The Three Treasures/ Lo Ban Pai


The Three Treasures of Jing, Chi and Shen is a familiar concept in Eastern energy arts and internal alchemy. Although there are no exact translations for these terms they are generally interpreted as Essence, Energy and Spirit.

Each element is important on its own, but in combination they are the key to utilizing energy to enhance holistic equilibrium and a harmonized body consciousness.

The essential goal of all Oriental healing arts is to cultivate, balance and expand the Three Treasures. Jing is transformed into Chi and then into Shen and in this process we nourish the spirit.

The Three Treasures Movements

The Three Treasures set, as taught by Lujan Matus, is an energetic movement form that combines chi cultivation with advanced dragon coiling as its essential core essence.

It is a multi-level practice complete in itself, and is also designed to include two other movement series. The additional sets are added in to the practice as they are learned.

Three Vital Energy Containers

We have three major cauldrons in the body where energy resides: the lower, middle and upper dantiens. These cauldrons must be constantly activated and replenished so as to generate vibrant health and clarity of perception.

Dragon coiling acts as a catalyst to activate and open these cauldrons to prepare them for absorption of Jing, Chi and Shen within each energy center. They become stabilized through the creation of a symbiotic connection between one’s awareness and the voluminous potential of these activated vortexes.

Jing: Essential Energy

The Jing essence is stored in the lower cauldron, which is located slightly below the navel region within the center of the body. This is the essential essence that we are born with. In order to sustain health Jing must be constantly nourished by Shen and Chi.

Chi: Body Consciousness

The second cauldron is located in the area of the heart chakra and is the place where the Chi gathers. The essence of Jing and Shen are mixed in this central vortex to be transformed and redistributed throughout the other centers. In turn this strengthens the whole body consciousness.

Shen: Interdimensional Awareness

When the heart center is activated the upper cauldron of the third eye – where the Shen essence resides – becomes activated, connecting the practitioner to multidimensional aspects of their perception.

Shamanic Kung Fu Alchemy

Not only does the Three Treasures infuse the martial forms with energy, but they in turn feed the practice of the Three Treasures. This is possible mainly because the martial forms follow lines of motion determined by the flow of various energies in the body and the energy field around it.

The martial sets incorporated into the Three Treasures are:

1. The Jaguar Series
2. The Small Mountain Series

Once both martial forms have been learned they are performed inside the Three Treasures set.

Holistic Practice

Performing the martial sets is in fact performing chi gong and nei gong because they follow the Fibonacci principle of spiraling, which in Lo Ban Pai is called dragon coiling.

This is in contrast to most martial arts where energy is developed in one practice (chi gong) so that it may be applied in other sets. This built-in efficiency of training saves time with no loss of effectiveness.

At another level, the energy development in this set involves cultivation of Jing, Chi and Shen in one form. There is no segregation where these energy types are developed individually. Again this supports utilization of the three energies as they appear in ‘real life’, coexisting simultaneously.

DNA Activation

The ancient Chinese shamanic approach to spiritual development does not emphasize theoretical concepts. Instead, practical techniques are employed to foster esoteric insight as a primary goal while nurturing the energies required to realize the uniqueness of one’s spiritual path.

The Three Treasures set allows the practitioner to activate the dormant capacity of DNA to reawaken and heal the body from within. This also opens vast new horizons to be explored.

While we practice the Three Treasures, a portion of our energetic structure phases out of this dimension momentarily. In doing so it accumulates information from other realities that is brought back as knowledge that is pertinent to the practitioner’s evolution. This information can be utilized and realized if our essential three treasures are clear and open.

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