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Lujan, Thanks for sharing the meditation with me last week. Its awesome. The time spent practicing goes by really fast. It feels like 10 minutes instead of the 30 minutes the stop watch is set for. My stop watch usually goes off just when i get to the 3rd stage.

I’ll have to focus harder to get through all three stages in time. That’s a good problem to have i’m guessing. I’ll keep at it and add an evening meditation session in addition to the morning meditation session.

I sure wish i could meditate much longer then work permits. This meditation is fascinating in that it literally works every time. I become aware of an inward space no matter how out of sorts I happen to be. I look forward to more practice!


The Jaguar Series is a short set of complex coiling movements broken into seven sections which can be performed as one set, or as seven separate sections inside the Three Treasures series. This versatility is possible because it is designed to be both a martial form as well as an energy development form. This speaks to the focus on practicality within the larger system.

Martial Aspect

The series is develops and trains skills specific to the close quarter combat system it belongs to. It utilizes the coiling dragon principle to develop and instil fluidity for application in spontaneous movement required for actual fighting situations. At the same time it develops skill in gathering power while deflecting or absorbing .

In describing its martial aspects, the Jaguar Series can be likened to other systems as follows:- It is a short range system –shorter even than Wing Chun and performed much – closer to the body.

  • It is completely fluid like Taijiquan or Baguaquan –but performed at full speed.
  • It incorporates some elements from animal systems, specifically Northern mantis, snake and a Drunken-like fluidity in the torso.
  • It is a static form like Wing Chun’s Sui Lim Tau.
  • The system incorporates very slight/short twists of the hips and torso both to generate power and facilitate fluidity

Energy Work

Seeing the Jaguar series performed by an experienced practitioner literally disallows one to see or follow most of the movements due to the speed and the intertwined, coiling nature of the movements.

Physical coordination and left-right integration is trained, with associated development in the brain’s neurological network –especially cross-hemispheric.

Performing the Jaguar series generates high volumes of energy and works the energy in and around the body. Movements follow and enliven energy pathways making them available to the warrior beyond form and predefined structures. The fluid transitions develop skill in adaptation to what the warrior is confronted with so as to break patterned forms and responses.

Once the Whispering Palms and the Three Treasures has been learned it will become clear how this form which may appear martially focused supports and integrates into the energy practices within the system.

My still recent inclusion of just the Jaguar Series into the Three Treasures (Small Mountain also integrates with the Three Treasures) has already shown how this merger works. My energy generated through the qi-gong immediately saturates the Jaguar which it is interspersed with. At the same time, the Jaguar’s utilization of the energy affects the Three Treasures, which contains it. I keep marveling at the practicality, efficiency and effectiveness of the system these sets form part of. All things relate and support each other -not in the sense of addition, rather that of multiplication.

Spiritual Growth

It must be remembered that this series, like the others emanates from a system geared primarily for spiritual growth. It cannot afford to spend time on practices not in support of that purpose, so where physical training or the need for martial skill exists, these practices are integrated into spiritual pursuits. In this sense, the Jaguar series is also designed to ‘open the body to the shaman’s path”. Practice of the Jaguar series awakens one to their dreaming awareness and cultivates lucidity. Lucidity applies both in dreaming and waking consciousness.

It is often forgotten that the body serves as a basis for growth and development in non-physical realms.


Students need to prepare a base by completing private tuition in the Windlock system and Whispering Palms. The abilities cultivated thus enable faster learning and proper performance of the Jaguar series.

Personal Experience of Transmission

Learning the series was a dream come true, so naturally just being there doing it was great. Lujan’s skill at being in the moment every moment was easy to notice in the one-on-one context. He would ascertain and “pick up on me” on a moment-to-moment basis. The speed of awareness/ consciousness he possesses must be incredible. Nothing was hidden from him in terms of even invisible things like mood and state the environment and me in it.

The idea of ‘transmission’ as opposed to ‘teaching’ has intrigued me in the past. Lujan transmits his art –in fact, he refuses to ‘teach’ it. While I was not focused on this during the training, a specific event took place that turned the lights on in this regard.

After learning fine for some days, I seemed to hit a strange barrier. This affected my ability to learn and Lujan’s to facilitate the learning. He again mentioned that “I release to you what your body can assimilate”. Before this did not mean much, nor did I give it much thought, since I was confident that I could learn anything he needed to teach. However, here I was, struggling to get it.

Lujan broke the movement down and we worked with it for a while, and then insisted on a short break so my body could ‘assimilate’. We discussed other things and then started again and suddenly things just flowed. Now I can go on about trying to explain this… I would rather say that ‘transmission’ is ‘assimilated’ and that it has very little to do with the mind. The body gets a movement, in essence or whatever, and then the mind can come in to utilize it, but until the body gets it, it does not flow naturally.

Most interesting was how my inability to take in more would “shut Lujan down” in terms of being able to demonstrate what he seeks to transmit. This is not a lack or inability of any sort on his side, simply a case of his body sending and mine not receiving –as if my body was a dam that was too full and the pipe would not allow more through. This signals to Lujan to stop. Once I have assimilated it is as if my dam is empty again and so he can send again unhindered.

Perhaps I would not have believed or made sense of the above had I not seen Lujan’s ability before and when demonstrating. A master in the set he teaches and has practiced for decades almost daily doe not just ‘get mixed up’. But as soon as ‘transmission’ begins, he can push only what I can take. And when I could take again, he could flow freely again. Our bodies are really amazing…


Since the Jaguar series requires a private training in Windlock and Whispering Palms, those are your first ports of call. By the time one has learned Windlock and Whispering Palms this application of those foundation skills should be a blast.

As before I believe any training with Lujan is valuable because he lives the teachings impeccably. This feature: his role-modelling, coupled with unrelenting attention to the task at hand at zero compromise to distraction –including those one brings along (as issues, excuses, projections, etc) makes for an experience that one can continue mining for gems for a lifetime. I am still learning things from interactions with Lujan three years ago in Bali. Enjoy your visit.

Henk Boshoff

South Africa

I met Lujan Matus this year while he stayed in Vietnam. Before this trip I visited him two weeks while he was living in Costa Rica. It was two weeks of sheer enjoyment and I knew after those two weeks that I had to visit him again, I was very sure, it felt very right. It felt right not just because he had so much insightful teachings but also because he was a wonderful teacher and a man.

When I came home I set a plan and dreamed of doing an another trip and meet him again. I was very motivated and I studied a lot, earning as much money as I could and spending as little as I could. After 7 months of this I was ready to go to Vietnam.  Those 7 months of working turned out to be very demanding on many levels because of my health issues, but I made it. Now, two months after I came home from Vietnam, I could not have been happier about the choice to go and meet him, I have no words to describe my gratitude towards him.

For many weeks I have wanted to write this testimonial. At some level I have problems with expressing my experiences and feelings and write them down. It’s so many experiences, so much good that happened, but I just have to begin to write. Excuse my way of writing, it is a bit here and there as I’m writing everything that just comes to me and I’m editing very little. That’s the way I have to do it to be able to write it down right now.

I stayed there for six weeks, it was interesting and challenging, but Lujan was always supporting me a during those weeks. This trip meant so much for me. I learned so many new movements during all those weeks and I have enough material for years of study.

Even though, I’m coming to Turkey to learn more. I expect to use many years of study to learn it properly and I discover new things often, adding new dimensions to my training. I have not trained as much as I could, but I always want to one day get the energy to train every day, one day I’m there.

There are lots of different positive effects coming as a result of this training, but there are some things stands out for me that I want to tell about and that is the development of “body consciousness”.

I just recently had an experience that made me understand a whole lot more what this really mean. I was lying in my bed and as I did I turned my focus inwardly on my body and especially on my center, the dantien. I did this to shift my focus from my head, that was full of thinking and creating fear and limitations, to my body. As I changed my focus at some point I suddenly began to feel and think from my dantien.

As I did this my internal word changed completely and I could feel instant insight continuously arising in me. I could feel so much, so much truth. All those problems and fear that had been created in my head, was no longer a problem, because this time I was thinking/feeling with my body. It lasted for a long time and then I fell asleep. I awoke hours later happy and I had dreamt happy dreams, I can’t almost remember since I did that.

This feeling I was experiencing was a feeling of connection to my body. The feeling is the same as I had when I was a kid, where lots of things where interesting and I just wanted to do things, running, riding my bike etc.

I had lots of good moments in Vietnam. All those good moments of training, laughing, yes there’s a lot.

I also want to thank the other students who I met during the trip. The trip would not have been the same without you.

I really really recommend meeting Lujan and learning his system.

Thank you!



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