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Holy freaking Fire Turtles!

Windlock comes as a shock and demands what you’ve always wanted to experience: a total, primal engagement, pushing beyond your limits .

Starting with a chi activation sequence, Windlock begins moderately but efficiently, with a strong pulsation of chi arriving immediately in the arms. Next is primordial activation, which was a big challenge for me as it is all about arm and upper body strength. Wake up call!

I have always wanted to be as agile as a monkey though so even if it was hard it appealed to me to push myself, and I had to.

On the very first round of the nine sets of Upper Vest Compression I was struggling with nausea and dizziness. I couldn’t wait for it to end and it was just the beginning. Upper Vest Compression is very demanding, particularly in terms of engagement of will to stretch our limits. The same movements can be approximated with practically no effect but when fully assumed they seem to take on epic, survivalist proportions.

What steps in to ‘protect’ our righteous sense of personal comfort from these unexpected onslaughts tends to be very revealing and becoming aware of those responses is just one of the amazing benefits of this practice. I had to struggle against internal resistance, knowing I had to go on if I really wanted to make a change. It was not so much my body as my conditioning, not accustomed to that level of exertion, that was complaining.

On that first day I was talking to myself about how it would all end soon and I would have a choice to not do it any more and how that was what I would do, preferably as soon as possible. And that was exhausting, and unnecessary. I am so glad to have had the chance to continue the training and arrive at a different attitude towards integrating it in my daily life, because the first way was self-limiting and lazy, which is exactly what I need to overcome as it is just not who I am. I felt this ‘mummy suit’ dropping away as the days went by, revealing myself to be much stronger, clearer and more physically resourceful than I had allowed myself experience before and making me determined to build upon and not lose sight of this in the maelstrom of ‘normal life’.

The second half of the session is all practiced in horse stance. It is super-intense and incredibly efficient in moving energy. I sweated as though I was doing cardio whilst mostly standing still, just moving arms. It was hot weather but I think this would happen in any temperature.

At moments you feel your whole lower body turn to steel and ‘bone-strengthening’ taking place before your very senses. Chi flows like lava all over the place – without a doubt, it’s working. Activation of centers such as the solar plexus, the heart and the third eye happens noticeably the first time you do it and the sensations get stronger every time.

On the second day of training I could barely lift my arms in the morning and dressed myself like an old lady. When I saw myself in the mirror I was shocked by the transformation of my upper body. I was looking compact and strong! Literally overnight I had arms I had never seen before in my life.

I had a break after the second day of Windlock as I had originally come to learn Dragon’s Tears and it looked like I might not absorb everything properly because in Tears there is so much detail to pay attention to and the intensity of Tapping was leaving my ‘body brain’ a bit shell shocked in the afternoon.

What was crazy was that for the rest of that week my body did not stop transforming the whole time. Normally if I do something I’m not used to the lactic acid and after effects last for two or three days. This was six. I was practicing Dragon’s Tears and walking around town during that time, but nothing else, and my newly muscled arms kept getting more definition. It was kind of weird, and great! I was impressed with the results.

My second round of Windlock the week after was a whole different experience. The first day was challenging but I was not looking forward to the end with the semi-desperation I had the first time because the movements had become enjoyable to me.

Having had three experiences now of ‘recommencing’ after a break of day or several days, I know that the first day of a new cycle is challenging. It feels ‘too much’ and it’s tempting to cave in. Luckily Lujan won’t allow that and this is an education within itself. This is work I can and must continue now myself. When you push through you end up somewhere better and it quickly feels natural to be demanding this level of engagement from yourself.

The training actually becomes pleasurable. There is something deeply satisfying about all the exercises and the way they flow from one to another that makes you want to go back for more.

At the end of the whole practice I often felt like a ‘pre-cog’, those super sensitive psychic humanoid beings that live underwater in the film ‘Minority Report’ (if you have seen it). Everything was slightly surreal, the light very bright and things like plants were glowing. It was an interesting conclusion to such intense physicality.

I love learning with Lujan on so many levels. It is the best thing I have done in a long time and not a moment too soon. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to break through their personal limitations and get in touch with their essence.

If you want to prepare at all for your Tapping initiation, I was really glad that I’d done a little work on my abs (Pilates abs workouts) and some arm strengthening – a few push-ups, more would have been better! Whatever you do though Tapping is likely to be a shock to your system as the point is to go beyond your own limits so wherever you are at you will be asked to go further and this is the true magic of this practice.

Happy Windlock !

Naomi Jean

After reading Lujan’s books I felt entirely confident I wanted to study with him. The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception and Shadows in the Twilight resonated deeply with me.

First day of class I meet Lujan. he is so warm and welcoming. He has an infectious smile and great sense of humour. He is authentic, kind and loving. I feel very much at ease, and beautifully quiet in his presence. With Lujan, I feel I can be my self. I feel accepted and unjudged, and allow myself to be in that space, which is a relief because often I am quite hard and critical of myself.

Lujan makes sure the air is clear before he teaches so that our mind and body are fully available to receive the precious teachings. For the time I am in class I feel good and I have all the energy I need to learn the movements. Learning with Lujan is a beautiful and  extra ordinary experience.

I get home, back to work and to life. The first few weeks I am doing my practices but not sure how I feel about it all. My life is unraveling. I am in the process of ending a two year relationship with a person who has a good heart but we are on completely different paths.  I decide to keep up the practices and have faith.

Three months go by and I finally am able to end the relationship amicably. It took me some time to let go, the attachment was strong. That was one month ago. So, in the past month I have had time to focus on myself and get back to putting my full attention into the things that are important for me and my growth and my work.

I feel better and stronger than I have in years. It’s easier to be present and observe. My heart is opening. My intuition is heightening and I am thrilled to have learned the movements. I believe that the practices are instrumental in helping unwind the inner blocks from where I hold myself back and now I am more free to move forward. I feel more loving and accepting of myself and others. The more love I can give to myself the more I can give to others.

Every day I do the practices I feel more and more beauty. It’s only been a few months so I look forward to what will unfold over the years. And I also look forward to the day I return to meet Lujan and learn the next set of movements.

Pema Chonyid


I just completed learning the Whispering Palms set with Lujan. It is a beautiful and elegant series of coiling and twisted movements preparing for faster and more intricate movements.

The set involves a deep horse stance or turtle that makes the center of my upper thighs burn. What I’m discovering is that the deeper my stance, the more energy/electricity I feel in my hands.

The last movement is my favourite, although I love them all, the last one for me is the best. It’s called ‘heaven and earth’.

The day I learnt it, I felt such absolute bliss permeate my whole being. The best way I can describe it is the feeling of the most beautiful, gentle, delicate (but deeply felt) soprano voice coiling and crescendoing through the core of my body. It felt like a white ethereal light whispering in coils and floating upwards from my sexual center through the central axis of my body, my heart, my tongue and roof of my mouth and out the crown of my head. This to me is ‘heaven’.

After this last movement, you sit in meditation for a few minutes. When I first sat in meditation I felt such weight, like being deeply anchored within myself and a physical weight, like I couldn’t move a muscle they were so heavy and relaxed. This to me is ‘earth’.

Lujan joked that he never taught that part in the beginning of a class, because nobody would want to do anything afterwards. It’s true!

My practices on my own that followed has been equally rewarding and full of discovery. I feel in some ways that I have stepped through a gate into a new way of feeling and perceiving energy.

In another practice when I was meditating, there was a dove cooing outside the window. I felt the song and sound vibration of the dove move right through my heart center as if there were virtually no physical mass there, just light and energy molecules swirling around with a profound feeling of love.

Sitting in a temple garden in Japan I felt a deep connection to and the presence of dragons. They whisper through the the coiling, twisted trees and are present all around, breathing through the trees and shaking the earth with a very ancient powerful energy.

Walking down the steps of the temple and looking at the dragon carvings on the walls, I felt like what I has been learning with Lujan is a true direct source of a dragon system. This fills my heart with joy to have found such a gem.

I look forward to each practice and it’s unique energy and all the little discoveries and connections.

Thank you Lujan for all that you carry and for sharing these practices.

With love and deep gratitude,
Katherine de Boda

I was very excited, yet paradoxically calm, when it was finally time for Lujan to come and teach us the Dragon’s Tears in Istanbul. Another paradox was that the noisy city center seemed to magically open a daily oasis of reclusion for those of us attending the workshop, hidden right amid the chaos.

I had been worried that I wasn’t in my best condition to be doing any physical exertion but with the start of the workshop, was quickly relieved that the energy need for the postures was really not much at all. What was actually required was the person to be mindfully present, and this was not difficult at all with Lujan’s ease of teaching and lightening everyone’s mental obstacles they had been applying to their physical learning.

The effects of learning even the first part of the set was quite immediate; on a physical level I could feel the warm and pleasant reminder of unused muscles burning without strain, and on an electromagnetic level I could sense the tingling building up in my body into heat throughout.

Starting to gaze peripherally at my surroundings, as Lujan was reminding us to, I started seeing brief rainbows around everyone’s gestures as we were absorbed in practicing the Tears together. I noticed that the practice had also started harmonizing the two hemispheres of my brain that had also induced a natural gazing and switching off of one’s mind. Returning home the first day, I was feeling very relaxed and energized even though we had been physically practicing for 4 hours.

The rest of the week, my physical condition was improving unbeknownst to me, and by the fourth day I woke up to find my arms had changed though this was not perceptible to anyone else but me. My kidneys had also started detoxing around the same day demonstrating that things had definitely been affected on an internal level as well as external. By now, most of the class had been altered to the point of waking up in the middle of the night at the same hour while apparently practicing the Tears together, and I have a clear memory of Lujan’s teaching continuing into the morning hours, pre- our physical class.

What has emerged from that week of learning for me is more than just a set of movements. I was reminded of my baseline signature by being in close proximity to Lujan, and being given a daily practice to bring me back to this baseline, which are both priceless gifts… Yet I have also been given an opportunity to remember what it is like to express this baseline in the safety of an harmonious environment, and may recall it again in disharmonious circumstances so as not lose myself.

This reminder, and the daily practicing of catching one’s self in one’s gestures of intent, no matter how visually crude they are yet, is one of the most refined challenges that makes the difference between sculpting a warrior on their life’s path and the insistence of a worrier in pursuit of appearances.

With love and gratitude,
Istanbul, September 2013

The eight gates online sessions are taught via Skype. It is amazing to think about the fact that Lujan was speaking from the other side of the globe (he was in Istanbul and I was in New York between several time zones) and yet he seemed to be right next to me as he walked me through the 8 Gates via our dialogue. It was like having a conversation with someone familiar – someone as close as a friend. Yet I have not met him personally. His distinct laughter echoed in my ears and etched in my memory through the days to come.

Lujan has an uncanny way of putting me at ease so that I immediately arrived at a meditative zone. His words, if I can describe it were like a living pathway, directing my attention to an inner journey;  a journey to my body consciousness. He taught me how to redirect my sense of sight and sound with the use of the breath as an anchor. The result is the arrival of a profound silence. I was surprised at how I easily achieved this knowing that on my own, it was quite an effort to arrive at the point when the internal chatter stops.

There was several weeks between the first and second session. It was a good break so that I was able to practice the lessons learned in the first session before the next lesson began. The second session was even more profound to say the least. As I was learning all the 8 Gates, I experienced the whole body as a vibrant, living consciousness. Lujan commented that this was how humans were long ago in the natural world. What separated me from perceiving this wonderful state of being was the the veil of the internal dialogue.

It has been several weeks after our two hour long sessions yet the effects of learning the 8 Gates have rippled into my daily life in unimaginable ways. The inner silence gave me a perspective coming from the center of my being. This has given me moments of great gratitude for the many blessings that came my way. The peace it engendered gave me more tolerance towards others. It has guided some major decisions. It has also rippled in my dreams. There were dreams when I experienced that I was as aware  as in the daily living construct but the visual effects such as colors were somehow enhanced.

The eight gates of dreaming awake delivered what it proposed to achieve in the guidance of a true teacher with astonishing results. I was not expecting much from a two hour long session especially when done via the internet. Yet technology has given us an avenue of making real connections no one has imagined before.

New York

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