Whispering Palms/ Lo Ban Pai


Whispering Palms is an elegant energy cultivation form that utilizes rotational postures, which stabilize the central force through the alignment of the energy centers – the lower, middle and upper dantiens.

The mystery of Spiral Energetics becomes palpably real as a conscious kinesthetic experience via the movements of Whispering Palms. This enhances the perception of the magnetism that emanates from the hands, which in turn boosts the capacity to collect and store chi.

In addition, this promotes the ability to connect with a deep reservoir of sincerity within the self, which fosters the elusive state of communion with spirit.

Fluid Coiling Movements

Whispering Palms is a beautiful, elegantly-woven series of fluid coiling movements that trace energy pathways in and around the body. It comprises twelve forms with gateway linking exercises that strengthen the legs.

The practitioner can adapt the series in accordance with their own physical fitness levels. This allows the legs to systematically develop the power necessary for the most demanding application of the set.

In practice, Whispering Palms is partnered with Awakening the Energy Body and the Windlock series. It is performed in the morning, six days a week.

Energy Cultivation and Internal Alchemy

The Spiral Energetics of Whispering Palms cultivates a very potent and dense electromagnetic field. Having enlivened, absorbed and stored that energy the practitioner retains a photonic awareness of that potential throughout their day. This awareness alerts the student to the full spectrum of influences within their environment, which enhances intuitive receptivity.

Energy cultivation is also improved by establishing a connection between the lao-gung points on the palms with the lower dan-tien. This is required to become aware of the full spectrum of internal alchemy. This connection allows the student to be both a practitioner of internal work (neijia) and to have a point of reference to self-adjust movements through direct bio-feedback.

Traditionally this technique is taught by an unnecessarily long and arduous approach. Lujan supersedes this method by applying direct transmission through expanding his electromagnetic field while in the presence of the student. This allows the student to become acutely aware of their potential for future development.

Esoteric Secrets of the Dragon Gates

Whispering Palms provides a vehicle for daily interaction with, and a sensory based experience of what Lujan calls ‘eternity’; that ineffable mystery beyond the confines of our socialized awareness.

Energy cultivation creates a platform for esoteric practices and Whispering Palms brings both these together by engaging the Dragon Gates. These are natural energy vortexes that emanate from the body and into the energy field at specific locations.

Dragon gates are sealed by socialization and the practice opens, nurtures and activates them so they are available as two-way portals between self and eternity. This requires the application of esoteric secrets of the Tao, like sincere action, and the use of movements known as ‘shen-gongs’, meaning spirit-work/gestures.

Learning how to, and what it means to enter a Dragon Gate is the spiritual gift of this program and the source of the name Whispering Palms. With this skill the warrior can beckon eternity, and eternity can respond in harmonic resonance to manifest what can be described as a most intimate and transformational ‘communion’.

Shamanic Wisdom and Modern Science

Lujan describes spiral energetic principles in terms of Quantum mechanics. This marriage between ancient shamanic wisdom and modern science is a novel way to contextualize both as palpable phenomena, instead of mere theory. The function and application of energy vortexes, Fibonacci spirals and the bridging of time-space with Dragon Gates becomes a real experience with profound implications for personal growth.

Internal Martial Arts

If the student is capable, the preliminary half-moon step is introduced, preparing the practitioner for Temple Bagua; one of the most advanced sets. If the student is not ready to absorb this information, this movement will be taught in the Temple Bagua program.

This stepping can be incorporated with the last part of Whispering Palms, thereby adding a walking element.

Healing Meditation

Lujan teaches the healing meditation in conjunction with Whispering Palms. This technique has been a guarded secret for centuries. It facilitates the connection of the palms to the lower dantien/energy center, which allows the individual to become connected to the true source of their internal alchemy.

Skills and Topics

The Whispering Palms program includes:

  • Connect the palms to the dantien
  • Generate and store energy
  • Sense, open and activate your Dragon Gates
  • Follow energy to optimize chi cultivation
  • Develop self-correction through biofeedback
  • The art of sincerity
  • Healing meditation

5 Day Program

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