apply the practices of each program once completed.

Read more about the training programs of the Spiral Energetics system.

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Enhance Your Personal Power

Spiral Energetics - also known as Lo Ban Pai - is an ancient esoteric system of spiritual development that has been hidden for centuries.

It consists of a combination of dynamic and meditative movements that promote energy cultivation.

Spiral Energetics will help you:

• Increase your energy
• Improve muscle strength and flexibility
• Overcome chronic health conditions
• Cultivate personal power
• Awaken heart consciousness
• Open your third eye
• Access heightened states of awareness

It is the only known surviving ‘coiling system’ following the golden ratio spiral principles of the Tao as recently rediscovered by quantum physics. Read more