Temple Bagua


This walking form moves in circular spirals that mimic the motions of celestial bodies within our universe. These movements integrate all knowledge learned in the introductory and intermediate programs.

Temple Bagua is a unique expression of Lo Ban Pai and one of the crown jewels of the esoteric system that Lujan teaches. It is the sister form of Plum Blossom. The introductory movements are taught in Whispering Palms.

The training of the preceding programs cultivates hidden treasures. Once the initiate reaches this level, Lujan provides the keys to unlock these skills. Temple Bagua is one of the pinnacle practices of Spiral Energetics.

Unique Expression of Circle Walking

Circular walking is a practice developed by ancient shamans. Walking survives in various forms in Bon and some branches of Taoism. It is best known in the West as the walking pattern for the martial art of Baguazhang. Temple Bagua is however fundamentally different from other expressions of the art.

Energy Cultivation

The circular walking of Lo Ban Pai concentrates on the central force of the warrior: not an external central polestar focus, as is taught in many Bagua schools.

This method enables the energy to be absorbed within the center of the warrior as they rotate. Additionally by facing outwards the hands are free to move and contact this essential energy.

Telekinetic Skills

Temple Bagua enhances connection with electric fibers that are subtly attached to the luminous cocoon, yielding the development of a phenomenon called Ling Kong Jin, which means “empty force”. In other martial systems this technique is practiced with the primary focus on the empty force becoming controllable, so as to be willfully applied.

In contrast, in Temple Bagua, the mind is not employed so this skill manifests as an energetic by-product that is not connected to the desire of the practitioner. The student learns to focus this force without desire, so that it becomes an appropriate energetic response to circumstances. It delivers the initiate to an elusive state of awareness; a pure connection to spirit.

Esoteric Aspect

Circle walking mirrors the essential transit of planetary systems as a metaphor, typically with reference to a central point, or sun. Temple Bagua turns this in on itself to bring the cosmos inside one’s inner temple. By embodying these principles in motion, the initiate learns about the self through observing and experiencing the micro-macro interaction of the Tao expressing its mystery.

This interactive inner-alchemy represents an important paradigm-shift in the way the body supports spiritual development – even compared to other esoteric circle walking systems. The net result of the spiraling practice of Lo Ban Pai creates a dragon gate, which provides a direct, experiential link with eternity.

Martial Applications

Temple Bagua is a close-quarter, short-range system where the stripping and locking capacity binds and gathers energy, then releases lightning force in a combat situation. While the form reveals its beauty through the coiling movements, when applied they are highly effective as a self-defense mechanism if necessary.

When undertaking this program the student will also learn many of the principles and techniques of Shadow Fist Kung Fu.

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